Stage set for KCB Eldoret Rally
-Event will traverse two counties namely Uasin
Gishu and Elgeyo Marakwet
-Rally will be organised by Western Kenya
Motor Club
-Scritineering and perc ferme will be at Sikh
Union Eldoret on October 7
-Flag off at KCB Eldoret Western Branch from
7am onwards on October 8
-Spectator stage and service will be at
Chemweno Farm on Moiben and finish at Iten
in Elgeyo Marakwet county.
-Total distance 258.80, Transport 111.30 &
Competitive 147.50.
Kcb Eldoret Map
KCB Eldoret Rally 2016
KCB Eldoret Rally 2016
1 Tapio Laukkanen 104
2 Jaspreet Chatthe 100
3 Ian Duncan 72
4 Rajbir Rai 61
5 Carl Tundo 51
6 Baldev Chager 49
7 Onkar Rai 48
8 Manvir Baryan 41
9 Mahesh Halai 20
10 Frank Tundo 16
11= Farhaaz Khan 15
11= Quentin Mitchell 15
11= Asad Khan 15
14= Karan Patel 12
14= Imran Mogul 12
16= Jasmeet Chana 11
16= Natasha Tundo 11
18 Izhar Mirza 10
19= Eric Njogu 9
19= Eric Bengi 9
19= Alex Lairangi 9
22 Tejveer Rai DNE 8
23= Chandrakant Devji 7
23= Leonardo Varese 7
23= Edward Maina 7
23= Ramesh Vishram 7
23= Osman Abdullahi 7
28= Amaanraj Rai 6
28= Jansher Sandhu 6
28= Sammy Nyorri 6
28= John Nganga 6
32= Adil Mirza 5
32= Josiah Kariuki 5
32= Steven Mwangi 5
35= Nikhil Sachania 3
35= Geoff Mayes 3
37= Jonathan Somen 2
37= Rehan Shah 2
37= Gurmit Thethy 2
37= Imran A Khan 2
37= Kimaru Boit 2
37= Jitendra Dhokia 2
37= Dinesh Sachania 2
37= Issa Amwari 2
37= Aakif Virani 2
37= Dilraj Chatthe 2
37= Dennis Mwenda 2
37= Ammar Haq 2

1 Gurdeep Panesar 111
2 Greg Stead 65
3 Amaar Slatch 64
4 Tim Jessop 62
5 Gareth Dawe 61
6 Ravi Soni 58
7= Ketan Halai 25
7= Tauseef Khan 25
9= Keith Henrie 21
9= Andrew Doig 21
11 Harshil Limbani 20
12= Steven Cook 18
12= Ravi Chana 18
14 Adnan Din 17
15 Kavit Dave 16
16 Zahir Shah 14
17 Chantal Young 13
18= Raju Chaggar 12
18= Tony Kimondo 12
20 Anthony Njenga 10
21 Anthony Gichohi 9
22= Gavin Laurence 8
22= Tuta Mionki 8
24= Julius Mwanchuya 7
24= Kigondu Kareithi 7
24= Steve Mbuthia 7
24= Evans Mwenda 7
24= Jonathan Kosgei 7
29= Feisal Khan 5
29= Salim Khan 5
29= Riyaz Ismail 5
29= John Ngugi 5
33 Richard Hechle 4
34= Tony Gikuhi 3
34= Kashif Shaikh 3
34= Azhar Bhatti 3
34= Jamie Mactavish 3
38= Steven Nyorri 2
38= Atul Kochaar 2
38= George Kiama 2
38= Shakeel Khan 2
38= Taiti Wachira 2
38= Saima Khan 2
38= Edward Njoroge 2
38= Mwangi Waithaka 2
38= Rohit Bhudia 2
38= Victor Okundi 2
38= Job Njiru DNE2
38= James Mwangi 2
38= Mwangi Kioni 2

