Israel-Palestine Conflict Part 2


Israel’s Legal Case for the West Bank
Jordan occupied both Jerusalem and the West Bank during the 1948-49 war and only gained these areas via war and the ‘Green Line’ of the UN armistice. These areas had never formally been allocated to Jordan and so were strictlyunallocated Palestine Mandate territory.So since there is no legal ownership of Judea and Samaria, these areas cannot be regarded as ‘occupied’ lands. Between 1949 and 1967 Jordan simply attempted illegal annexation of this newly gained territory.
Eminent legal scholars, such as Eugene Rostow (Undersecretary of State to Lyndon Johnson and Professor Emeritus at Yale Law School) therefore maintain that Israeli settlers have as much right to live in the West Bank as non-Jews. The Israeli Government follows this argument and denies that the occupation of the West Bank is illegal on the grounds that the land was not previously occupied lawfully by any other state.

The Refugee and West Bank Problem
*.1949: At this time around 700,000 Arabs fled to neighbouring Arab countries, whilst over 800,000 Jews were forced to leave Muslim countries after their property was confiscated. Israel offered to repatriate 100,000 Arab refugees in April 1949 but this was rejected.
*.1952: The UN offered $200m for the refugees but this was also rejected by Arab governments.
*.1967: The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon (and later Iraq) attacked Israel. Their goal was “to wipe Israel off the map”. Israel defeated the attack even though the Arab armies had huge superiority in armour, aircraft and troops. After the war Israel held Sinai, the Golan Heights, the West Bank and all of Jerusalem. Some 1 million Arabs were now under Israeli rule. It seems each time Arab countries attack Israel, their end state is worse than their first. Are we seeing the hand of God protecting Israel (Isa 54.15-17)(Zech 2.5-8)?
*.1973: In October 1973 Egypt and Syria launched another attack on Israel (the Yom Kippur War). Israel withdrew from Sinai in 1982.
*.1996: Israel withdraws troops from Gaza and most cities and towns of the West Bank. Palestinians authorities take control.
*.2002: Israel reoccupied all of the West Bank following waves of Palestinian suicide attacks.
*.2003: Israel erected security barriers along the Green Line to prevent more suicide attacks, and made unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. From 2000 to 2003 there were 73 attacks from Samaria killing 293 Israeli’s, but after construction of Israel’s Security Fenceattacks have declined by over 90%. This is, of course, at the expense of severe hardship for many Palestinians.
*.2003-2004: In response to Palestinian attacks, the IDF recaptures parts of the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon presents a Disengagement Plan from Gaza and the northern West Bank, which met with intense opposition from fellow Likud members and from settlers. To aid Israel in this withdrawal, President Bush stated that, in his view, “Israel should not have to withdraw to the 1949 Armistice borders”.
*.2005-2008: Knesset ratifies Sharon’s Disengagement Plan. Government announces August 15 as the day disengagement is set to begin. Passionate, nationwide anti-disengagement protests begin. Israel withdraws unilaterally from Gaza on August 15. After the election of Hamas in 2006 there was a steady increase of rocket attacks against Israel’s citizens. Between 2001 and January 2009, over 8,600 rockets had been launched from Gaza, leading to 28 deaths and widespread trauma.
*.2008: Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered the Palestinians an independent state in all of Gaza and over 93.5 percent of the West Bank. He offered them land swaps from Israel to make up for the less than 6.5 percent of the West Bank they would not receive. He also offered them half of Jerusalem. By some accounts, the Palestinians turned this offer down. By other accounts, they simply never responded to it. [Christians United For Israel].
*.2008-2012: On 27 December 2008 Israel launched a wave of airstrikes against targets within the Gaza Strip, with the stated aim of stopping rocket fire from and arms import into the territory. In a continued attempt to stop frequent rocket barrages, Israel assassinated two more of Gaza’s leaders in October 2012. This resulted in the 8-day conflict between Gaza and Israel in November 2012 – a conflcit which saw Palestinian rockets strike the outskirts of Jerusalem.
The Two-State Solution is Unworkable and Unbiblical. As stated above, a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem was proposed in 1938 and 1947, and each time it was rejected by the Arab leadership. Today it is still under discussion, but again it is unlikely to succeed given the Arab position. To date, the Palestinian Authority maintains the following position:


