KCB Eldoret Rally 2015 Pictorial


1. Tapio Laukkanen 1:37.32
2. Rajbir Rai 1:40.27
3. Jas Mangat 1:41.24
4. Quentin Mitchell 1:41.28
5. Jaspreet Chatthe 1:42.40
6. Carl Tundo 1:42.53
7. Manvir Baryan 1:42.59
8. Baldev Chager 1:46.21
9. Tejveer Rai 1:46.46
10. Raaji Bharij 1:48.42
11. Jansher Sandhu 1:51.36
12. Dennis Mwenda 1:52.05
13. Farhaaz Khan 1:52.20
14. Steve Gacheru 1:52.25
15. Asad Khan 1:55.32
16. Amaanraj Rai 1:55,52
17. Steve Mwangi 1:56.25
18. Jasmeet Chana 1:57.04
19. Don Smith 1:58.11
20. Eric Bengi 2;00.22
21. Mahesh Halai 2:01.15
22. James Kirimi 2:02.57
23. Rob Hellier 2:03.44
24. Tash Tundo 2:06.03
25. George Njoroge 2:06.12
26. Sammy Nyorri 2:07.16
27. Gurmit Thethy 2:09.06
28. Mitel Lodhia 2:09.46
29. Chandu Devji 2:11.07
30. Alex Lairang’I 2:11.09
31. Leo Varese 2;12.00
32. Raju Sagoo 2:12.50
33. Imran Kana 2;22.28
34. Nikhil Sachania 2:27.09
35. Navdeep Sandhu 2:35.41
36. Geoff Mayes 2;59.08
kcb eldoret rally


Tapio Laukkanen Wins KCB Kisumu Rally 2015


Former Finland Rally champion, Tapio
Laukkanen, led from start to win the
KCB Kisumu Rally on Saturday.
It was the season-opening race of the
2015 Kenya National Rally
Laukkanen led from start to finish in
an out-dated Subaru Impreza, which
was previously driven by Manvir
The Fin is not new to Kenya, having
been here on regular basis to train rally
drivers with his professional skills
through his rally school.
“I am very pleased to have won the
rally though I’m feeling dizzy after the
heat in the car. My energy level has
also gone down because of the heat,”
said Laukkanen.
When asked about the difference in the
wintry weather conditions that made
him a champion in Finland, he
responded by saying that he could not
compare the Kenyan event with his
home rallies as it gets extremely hot,
not only outside the car but more inside
it with unbearable temperatures.
In 1996, he won the Finnish Rally
Championship in a Volkswagen Golf
GTi, while in 1999 he won the British
Rally Championship with a Renault
Mégane Maxi.
Among others, he has trained Onkar Rai
and Manvir Baryan. He also took part
in one of the KNRC rounds last year, but
retired due to a mechanical fault.
Jaspreet Chatthe took full advantage of
his home event by clinching on to the
second place in yet another “old’ car.
His Mitsubishi Lancer EVO10 was
placed 54 seconds adrift of the Fin, who
is vying for the entire 2015 KNRC series
under the local Competition License
issued by the Kenya Motor Sports
Rajbir Rai’s dream of winning the rally
for the second time ended disastrously
after his Ford Fiesta rolled it in the
third competitive stage of the day.
Both driver and navigator walked out
unscathed though the car was slightly
Rai (Onkar), who is among the top
drivers to have been trained by
Laukkanen, was placed in the third
place in yet another Mitsubishi Lancer
He was followed home in the fourth
place by the current national
champion, Baldev Chager, whose
similar version of the Lancer lost
valuable minutes after a puncture in
the final stages of the competition.
1. Tapio Laukkanen/P. Torma (Subaru
Impreza RC2-R4), 2. Jaspreet Chatthe/
G.Panesar (Mit Evo 10 RC2-N4), 3.
Onkar Rai/Gareth Dawe (Mit Evo10
RC2-N4), 4. Baldev Chager/R.Soni (Mit
Evo10 RC2),5. Jas Mangat/C. Buzabo
(Mit Evo10 RC2-R4), 6. Izhar Mirza/
Kashfi Sheikh(Mit Evo9 RC2-N4), 7.
Jasmeet Chana/R. Chana (Mit Evo9 RC2-
N4), 8. Manvir Baryan/Drew Sturrock
(Ford Fiesta RC2-R5), 9. Jonathan
Somen/R. Hechle (Ford Escort MK11
Classic) and 10. Mahesh Halai/K. Halai
(Subaru Impreza N12 RC2-N4).
11. Asad Khan/TBA (Subaru Impreza
N10 RC2-N4), 12. Pavit Kenth/R. Sehmi
(Mi Evo9 RC2-N4), 13. Farhaaz Khan/
Riyaz Ismail (Mit Evo9 RC2-N4),
14. Aslam Khan/Arshad Khan (Porsche
911 Classic), 15. Sammy Nyorri/E.
Njoroge (Toyota RunX NAT-2WD), 16.
Dennis Mwenda/Job Njiru (Mit Evo9
RC2-N4), 17. Jansher Sandhu/Rommy
Bhamra (Mit Evo9 RC2-N4), 18.
Jitendra Dhokia (Subaru N10), 19.
Gurmit Thethy/H. Limbani (VW Golf
MK3 NAT-2WD), 20. C. Chhabhadia/J.
Kosgei (Subaru Impreza GC8), 21.
Nikhil Sachania/C. Singh (Mit
Challenger NAT-SPV), 22. Bhupinder
Sagoo/I.Khan (Toyota Ceres NAT-2WD)
and 23. N. Kana/J. Mwangi (Subaru
Impreza GC8 NAT-S).Tapio