1 Eric Bengi 100
2 Alex Lairang’i 95
3 Leonardo Varese 68
4 Sammy Nyorri 63
5 Gurmit Thethy 15

1 Anthony Gichohi 95
2 Tuta Mionki DNE 75
3 Kigondu Kareithi 68
4 Mwangi Waithaka 42
5 Tony Gikuhi 25
6 Steven Nyorri 21
7 Harshil Limbani 15
Image Courtesy Of Anwar Sidi
For More Info Contact Elvo
0703 164 165
0731 412 006


KCB Machakos Rally 2015 Map Itienary


KCB Machakos Rally Map 2015
KCB Machakos Rally Map 2015
KCB Machakos Rally Map KCB Machakos Rally Start List

Kenyan Driver Jaspreet Chatthe On Form In A.R.C And K.N.R.C



KNRCJaspreet Singh Chatthe Is Trully “On Form” With Navigator Craig Thorley And Gugu Panesar As He Leads The African Rally Championship And The Kenya Rally Championship 2015,Jassi Seized ARC Top Position After Winning The Zambian Intl Rally And Topped The Table; With Top Speedy Driving And Accurate Turns He Has Emerged Victorious And Very Promising. All The Best To The Team Kiboss Flag Bearer In This And Upcoming Seasons
1. Jassi Chatthe 50
2. jassy Singh 36
3. Muna Singh Jnr 30
4. Gary Chaynes 25
1. Craig Thorley 50
2. Sajid Khan 36
3. Adrian Sutherland 30
4. David Israel 25


Zambia Internation Rally
Provisional Results are:
1. Jaspreet Jassi Chatthe/ Craig Thorley
(Kenya) Mitsubishi Evo10 2:40:13
2. Jassy Singh / Sajid Khan (Zambia) Subaru
Impreza N16 2:44:27
3. Mohamed Essa Mohammed / Gareth Dawe
(Zambia/Kenya) Subaru Impreza N16 2:43:46
4. Muna Singh Jnr / Adrian Sutherland
(Zambia) Subaru Impreza N10 2:47:53
5. Miles Monge / Crawford Mwinga (Zambia)
Subaru Impreza N12 2:51:42
6. Jurgen Sauter / Rudi Sauter (Zambia)
Subaru Impreza N5 2:51:42
jaspreet chatthe
jaspreet chatthe
jassi chatthe