Israel-Palestine Conflict Part 3


*.It does not recognise Israel as a Jewish State
*.It maintains that Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank are Palestinian Territories
*.It maintains that East Jerusalemis the capital of the future Palestinian State
*.It maintains that no Israeli should be living in Palestine
All four of these positions are currently totally unacceptable to the Israeli leadership. For example:
“The Jewish people have been in existence for 4,000 years. Why do we not deserve recognition?” [Binyamin Netanyahu, 2013]
“Jerusalem is the indivisible capital of Israel” [Binyamin Netanyahu, 2013]
But even more significantly, any sub-division of the land covenanted to the nation of Israel by God goes against God’s will. Who’s land is it really? It belongs to the God of Israel – it is His land:
“I will enter into judgment with them … (because) they have divided up My land” (Joel 3.2)
The Future – a Biblical View
We have tried to ascertain how the Palestinian problem arose. Our brief analysis suggests it has been fuelled partly by a combination of so-called Zionism (returning Jews with a vision for Zion or Jerusalem), and repeated Arab refusal to recognise Israel and to accept both an Arab state and an Israeli state. But deeper analysissuggests that the root cause of the conflict with Israel is less of an Arab-Israeli conflict, and more of a conflict with the ideology of political Islam. It can be argued that, in general, the Bible does not support the idea of long-term Arab aggression against Israel – in fact God blesses the emergence of the Arab nations (Gen 17.19-21). But, as Islam took over these nations from the 7th century, aspiritual battle between truth and errorhas emerged, with the Arab nations being used as a vehicle for practical expression of this battle.
We have also seen that what the media describes as ‘occupied land’, cannot be described as occupied from a legal point of view.
Now let’s summarise the big picture as described in the Bible (see Israelfor a fuller explanation):
*.God promised by covenant that He would give all the land of Canaan (modern Israel) to Abraham and his descendents. This was ‘forever’. (Gen 17.7,8)
*.The covenant was established through Isaac and not through Ishmael. So the Jews are the true descendents of Abraham in the covenant sense and they keep this covenant through circumcision. (Gen 17.10,20,21)
*.The covenant people (national Israel – the twelve tribes) have been chosen by God to be His witnesses and servant in the world. They are a special people through whom God will make a name for Himself. (Isa 43.1,10)(2 Sam 7.23)
*.Through this people all the nations of the earth will be blessed – a reference to the Messiah, Jesus. (Gen 22.18)(Acts 3.25)
*.In the last days God will take scattered Israel (the 12 tribes) from among the nations and bring them into their own land. (Jer 30.3)(Ezek 37.21)(Zech 8.7,8)
*.Most of Israel returns in unbelief in that they do not acknowledge Jesus as Saviour and Lord, but God will speak to them. (Zech 12.10-14) (Rom 11.26,27)
*.When Israel returns, the land itself will be blessed and become more fruitfull. (Isa 35.1,2)(Ezek 36.8-12)
*.Close to the end of this age, Israel will experience a brief time of false peace (Dan 9.27), and then severe persecution from the end-time world ruler. (Jer 30.7)(Mat 24.15-25)
*.At the very end of this age, just prior to the Second Coming of Christ, all nations will gather against Jerusalem for war. (Zech 14.2)
*.The remnant of Israel that survives these attacks come through into the millennial reign of Christ. (Zech 13.8,9)
*.During the millennium the whole world will live in peace and security as Christ rules from Zion (Jerusalem), and the world acknowledges Israel as God’s servant and witness. (Zech 8.22,23)(Zech 14.9-21)
Observation of the world scene confirms the biblical picture. Israel is indeed returning, the land is indeed being blessed, and the nations are surely raging against her (see also Reality).
What of the Palestinians?
The Bible instructs the people of Israel how they should treat foreigners (non-Jews). Old Testament Israel was commanded to love foreigners and to let them live normal lives amongst them (Deut 10.19):
“When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall do him no wrong … (he) … shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself …” (Lev 19.33,34)
This instruction is timeless and applies to future Israel. Once Israel has returned to her land, the land is divided up amongst the tribes of Israel and the stranger amongst them is also ‘allotted an inheritance’:

Israel-Palestine Conflict Part 1

The Land of Israel pre-1948
During the seventh century Arab armies conquered most of the Middle East, including the land now variously called Israel, Palestine and the Holy Land (some 10,000 square miles). This area, including Jerusalem, became part of the Ottoman Empire and was largely under Muslim control until the early 1900’s. Significantly, Jerusalem became holy to Muslims as the site where tradition says Mohammed ascended to heaven (although some claim he never set foot in Jerusalem). Over this period most of the population gradually accepted Islam and so by the mid 19th century the area was occupied by some 400,000 Muslims, 75,000 Christians and 25,000 Jews [World Vision].
Despite the strong Muslim presence, by the early 20th century the land was a mix of many peoples representing some 50 languages [1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica]. According to historian Richard Hartmann, prior to the creation of Israel in 1948these communities were ‘ethnologically a chaos of all the possible human combinations’, and so did not share a common Arab identity.They included Balkans, Greeks, Syrians, Egyptians, Turks, Armenians, Italians, Persians, Kurds, Germans, Afghans, Bosnians, Sudanese, Algerians and others.The land was not a ‘country’ and had no frontiers, only administrative boundaries[Prof. Bernard Lewis].
This strong ethnic mix meant there was no distinctive Palestinian people at the start of the 20th century, although there were stirrings for nationalism in response to Zionism. The term ‘Palestine’ seems to have come to prominence after the Balfour Declaration in 1917, when shortly after this the British were given a ‘Palestine Mandate’. Is was only really after WWI that we find an emergence of Palestinian nationalism and an identifiable ‘Palestinian People’ [James Gelvin][Rashid Khalidi]. Some see this as a response to the threat posed by Zionism, when waves of Jewish immigrants arrived in Palestine between 1919 and 1939.
Timeline for the Partitioning of Palestine
Under the 1917 Balfour Declaration, Britain supported the creation of a Jewish home in Palestine, without violating the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities. Initially the mandate defined ‘Palestine’ as spanning both west and east of the Jordan.
*.1922: The British Mandate was formalized in 1922 and this redefined the boundary of Palestine as west of the river Jordan, including Judea and Samaria – an area now called the West Bank. The area east of the Jordan was called ‘Transjordan’, which subsequently became Jordan. The Arab communities wanted as little to do with the mandate as possible.
*.1920’s: During the late 1920’s Jewish immigration and investment benefited the indigenous people and Arab standard of living in the area increased.
*.1937-38: The Peel and Woodhead commissions of 1937 and 1938 recommended partitioning Palestine into a small Jewish state and a large Arab state, but this was rejected by the Arab leadership (which included Saudi Arabia).
*.1947: Nearly half the land of Palestine was owned by Arabs, nearly half was “Crown Lands”, and about 8% was owned by Jews. In 1947 a UN Special Commission on Palestine recommended that this area be divided equally, with open borders, into an Arab state and a Jewish state. Jerusalem was to be ‘internationalized’. The UN General Assembly adopted this plan as UN Resolution 181. The Jews accepted the UN resolution but the Arabs rejected it.
*.1948: The Jews proclaimed an independent State of Israel and the British withdrew from Palestine.
*.1948-49: Arab nations, notably the Egyptian and Syrian armies, invaded Israel. During this war the Israel Defence Force (IDF) was formed. At the end of the war Israel held territory beyond the boundaries set by the UN plan (approximately 78% of the area west of the Jordan) and Jerusalem was divided between Jordan and Israel, Jordan holding east Jerusalem. Egypt held Gaza and Jordan held the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).
The Arab countries refused to sign a permanent peace treaty with Israel and so the UN Commission proposals never received legal international recognition. Instead, Israel’s borders were re-established along the ‘Green Line’ of the 1949 UN armistice agreements. This is a line excluding Israel from the West Bank and Gaza (see map).
The fact that these borders were not recognised by Arab states (since they refused to recognise Israel) underscores Israel’s legal case for the West Bank.

Illuminati DOESN’T Exist!! Brain Washing At Its Best To Scare People!


It’s become somewhat of an
in-​​joke among us
orchestra members. A
couple of us believe it, a
couple of us aren’t
convinced, but we take it
light-​​heartedly. We’ve
even planned to have a
Dan Brown marathon.

Somehow the conspiracy
theory has spread through
the year level. I hear
people talking about it all
the time now, some people
are even scared. I was
asked by a couple of
friends the other day about
whether or not I believed in
the Illuminati, and I
promised to explain my
answer. So, here we go, an
amalgamation of topics and
I think the most concise
thing I’ve heard spoken by
my peers has something to
do with ruling the world.
Something about creating a
New World Order? But then
what is the Old World Order
and what makes the new
one new?
A brief history of the Order
of the Illuminati (yes, it did
exist): A secularist free
thought movement
established in Bavaria in
1776, but suppressed in
1785 because their
progressive ideas were
radical and distasteful.
Years later, conspiracy
theorists insisted the
suppression did not take
place and they were the
catalysts in the world’s
revolutions, the fear of the
ruling class. Others said
they were elites, Jews
controlling from the top.
Judging by the internet
now, the theories on what
the Illuminati actually do are
even more varied. Asking a
couple of my friends about
the Illuminati gets me
nowhere. I feel like I’m
talking to David Icke, there
is no purpose. I’m
underwhelmed to say the
So let’s assume that
everybody insists the
Illuminati are trying to
create a New World Order,
or a one world government
with complete global
domination if you will. Does
anyone actually know how
much work that takes? How
much manpower? To take
over each and every
geopolitical territory, or to
even control one, takes a
massive amount of
resources, and there is no
way an operation like that
can stay undercover. It
would take millions of
people, and there is no
amount of money or threats
or chocolate bribes that
could keep that many
mouths shut.
Is the government in on it?
What, you mean are they in
on relinquishing their own
control? That doesn’t
sound like power-​​
mongering to me.
But I now hear you
screaming: We already
know it’s happening. Ke$ha
and Lady Gaga are
members of the Illuminati.
So the Illuminati are in
control of the entertainment
industry? What are they
supposed to do? Make
terrible movies about the
end of the world? Make
people scared about
apocalypses and
Armageddon? Make us
party till we drop dead?
Recycle the same annoying
loops? Sing us to death?
Oh yeah, too late.
“Yeah, but I saw Ke$ha’s
music video. I saw the eye
in the triangle. The
symbolism is obvious.”
Can I please put this in
perspective here? We
have people over the
internet trying to analyse
the song sung by a girl
whose most pervasive and
profound lyrics (which she
didn’t even write) include:
Don’t stop, make it
pop/​DJ, blow my
speakers up
and the more recent
Young hearts, out our
minds/​runnin’ like we
outta time/​wild childs,
lookin’ good/​livin hard
just like we should
I saw the eye in the triangle
too. I saw many of them,
actually. I also saw trippy
editing and many generic
music-​​video style shots,
wolves mating and Ke$ha in
the process of foreplay.
And is this metaphor and
symbolism supposed to be
comparable to George
Orwell’s work? Most of this
is probably the decision of
the director, so he should
probably get most of the
Illuminati credit anyway.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not
“hatin’ on Ke$ha”, she can
make whatever music she
wants to make. But don’t
try to insult everybody’s
intelligence by reading
meaning into a song that
isn’t there. Clearly, she
just wants to have fun and
party, respect an artist’s
wishes guys.
Alright, fine. If you say
they’ve taken over the
world, what now? They
poison our water sources
with mind-​​controlling
fluoride, they use a sugar
replacement to brainwash
us, vaccines to make us
sick, etcetera etcetera.
Well, if there is a force
trying to control our minds
with malicious intent, they
are going about it all wrong.
Why don’t they use tried
and tested methods that
actually work? There are a
billion claims that I can
jabber on about here.
There are also plenty of
studies and plenty of
credible research you can
explore yourself on
vaccines and aspartame
and fluoride that prove its
a really ineffective way to
brainwash somebody, or kill
them. I won’t be able to
spoon feed you a rebuttal
to every topic, not on this
post anyway. However if
you’re trying to change the
way people think, make it
actually work.
But would they really be so
blunt as to tell us when
they’re adding mind-​​
warping chemicals to the
water? “Yeah guys, don’t
mind the fluoride, we swear
it’s not for mind control.”
But I don’t see their mind
control working. I’m
questioning, you’re
questioning, everybody
seems to be in on it, so
they would have failed by
now, wouldn’t they?
Alright, fine. Let’s assume
that they do take over the
world, and intend to
promote an ideology(because we already knowthat they haven’t
succeeded yet, because I still have to argue with people at dinner parties about politics). Do we all remember what the Order
of the Illuminati was in the first place? It was a society promoting liberal ideas like
gender equality, and
educating and treating
women as intellectual
equals. It doesn’t sound
like too bad of a world to live in. And can we all put an emphasis on free thought, the viewpoint that opinions should not be borne out of tradition or authority? If the conspiracy theories are accurate,then this new age Illuminati organization has nothing to do with the original Order,or progressive thinking or
secularism. It’s like me
saying Ancient Egyptian
culture has lasted millennia when the Pharaoh is no longer seen by an entire
society to be a god. The
Pharaohs are no longer
around, and apparently
neither is rationality.
Yes, there are plenty of
people claiming to be
members, plenty of
websites that have some pretty interesting claims. All I see around every click of the mouse is more scary,
mysterious words.
“Secrets” and “enemies” and more generic plots to insight curiosity and terror.
Gaining an air of mystique and trying to sound profound does not equal evidence.
And the fact that maybe the Illuminati are surveying us?
They’re tapping our
information sources to
figure out everything about us? Anonymous, Knightsec and any knowledgeable
sixteen year old with a
laptop can manage that. Adding a level of mystery to something so blatant is pointless.
Does this post seem like it has no direction to it? You would be right. Because there is absolutely no direction and no sense in my experience with my
fellow high school children.
They are receptive to
scare-​​mongering, that’s
no surprise. They spout
bits and pieces which I
have to rebut with no
context. There is not one concrete argument I have found. At least when I’m battling against organic
food proponents they have something they put across.
But Illuminati conspiracy
theorists? I don’t have a clue what you’re afraid of.
What will they do when they take over the world? What are they trying to achieve by surveying us Nineteen
This is why I’m underwhelmed. You’re no fun, just give us something to work with here.
I’m happy to be proven
wrong though, if somebody has a solid claim to discuss.
But so far the internet and my peers haven’t given me anything to work with.
What kind of wimpy
organization is this? Their “spokespeople” are “hot messes” trying to pose as
pop stars, they seem to have no purpose but to dominate in contradiction to
their values, and they’re using methods that don’t work to achieve this.
Please tell me what I’m
missing here, because I
honestly have no clue.
So next time when
somebody mentions band camp, you can dispel those terrible Hollywood rumours.
We just sit around talking about the Illuminati and complain about euphoniums,
‘cause deep down, nobody really likes euphoniums.