Tapio Laukkanen Wins KCB Kisumu Rally 2015


Former Finland Rally champion, Tapio
Laukkanen, led from start to win the
KCB Kisumu Rally on Saturday.
It was the season-opening race of the
2015 Kenya National Rally
Laukkanen led from start to finish in
an out-dated Subaru Impreza, which
was previously driven by Manvir
The Fin is not new to Kenya, having
been here on regular basis to train rally
drivers with his professional skills
through his rally school.
“I am very pleased to have won the
rally though I’m feeling dizzy after the
heat in the car. My energy level has
also gone down because of the heat,”
said Laukkanen.
When asked about the difference in the
wintry weather conditions that made
him a champion in Finland, he
responded by saying that he could not
compare the Kenyan event with his
home rallies as it gets extremely hot,
not only outside the car but more inside
it with unbearable temperatures.
In 1996, he won the Finnish Rally
Championship in a Volkswagen Golf
GTi, while in 1999 he won the British
Rally Championship with a Renault
Mégane Maxi.
Among others, he has trained Onkar Rai
and Manvir Baryan. He also took part
in one of the KNRC rounds last year, but
retired due to a mechanical fault.
Jaspreet Chatthe took full advantage of
his home event by clinching on to the
second place in yet another “old’ car.
His Mitsubishi Lancer EVO10 was
placed 54 seconds adrift of the Fin, who
is vying for the entire 2015 KNRC series
under the local Competition License
issued by the Kenya Motor Sports
Rajbir Rai’s dream of winning the rally
for the second time ended disastrously
after his Ford Fiesta rolled it in the
third competitive stage of the day.
Both driver and navigator walked out
unscathed though the car was slightly
Rai (Onkar), who is among the top
drivers to have been trained by
Laukkanen, was placed in the third
place in yet another Mitsubishi Lancer
He was followed home in the fourth
place by the current national
champion, Baldev Chager, whose
similar version of the Lancer lost
valuable minutes after a puncture in
the final stages of the competition.
1. Tapio Laukkanen/P. Torma (Subaru
Impreza RC2-R4), 2. Jaspreet Chatthe/
G.Panesar (Mit Evo 10 RC2-N4), 3.
Onkar Rai/Gareth Dawe (Mit Evo10
RC2-N4), 4. Baldev Chager/R.Soni (Mit
Evo10 RC2),5. Jas Mangat/C. Buzabo
(Mit Evo10 RC2-R4), 6. Izhar Mirza/
Kashfi Sheikh(Mit Evo9 RC2-N4), 7.
Jasmeet Chana/R. Chana (Mit Evo9 RC2-
N4), 8. Manvir Baryan/Drew Sturrock
(Ford Fiesta RC2-R5), 9. Jonathan
Somen/R. Hechle (Ford Escort MK11
Classic) and 10. Mahesh Halai/K. Halai
(Subaru Impreza N12 RC2-N4).
11. Asad Khan/TBA (Subaru Impreza
N10 RC2-N4), 12. Pavit Kenth/R. Sehmi
(Mi Evo9 RC2-N4), 13. Farhaaz Khan/
Riyaz Ismail (Mit Evo9 RC2-N4),
14. Aslam Khan/Arshad Khan (Porsche
911 Classic), 15. Sammy Nyorri/E.
Njoroge (Toyota RunX NAT-2WD), 16.
Dennis Mwenda/Job Njiru (Mit Evo9
RC2-N4), 17. Jansher Sandhu/Rommy
Bhamra (Mit Evo9 RC2-N4), 18.
Jitendra Dhokia (Subaru N10), 19.
Gurmit Thethy/H. Limbani (VW Golf
MK3 NAT-2WD), 20. C. Chhabhadia/J.
Kosgei (Subaru Impreza GC8), 21.
Nikhil Sachania/C. Singh (Mit
Challenger NAT-SPV), 22. Bhupinder
Sagoo/I.Khan (Toyota Ceres NAT-2WD)
and 23. N. Kana/J. Mwangi (Subaru
Impreza GC8 NAT-S).Tapio