1948 Jaguar XK120,Its Classy And Elegant. 1948’s Super Car


After making a lasting
impression in the
automotive world, Jaguar
was forced to reconsider
their XK120 in 1950 for
larger scale production. To
meet demands, Sir William
Lyons had the car tooled
for a steel body which
would save costs and
improve delivery times. Like the aluminum-bodied cars which were very hard to purchase, the production versions had had French curves, 120 mph performance and an easy price tag of £988.

Despite being made in steel,
XK120 lost none of its
appeal or charm. It still
used the same XK engine,
which was the world’s first
affordable and mass-
produced twin-cam unit,
and had the sweeping body
which was inspired by
Italian sports cars and the
streamlined styling of the
French design houses.
In 1950, Jaguar took
necessary steps to move
towards large-scale
production enabling Jaguar
to produce over 12 000
examples. In 1951, the
range was extended with a
Fixed Head Coupe which
was followed up by a
Drophead Coupe in 1953.
The later had luxuriously
crafted soft tops with
burled wood veneer trim
and rollup windows inside.
Around 1,800 XK 120
Drophead Coupes were
Before 1949, Jaguar only
played a small role in motor
sports, but after the debut
of the XK120, everyone
was interested to see how
the cars would perform on
the track. Jaguar was no
doubt interested as well
and some of the very first
cars were prepared for
Silverstone where they
took both first and second
place. The following year,
three privately entered
XK120s raced LeMans with
Success at Lemans
encouraged Jaguar to build
a specially designed XK120
which would lead the
company into its most
successful year. The
XK120C (or C-Type)
endurance racer used a
tube frame chassis and
streamlined body with the
familiar XK120 drive train.
This combination was quite
successful and claimed
Jaguar’s first outright
victory at Le Mans.
After Jaguar had won
LeMans, and the XK120
debuted at the New York
Auto show, Americans
seriously started to
consider British roadsters,
propelling an entire
industry of British sports
cars made for export.
Throughout the years,
Jaguar nurtured this
relationship with the
updated XK140 and XK150.
Important Sales & Chassis
660449 – In 1951,Image
This XK120 was
prepared to support the
new C-Type at the 1951 24
Hours of LeMans. While the
C-Type won, privateers
Bob Lawrie and Ivan Waller
drove 660449 to 11th place
overall, the XK120’s
highest placing at the race.
In more recent times,
660449 has been subject to
complete restoration,
which included upgrading
most of the components to
drive the car in vintage
events. The restoration
debuted at the 2002
LeMans classic. It will be
offered for sale at Christies
Auction at Retromobile.
ImageLWK707 – Known for
registration plate, this
XK120 Coupe ran the ‘7
days and 7 nights’
endurance run at Montlhery
with drivers Moss, Fairman,
and Johnson.
LWK707 ran for a full 7
days during which the car
averaged just over
100mph. It remains in
remarkably original
condition to this day.



Various proponents of
“conspiracy theories”
have attempted to
distort and
misrepresent real
Freemasonry and the
authentic Knights
Templar that were
dedicated to the Glory
of God, and in Service
to the Great Presence
of the “I AM” in all of
Life! Great confusion
has especially been
perpetuated when the
term “Illuminati” has
been used.
“Illuminati” means
“Enlightened Ones” and
had originally referred
to those individuals
who devoted
themselves to Divine
Wisdom and Christ
Illumination, such as the
Masters and
the unascended
members of the Great
Brotherhood of Light
(also called the Great
White Brotherhood).
Such individuals have
accepted for their Life
experiences the
Illumining Presence
of the Mighty “I
AM”. In many of the
Theosophical writings
of the 19th century, the
“Illuminati” was
used according to its
purest and original
definition. However, in
today’s common
parlance, this term is
usually used by
conspiracy theorists to
refer to the “psuedo-
These “psuedo-
Illuminati” consider
themselves a “Global
Elite” who know what’s
best for the world.
They want to build a
socialistic, utopian
society of Anti-Christ in
the place of the
Kingdom of Heaven
This involves the
manipulation of forces
of selfishness and
hatred – often
apparently very
opposite to outer
stated goals.
Manipulation of men
with atheistic and
damning concepts of
dialectical materialism
may be attempted at
the same time as
manipulation of extreme
(who are
betrayers of the true
religion of Islam) – as
well as “Christian”
fanatical extremists.
infiltrated major
global banks,
multinational companies,
companies, global
media, armament
companies, the world
market in hard drugs,
the security services
and institutions of
governments. They are
allied with the “Black
Brotherhood” which is
composed of the forces
of greed and every
force of tyranny. This
would include the evil
terrorist activities,
operations, networks
and funding of foreign
terrorist organizations
based in Africa, the
Middle East, and central
and southeast Asia.
This may also include
Al-Qa’ida, which
participated in the
attack on America and
Freedom on September
11, 2001 (along with
those behind the
scenes who may have
seen this as an
opportunity to further
their own ends). Al-
Qa’ida has an
operational reach that
stretches around the
globe, and has been
successful at
maintaining a high level
of security and
secrecy. Yet Al-Qa’ida
as an umbrella
organization, is but one
within a network
of radical Islamic
groups that stretches
from Cairo to Manila,
from Kabul to Algiers.
Terrorist groups and
operatives are based
in Europe, Africa, Asia,
and America.
The “psuedo-Illuminati”
want a world
government and army,
a world currency and
centralised global
financial dictatorship
and control. They want
micro-chipped people
and a society based on
constant surveillance
of all kinds at all times.
And they want a
frightened, docile,
subservient, people
who give their power
away to the
“authorities” who can
save them from what
they have been
manipulated to fear.
The establishment of a
one-world government
has been called the
“New World Order” and
now “Global
Governance”. Of course
the drive to control
all the people and
resources on the
planet, they also enrich
themselves along the
These “psuedo-
Illuminati” are motivated
to pursue human
and domination at all
costs. They have
entrenched themselves
in the governments and
institutions of
the world. They are not
usually connected by
outer organizational
ties or bloodlines, but
are merely “connected”
by their lower human
Not Connected with
The “psuedo-Illuminati”
are not connected with
Freemasonry, and they
were discredited by
Freemasonry even
during the lifetime of
George Washington.
Inspired by the
materialistic infiltrators
of Freemasonry in
European countries
back in the 1770s, they
are erroneously
pointed to by
conspiracy theorists as
the cause of all modern
ills throughout the
In fairness to all
concerned, it should be
made absolutely clear
that the organization
referred to as the
“Illuminati” was
historically a separate
organization entirely,
and in no way
connected with either
Freemasonry or
Rosicrucianism. The
group of men who
formed the so-called
“Illuminati” in Germany
did try in various ways
to associate their
strange organization
with both
Rosicrucianism and
These men who
organized this
undesirable movement
became acquainted with
the fact that in the
Rosicrucian Order there
a division or a
section of the work
referred to as the
Illuminati, or in other
words, the “Illuminated
nature. It never had
any connection with the
Illuminati of
Rosicrucianism and no
connection with any
part of Freemasonry
despite the claims that
were made for it. It is
only another illustration
how the good name
of some other
organization can be
wrongly adopted.
Adam Weishaupt in
Adam Weishaupt (1748
– 1830) was a Bavarian
of law at
Ingolstadt University in
Germany, and a former
Jesuit. On May 1, 1776
he founded an
organization that he
named the “Illuminati”
and recruited the first
brothers from among
his students. This
order, originally called
the Society of
Perfectibilists, was
divided into an intricate
system of graded
classes and degrees of
initiation. Members
observed strict oaths
of secrecy and
obedience to superiors,
with secret
and mutual
Like the Jesuits, the
Illuminati brotherhood
was run on military
lines. Members were
requested to surrender
individual judgment
will. Like earlier secret
societies, Weishaupt’s
Illuminati promised to
reveal an ancient
wisdom. Higher and
more powerful secrets
were promised to those
who progressed up the
ladder of initiations.
Initiates worked in small
Knowledge was
shared between cells
on what modern
security services call a
“need to know” basis.
The members were told
that this was because
this newly re-
discovered knowledge
was so dangerous.
Weishaupt joined the
Freemasons in 1777,
and soon many of the
Illuminati followed,
infiltrating the
Freemasonry Lodges.
They quickly rose to
positions of seniority.
From a description of
the rituals and
ceremonies of
Weishaupt’s Illuminati
organization, it is
evident that every
feature and every
phrase of the ritual and
is so
entirely different from
anything found in
Freemasonry, or in
Rosicrucian work, that
there can be no
mistake in associating
the two.t University in
Germany, and a former
Jesuit. On May 1, 1776
he founded an
organization that he
named the “Illuminati”
and recruited the first
brothers from among
his students. This
order, originally called
the Society of
Perfectibilists, was
divided into an intricate
system of graded
classes and degrees of
initiation. Members
observed strict oaths
of secrecy and
obedience to superiors,
with secret
and mutual
Like the Jesuits, the
Illuminati brotherhood
was run on military
lines. Members were
requested to surrender
individual judgment
will. Like earlier secret
societies, Weishaupt’s
Illuminati promised to
reveal an ancient
wisdom. Higher and
more powerful secrets
were promised to those
who progressed up the
ladder of initiations.
Initiates worked in small
Knowledge was
shared between cells
on what modern
security services call a
“need to know” basis.
The members were told
that this was because
this newly re-
discovered knowledge
was so dangerous.
Weishaupt joined the
Freemasons in 1777,
and soon many of the
Illuminati followed,
infiltrating the
Freemasonry Lodges.
They quickly rose to
positions of seniority.
From a description of
the rituals and
ceremonies of
Weishaupt’s Illuminati
organization, it is
evident that every
feature and every
phrase of the ritual and
is so
entirely different from
anything found in
Freemasonry, or in
Rosicrucian work, that
there can be no
mistake in associating
the two.