KCB Kisumu Rally 2015


37 drivers enlist for KCB Kisumu Rally 2015
Car No. 8: Onkar Rai/Gareth Dawe
(Mitsubishi Evolution 10/ RC2-N4. Kabras
Sugar Team)
Car No. 1. Baldev Chager/Ravi Soni
(Mitsubishi Evolution 10/RC2-N4. Kabras
Sugar Team)
Car No. 99. Tapio Laukkanen/Pasi Torma.
FIN (Subaru Impreza GVB13 /RC2-R4.
Multiple Racing
Car No 6. Manvir Baryan/Drew Sturrock. UK
(Ford Fiesta RC2-R5. Multiple Racing)
Car No. 5. Jaspreet Chatthe/Gurdeep
Panesar (Mitsubishi Evolution 10/RC2-N4.
Team Kibos)
Car No. 4. Rajbir Rai/Timothy Challen (Ford
Fiesta RC2-R5. Rai Racing)
Car No. 3. Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch
(Nissan Patrol NAT-SPV)
Car No. 2. Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop (Proton
Neo SatriaRC2-S2000. Menengai Oil)
Car No. 15. Alastair Cavenagh/Gavin
Laurence (Proton Neo Satria RC2-S2000)
Car No. 9. Raajpal Bharij/Jasneil Ghataure
(Mitsubishi Evolution 10RC2-N4/Delights
Car No. 95. Jas Mangat/Cedric Buzabo
(Mitsubishi Evolution 10 RC2-R4)
Car No. 25. Izhar Mirza/TBA (Mitsubishi
Evolution 9 RC2-N4. Coast Pekee)
Car No. 14. Tejveer Rai/Zahir Shah
(Mitsubishi Evolution 10 RC2-N4. Kabras
Sugar Team)
Car No. 17. Jasmeet Chana/Ravi Chana
( Mitsubishi Evolution 9RC2-N4Identisys/
CRS Motorsport)
Car No 18. Farhaaz Khan/Riyaz Ismael
(Mitsubishi Evolution 9RC2-N4ALS
Car No 19. Karan Patel/Taiseef Khan
(Mitsubishi Evolution 10 RC2-N4. Filmico
Car No. 22. Mahesh Halai/Ketan Halai
(Subaru Impreza N12. RC2-N4. Shamba
Boyz Racing)
Car No. 24. Ghalib Hajee/Bharat Pattni
(Mitsubishi Evolution 10/RC2-N4)
Car No 47. Asad Khan/TBA
(Subaru Impreza N10. RC2-N4)
Car No. 49. Dennis Mwenda/Job Njiru
(Mitsubishi Evolution 9RC2-N4. Silverspread
Team Meru)
Car No. 36. Hussein Malik/Shameer Yusuf
(Mitsubishi Evolution 6. S class. National Oil
Car No 100. Pavit Kenth/ Raju Sehmi
(Mitsubishi Evolution 9RC2-N4)
Car No 35. Jonathan Somen/Richard Hechle
(Ford Escort MK2 CLASSIC. Cuderia
Car No. 37. Eric Bengi/Tony Gikuhi (Toyota
Car No 52. Aslam Khan/Arshad Khan
(Porsche 911 CLASSIC. ALS Motorsport)
Car 54. Ranjeet Sehmi/Imran Khan (Ford
Car No 103. Steffano Rocca/Franco Donadel
( Datsun 260Z CLASSIC)
Car 64. Nadeem Kana/James Mwangi
(Subaru Impreza GC8 NAT-S Thumbs Up
Rally Team)
Car No 98. Jansher Sandhu/Rommy Bhamra
(Mitsubishi Evolution 9RC2-N4)
Car 60. Gurmit Thethy/Harshil Limbani (VW
Golf MK3/NAT-2WD. Thethy Motorsport)
Car No. 66. Leonardo Varese/Kigondu
Kareithi (Toyota Corolla RSI NAT-2WD. Sport
Pesa Racing)
Car 68. Chandrakant Chhabhadia/Jonathan
(Subaru Impreza GC8NAT-S. Shajhanand
Car 74. Nikhil Sachania/Charanjeev Singh
(Mitsubishi Challenger NAT-SPV Filmico
Car No. 78. Alex Lairang’i/Anthony Gichohi
(Toyota Sprinter NAT-2WD. Team Delights)
Car No 80. Sammy Nyorri/Edward Njoroge
(Toyota RunX NAT-2WD)
Car No. 101. Savraj Bhui/Margaret Wangui
“Kui Qui” (VW Golf MK2 NAT-2WD. Reliance
Car 104. Bhupinder Sagoo/Imran Khan
(Toyota Ceres. NAT-2WD. Sagoo Rally

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Jassi Chatthe Claims Maiden K.N.R.C Win In The KCB M Benki Rally 2014 In Nanyuki