Freemasons considered
to be an undesirable
movement because it
eventually proved to
be purely political and
of a destructive rather
than constructive
nature. It never had
any connection with the
Illuminati of
Rosicrucianism and no
connection with any
part of Freemasonry
despite the claims that
were made for it. It is
only another illustration
how the good name
of some other
organization can be
wrongly adopted.
Adam Weishaupt in
Adam Weishaupt (1748
– 1830) was a Bavarian
of law at
Ingolstadt University in
Germany, and a former
Jesuit. On May 1, 1776
he founded an
organization that he
named the “Illuminati”
and recruited the first
brothers from among
his students. This
order, originally called
the Society of
Perfectibilists, was
divided into an intricate
system of graded
classes and degrees of
initiation. Members
observed strict oaths
of secrecy and
obedience to superiors,
with secret
and mutual
Like the Jesuits, the
Illuminati brotherhood
was run on military
lines. Members were
requested to surrender
individual judgment
will. Like earlier secret
societies, Weishaupt’s
Illuminati promised to
reveal an ancient
wisdom. Higher and
more powerful secrets
were promised to those
who progressed up the
ladder of initiations.
Initiates worked in small
Knowledge was
shared between cells
on what modern
security services call a
“need to know” basis.
The members were told
that this was because
this newly re-
discovered knowledge
was so dangerous.
Weishaupt joined the
Freemasons in 1777,
and soon many of the
Illuminati followed,
infiltrating the
Freemasonry Lodges.
They quickly rose to
positions of seniority.
From a description of
the rituals and
ceremonies of
Weishaupt’s Illuminati
organization, it is
evident that every
feature and every
phrase of the ritual and
is so
entirely different from
anything found in
Freemasonry, or in
Rosicrucian work, that
there can be no
mistake in associating
the two.
In 1785 Bavarian
authorities seized
Illuminati writings which
revealed that the
ancient secret wisdom
and the secret
supernatural powers
promulgated within the
Illuminati had always
been a cynical
invention and a fraud.
An aspirant progressed
the grades
only to discover that
the spiritual element in
the teachings were
merely a smokescreen.
Spirituality was
derided, spat upon.
Jesus Christ’s
teachings, it was said,
were really purely
political in content,
calling for the abolition
of all property, of the
institution of marriage
and all family ties, all
Finally it was whispered
the candidate’s ear
that the ultimate secret
was that there was no
secret. In this way he
was inducted into a
nihilistic and anarchistic
philosophy that
appealed to the
candidate’s worst
instincts. Weishaupt
gleefully anticipated
tearing down,
destroying civilization,
not to set people free,
but for the pleasure of
imposing his will upon
Weishaupt’s writings
reveal the extent of
his cynicism: ” . . . in
concealment lies a
great part of our
strength. For this
reason we must cover
ourselves in the name
of another society. The
lodges that are under
Freemasonry are the
most suitable cloak for
our high purpose.”
Following the discovery
of these writings, the
order was suppressed
– but too late.
The aim of Weishaupt
and his co-
conspirators was to set
a society run on
purely materialistic
grounds, a
revolutionary new
society – and the place
where they would test
their theories, they had
would be
France. By 1789 there
were some three
hundred lodges in
France, including sixty-
in Paris. According
to some French
Freemasons today,
there were more than
seventy thousand
Freemasons in France.
The original plan — as
inspired by Saint
Germain — had been to
uplift the French people
with Hope and the will
for change, but the
lodges had been
infiltrated to the extent
that it has been said
that “the program put
into action by the
French Constitutional
Assembly in 1789 had
been put together by
German Illuminati in
1776.” Danton,
Desmoulins, Mirabeau,
Marat, Robespierre,
Guillotin and other
leaders had been
“illumined” by
Weishaupt’s infiltrators.
When the king was
slow to agree to
further reforms,
Desmoulins called for
an armed uprising.
Then, in June 1789,
Louis XVI tried to
disperse the Assembly
and called his troops to
Versailles. Mass
desertions followed. On
July 14, 1789 an angry
mob stormed the
Bastille. Louis XVI was
executed with the
guillotine in January
In the anarchy that
followed, France was
threatened from within
and without. The
leaders of the
Freemasonry lodges
took control. Soon many
their number were
accused of being
traitors to the
Revolution – and so
began the Terror.
At its height, the
Illuminati operated
throughout a wide area
of Europe. It is said
that Weishaupt’s real
aim — hidden from
novices at the outer
rings of his group —
was to replace
Christianity with the
worship of reason and
to establish a world
government through
which the Illuminati
would rule the world.
The group was
outlawed by edict of the
in 1785. The bad
reputation of
Weishaupt’s Illuminati
unfairly tarnished
popular opinions of
Freemasons in general.
“Power Elites” in
the 21st Century
Some authors have
claimed that the
Illuminati have
continued to exist after
1785. Some of today’s
so-called “power
elites” have used the
“Illuminati” name as a
modern day
smokescreen. However,
should not cause
us to lose sight of the
true purposes of
Freemasonry. Do not
fall into the trap of
blaming the
Freemasons and the
extinct Illuminati. That’s
what the “power elite”
want us to do.



#3. The Mad Gasser of
In Mattoon, Illinois in the
early 1930s,
started popping up of a
man or woman deliberately
spraying poisonous gasses
into people’s homes via the
windows, and in some
cases, building crude
barricades to keep the
victims inside. The
barricade thing may seem
weird, but people in the 30s
were the trusting type, and
apparently didn’t go out to
investigate when they
heard the sound of sawing
and hammering right
outside their front doors.
Anyway, the victims
complained of nausea and
sore throats, and
sometimes would catch a
glimpse of something
moving outside in the
distance. The town was
gripped with panic, terrified
that the villain would attack
again with his arsenal of
pretty much harmless
Finally an official inquiry
was started into the matter,
to solve it once and for all.
They gathered eye witness
reports and wound up with
descriptions of the
perpetrator as a tall, short,
male, female, fat, thin,
human, ghost, Nazi,
dinosaur … pretty much the
whole spectrum of life past
and present on planet
Investigators filed the
incident under “What the
fuck?” which just happens
to be conspiracy theorists
favorite question to
Mad Gasser?
The Obvious Answer:
Two weeks after it all
started Thomas Wright, the
commissioner of public
health came and said:
“There is no doubt that a
gas maniac exists and has
made a number of attacks.
But many of the reported
attacks are nothing more
than hysteria. Fear of the
gas man is entirely out of
proportion to the menace of
the relatively harmless gas
he is spraying. The whole
town is sick with hysteria.”
Yes, good job calming the
hysteria with the phrase
“Gas Maniac.”
The town police chief, on
the other hand, came out
and said there was actually
no gasser at all, that the
people were freaking out
because they heard a
noise, checked the window,
and smelled something
funny. Not unusual seeing
as how their town was filled
with factories and the town
itself was constantly awash
in chemical fumes (back
then environmental
regulations were pretty
much done on the honor
After the reassuring
statements from Wright and
the chief of police, the
public decided maybe it was
time to calm down. Oh wait,
no they didn’t. They
decided it was time to
fucking freak out more.
There were countless more
reports, none of them ever
Oh, there may have been
an actual gasser at some
a recent book points
to a local medical student
who could have carried out
the few actual attacks that
led to the hysteria. When
asked why, he reportedly
stated, “Because I’m
fucking insane.”
#2. The Starchild Skull
Found in a mine tunnel in
1930, this odd-shaped
skull is believed to be that
of an
alien or other magical
creature (Goblin?
Leprechaun?) After carbon
dating, the skull was found
to be about 900 years old.
Paranormal researchers
were quick to tell anyone
who would listen that it was
the skull of an alien human
hybrid, or just alien, or
anything paranormal. They
were just happy someone
was talking to them.
A paranormal researcher
The Obvious Answer:
Well… look at it. We only
have three full-time
archeologists on the staff
here at Cracked, but it’s
pretty obvious that that is
a human skull. Luckily
experts agree that it’s from
a young child, 3 to 5 years
old, with some type of
physical deformity. The list
of diseases and defects
can cause this kind of
abnormality is extensive.
The list of paranormal
reasons that have been
proven to cause this isn’t a
list at all, it’s more of a
napkin smeared with
Cheetoh smudges and
This one goes back to
Ufologists’ rather bizarre
belief that aliens would look
exactly like us (two eyes, a
mouth, a nose, etc.) with
only tiny variations (they’re
grey or have a weird bone
in the middle of their face).
Why would beings that
evolved on different
planets under totally
different conditions look
alike? If you believe the
conspiracy theory that
often accompanies the
Starchild Skull, you’d know
it’s because aliens planted
humans on earth thousands
of years ago!
So either we’re just a giant
colony of sea monkeys for
extremely bored aliens, or
900 years ago at least one
kid had a weird-shaped
#1. The Bermuda Triangle
Well for one thing, that’s
not even a triangle.
This is the granddaddy of
supposed paranormal
phenomena. You know the
story: you go into the
Triangle, you don’t come
out. It’s some kind of
magical black hole around
Florida, Puerto Rico and
Bermuda where ships,
planes and probably
countless confused whales
have disappeared.
According to paranormal
“experts” this is easily
attributable to either aliens,
interdimensional portals,
demons, ghosts, Bigfoot,
ghost Bigfoot, sea
monsters or stargates.
Or Bigfoot riding a Sea
Monster. Aaaaahhh
Even Christopher Columbus
claimed he saw weird shit
more than 500 years ago.
To read books about the
subject, you’d think ships
disappear by the hundreds
every week.
So what’s the deal? Are the
boats getting sucked
through a time portal?
Being sunk by savages
from the mystical lost city of
Atlantis? Or is it Cthulhu?
It’s Cthulhu, isn’t it?
The Obvious Answer:
Again we must refer to the
scientific phenomenon called
People Making Up Bullshit.
experts have pointed
out, the entire Bermuda
Triangle mystery is based
around people taking
routine disappearances and
spicing them up in the
retelling. So for instance,
part of the legend is a
plane inexplicably vanished
off the coast of Daytona on
a sunny day in 1957. A
search of the newspaper
that day revealed that
either it didn’t happen, or
all the witnesses signed a
pact of silence in their own
blood lest the triangle take
them too.
They like to describe
missing ships as having
“disappeared” or saying
they “were never seen
again”, which immediately
brings to mind magic. In
reality when a boat sinks
you’re probably not going
to see it again because,
you know, it’s on the
bottom of the fucking ocean.
Believers often fail to
mention that many of the
disappearances happen
during storms and rough
seas, when you’d pretty
much expect ships to sink.
Other times ships would be
reported missing and thus
added to the Triangle’s
tally, then nobody bothers
to correct it when the ships
turn up later unharmed (like
because the Captain was
drunk off his ass and
accidentally sailed to
But the final stake into the
heart of the Dracula that is
the Bermuda Triangle
mystery is the fact that the
number of disappearances
is no larger than any other
well-traveled part of the
ocean (the Triangle
includes some of the
busiest waters on the
Once again, the only magic
at work is the mystical
human hunger for bullshit.