Team Kiboss’s Jassi Chatthe won the KCB M-Benki Nanyuki Rally. This is jassi’s maiden win in the kenya national rally championship as he’s 2nd in the African Rally Championship 2014. Carl Tundo’s car stalled in the last section at Batian View due to fuel pump problems,Boldy retired with alternator gremlins in the long Loldaiga stage. Here’s The Provisional Results
1. Jaspreet Chatthe/Dave Sihoka (EVOX) 1h 49m 33s
2. Raaji Bharij/Jasneil S. Ghataure (EVO9) 1h 54m 16s
3. Azar Anwar/Julius Ngige (EVO8) 1h 55m 08s
4.Jasmeet Chana/Ravi Chana (EVO9) 1h 57m 18s
5. Issa Amwari/Job Njiru (EVO9) 2h 00m 56s
6. Steve Mwangi/Steven Nyorri (Subaru N10) 2h 03m 16s
7. Karan Patel/Tauseef Khan (Subaru gc8) 2h 04m 05s
8. Anwar Pandya/Dipps Mehangra (Subaru) 2h 04m 28s
9. Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop (EVO9) 2h 02m 39s
10. Ronak Shah/Riyaz Ismail (Subaru N12B) 2h05m34s
11. Mahesh Halai/Ketan Halai (Subaru) 2h06m45s
12. James Kirimi/Evans Mwenda (Subaru) 2h07m06s
13. Jonathan Somen/Richard Hecle (Ford Escort) 2h07m43s
14. Hussein Malik/George Mwangi (EVO6) 2h07m54s
15. Steve Gacheru Linet Ayuko (Subaru N10) 2h10m24s
16. Paras Pandya/Falgun Bhojak (Subaru) 2h13m05s
17. Waigwa Murage/Tuta Mionki (Subaru) 2h13m06s
18. Leonardo Varese/Kigo Kareithi (Toyota Corolla RSI) 2h17m28s
19. Dennis Mwenda/Edward Njoroge (Toyota Sprinter GT) 2h18m16s
20. Gurmit Thethy/Depinder Kalsi (VW Golf MK3) 2h19m43s
21. Nadeem Kana/James Mwangi (Subaru) 2h19m44s
22. Rashid Kabi/Allan Muhindi (Subaru) 2h21m09s
23. Taiti Wachira/Eric Nzuva (EVO6) 2h21m43s.
24. Eric Njogu/Tonny Kimondo (Subaru Impreza N8) 2h24m16s
25. Sammy Nyorri/Ida Tallam (Toyota Vitz) 2h26m35s
26. Ramesh Vishram/Rohit “Ro Ro” Bhudia (Ford Escort MKII) 2h28m30s
27. Nikhil Sachania/ C. Singh (Mitsubishi Challenger) 2h28m31s
28. Chandrakant Devji/Jonathan Kosgei (Subaru) 2h28m58
29. Joan Nesbitt/Tamara Jones (Toyota Tercel) 2h37m58s
30.Alex Lairangi/Tony Gichohi (VW Golf MKII) 2h43m24s

KCB Machakos Rally 2014 Map Itienary


KCB Machakos Rally Programme
KCB Machakos Rally Map
Car No. 2-Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch (Mitsubishi EVO 9)
Car No. 1-Baldev Chager/Ravi Soni (Mitsubishi EVO 10)
Car No. 3 Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo Official Rallying/ Tim Jessop (Mitsubishi EVO 9)
Car No. 6- Jaspreet Singh Chatthe/Gurdeep Panesar (Mitsubishi EVO 9)
Car No. 4- Azar Anwar/Julius Ngigi (Mitsubishi EVO 8)
Car No. 10- Manvir Singh Baryan/ Drew Sturrock (Subaru Impreza N16)
Car No. 7-Rajbir Rai/Tim Challen (EVOX)
Car No. 14- Izhar Mirza/Kavit Dave (Mitsubishi EVO 9)
Car No. 8- Frank Tundo/ Natasha Di Cangio (Mitsubishi EVO9)
Car No. 9-Jasmeet Chana/ Ravi Chana (Mitsubishi Evo 9)
Car No. 24. Don Smith/Bob Kaugi (Subaru Impreza)
Car No. 12. Issa Amwari/ Job Njiru (Mitsubishi Evo 9)
Car No. 21. Mahesh Halai/ Ketan
Dinesh Halai (Subaru Impreza N12)
Car No. 16. Alisdair Keith/ Tariq Malik (Subaru Impreza)
Car No 36- Paras Pandya /Falgun Bhojak (Subaru Impreza)
Car No 25. Anwar Pandya/Shameer Yusuf (Subaru Impreza)
Car No. 48. Imran Mogul/Adnan Din (Subaru Impreza)
Car No. 28. Nzioka Waita/ Laban Cliff (Subaru Impreza)
Car No. 70. Eric Njogu/Tonny Kimondo (Subaru)
Car No. 35. Steve Gacheru/Linet Ayuko (Subaru N10)
Car No. 72. Piero Canobbio/Herbert Antonocci (ITALY/EVOX)
Car No. 101. Dennis Mwenda/Edward Njoroge (Toyota Sprinter GT)
Car No. 110-Leonardo Varese/Kigo Kareithi (Toyota Corolla RSI)
Car No. 50. Steve Mwangi/Steven Nyorri (Subaru Impreza)
Car No. 61. Hussein Malik/Steven Njenga (EVO6)
Car No. 108. Nadeem Kana/James Mwangi Harrison (Subaru)
Car No. 38. Ramesh Vishram/Rohit “Ro Ro” Bhudia (Ford Escort Mark 2 Classic)
Car No. 53. Aakif Virani/Azhar Bhatti (Subaru N16)
Car No. 117. Eric Bengi/Tony Gikuhi (Toyota RunX)
Car No. 107. Caroline Gatimu/­Margaret Mungai Qui Kui’ (Toyota Levin 2WD)
Car No. 75. Edward Maina/John Ngugi (Toyota Celica GT4)
Car No. 55. Rashid Kabi/Allan Muhindi (Subaru)
Car No. 46- Ghalib Hajee/Sinder Sudle (Mitsubishi Evo 10)
Car No. 109-Charan Thethy/Vinay Shah (Daewoo Cielo)
Car No. 74. James Kirimi/Evans Mwenda (Subaru)
Car No. 40. Joel Muchiri/ Julius Mwachuya Subaru Impreza
Car No. 39. Asad Khan/Nehreen Ismail (Subaru Legacy)
Car No. 47. Ronak Shah/Riyaz Ismail (Subaru N12B)
Car No. 106. Gurmit Thethy/ Depinder Kalsi (VW Golf 2WD)
Car No. 113. Nishal Shah/Avhit Bii (VW Golf GTI)

Carl Tundo Press Briefing Statement On KCB Malindi Rally 2014


I owe it to my supporters, sponsors, family and friends to give you the facts on what happened on the press release below.
‘Without prejudice’
My initial disqualification that was much later over turned was based on 2 points.
1. I blocked the road
2. I told the controller at the end of the section that stage had been cancelled.
The section in question was a track and in many places there was no way 2 cars could pass. After going past 1 spectator car in the section I came acoss another at high speed and narrowly missed. This was on a stretch of road that neither of us could pass for about 100 meters. After eventually getting the spectator into a safe place, as we were on a corner, I pulled over to where other rally cars could pass. This is not to say that it was safe for the second rally car to pass as the spectator car was still blocking the road. I told Tim to get out and slow baldev down and to get the spectator car off the road as they were clearly in a state of shock by the closeness we came to hitting them and I turned my phone on and called C.o.C Roy Mcenzie and informed him of the events and asked him what we should do next. He thanked us and said he could not make the decision alone and would call back. This whole process took about 3 mins as baldy then arrived. We told him what had happened and that we were waiting for a call from CoC. He pulled up beside us. After another 5-7mins we had not been called so I called the CoC back. He told us that he had spoken to the Kmsf marshal john kamau and he instructed us to get back in the cars and drive out the section and that they would deal with the times. At this point rajbir rai arrived and we also informed him of the incident. I also suggested to Roy that he should call the controller at the beginning of the section to warn drivers of the incident and he said the section would still run and they were not going to close it. Incidentally another spectator car came against rally traffic at this point. We then as per instructions drove out the section non-competitively in convoy and took our time at the control and continued with the rally assuming those that were affected would receive a bogey time. At this time baldy led followed by rajbir and then me. I assumed that the rest of the competitors were warned that the section was unsafe but I now realise non of them were.