#6. The Dyatlov Pass
On February 2nd, 1959,
during the cold winter on
Kholat Syakhl (“Mountain of
the Dead”) in Russia, nine
intrepid ski hikers decided
to do what they do best,
which is ski hike, whatever
the hell that is. On
February 26th, the first of
their very dead bodies
turned up. Man, who would
have thought such a
tragedy could strike on
“The Mountain of the
Image courtesy of Noah
It probably didn’t look like
this, but can you imagine?
But it was the discovery of
the campgrounds that
added the icing to the
creepy-as-fuck cake. The
ski hikers’ tent was
shredded. The skiers were
scattered around the
grounds wearing either
very sparse clothing or
just their underwear. Three
of them were found with
crushed ribs and fractured
skulls, but no visible
defense marks or other
signs of a struggle.
Oh yeah, and one of the
bodies was missing a
In case you weren’t
already on the phone with
Mulder and Scully, trace
levels of radiation were
supposedly found on their
bodies. The official
statement on what
happened was about as
vague and ass-covering
as possible, saying it was
caused by an “unknown
compelling force.” In
laymen’s terms this means,
“fuck if we know.”
The story has become an
internet sensation over the
years, with many people
blaming aliens, and then
ghosts, and then the yeti,
or possibly all of them
working in tandem.
“So we’re agreed then: We
tear up their tents, take a
lady’s tongue, and never
tell a soul.”
The Obvious Answer:
So there’s six things that
freak people out about this
1. The no-tongued woman
2. A mysterious orange tan
on the dead bodies
3. The ripped tents
4. The hikers’ lack of
5. The crushing damage
done to three of the hikers
6. The traces of
The big fact that gets lost
in the re-telling of this
story is that the bodies
weren’t found until weeks
later. It’s not like somebody
turned their back, then five
minutes later all their
friends were dead and half
That makes the missing
tongue a lot easier to
explain. As disturbing as it
may be, the first thing a
scavenging animal is going
to go for is probably the
soft tissue of an open
mouth, especially if it still
smelled like the burrito the
hiker just ate. Laying out in
the sun surrounded by
white snow for days also
accounts for the weird tan.
The trauma and the
destroyed tent points to an
avalanche. Their state of
undress can be explained
paradoxical undressing,
a known behavior of
hypothermia victims when
their brains start to freeze
and malfunction. In other
words, it’s the kind of
behavior you’d expect from
a group of injured
avalanche victims
wandering around in the
middle of the night in the
freezing cold.
What about the
radioactivity? Or stranger
details that turn up in some
accounts, like orange lights
in the sky? Well, there’s
the fact that
none of that
stuff turns up in the
original documents from the
, and appears to have
been added later by people
who just can’t resist making
things spookier than they
It’s those later accounts
that have stuck in the
public memory, because so
many of the original reports
were destroyed (this was
the Cold War-era Soviet
Union, which treated
casserole recipes as state
So none of the details on
their own prove anything
other than a tragic hiking
accident. The conspiracy-
loving public widely reject
this, too busy lighting their
torches and getting their
pitchforks to go hunt down
an, “unknown compelling
Otherwise known as
#5. The Lost Roanoke
The Roanoke Colony was
either the first permanent
settlement in America, or an
elaborate practical joke.
Walter Raleigh sent the
colonists there and then
left them without supplies
for three years, perhaps
just to see what would
What he probably didn’t
expect was for the colony
to just vanish. When new
settlers finally arrived,
none of the original colony
remained at the settlement
(except for the old skeleton
of one guy) and the
mysterious word “Croatan”
was carved into a tree,
right under, “Metallica
So, was it a UFO abduction?
Perhaps the colonists were
held in some kind of
suspended animation and
are still being anally probed
to this very day.
The Obvious Answer:
That second group of
settlers didn’t really get the
chance to investigate what
happened to the original
bunch, because a few
years later an even bigger
mysterious phenomena
occurred: Blue-eyed, pale-
complexioned Indians
began showing up on
nearby Croatan Island.
So what to make of these
mysterious children, who
looked like they might have
been the descendents of
white/Indian mixed race
parents? On CROATAN
It’s almost as if, we don’t
know, a certain group of
settlers realized their
colony sucked, and went
and found some natives
nearby who seemed to
know how to live off the
land. And that they then left
their shitty colony forever
to go live happily ever
after on Croatan Island,
and to have impressive
amounts of sex with the
“Hey, like the nearby
island. Whatever, I’m sure
that’s just a coincidence.”
#4. The Hopkinsville Goblin
In 1955, members of the
Sutton family were out on
their porch enjoying a
relaxing visit/drinking
binge with their good friend
Billy Ray Taylor. Billy Ray
decided to go out and get a
drink of water from the
well, when shit started
getting weird.
He ran back in to tell
everyone he’d seen some
bright lights in the sky and
that everyone should come
look. According to one
member of the Sutton clan,
upon stepping outside the
“… a luminous, three-and-
a-half-foot-tall being with
an oversized head, big,
floppy, pointed ears,
glowing eyes, and hands
with talons at their ends.
The figure, either made of
or simply dressed in
silvery metal, had its hands
After seeing these figures
coming out of the woods,
showing the universal sign
of surrender, the Suttons
did the only thing they
could do: try to kill their
As they shot at the
defenseless creatures with
rifles, they claim to have
heard clangs and ricochets
as if the aliens were
wearing some kind of metal
armor. They said the aliens
“flipped over and fled into
the darkness when shot
The Obvious Answer:
This is a sketch of one of
the aliens.
This is a great horned owl.
Look at the head of the
“creature” then look at the
head of the owl. Now, get
really, really drunk. We’re
talking “mid-1950s rural
Kentucky” drunk.
Ufologist Renaud Leclet
, “It could be a
misidentification of a pair of
Great horned owls, which
are nocturnal, fly silently,
have yellow eyes, and
aggressively defend their
Oh, and that sound of metal
clanging and ricochets
during the shooting? Get
drunk and shoot towards a
target in front of your tin
chicken coup.
So it’s either that, or there
may still be an interstellar
invasion force on the way
to retaliate.

The Most Mysterious Manuscript of All


The much-illustrated book
known as the Voynich
Manuscript (a.k.a. MS 408 in
the Yale Library) is very
old, nobody knows who
wrote it, and nobody knows
what it means. It could be
outsider art or a channeled
work or it could have deep
meanings, possibly
alchemical. It it has
fascinated and confounded
experts in many disciplines
for centuries – including
professional codebreakers.
Since its writing has yet to
be deciphered, those who
have perused it have
grouped its content
according to its
illustrations. These
artworks include botanical
drawings, astrological and
astronomical graphics
including charts, biological
works including miniature
nude females, nine
cosmological medallions,
some pharmaceutical art,
and some continuous text
pages with star-flowers
marking each entry (or
possible recipe).
One of its early, though not
earliest, owners was a
17th-century Prague
alchemist named Georg
Baresch, who was so
confused by it that he sent
off a copy to Jesuit
scholars for translation
work. After he died, the
Jesuits obtained it and
gave the original to the
Roman Jesuit University.
Later, Wilfrid M. Voynich
purchased it and gave it in
1969 to Yale University’s
Beinecke Rare Book and
Manuscript Library.
There are controversies
about various claimed early
owners, such as Emperor
Rudolph II of Bohemia, John
Dee, and others. There
were claims that it was the
work of Roger Bacon. The
stories told of its
provenance are not always
reliable, and there is
apparently a two-century
gap in its records.
A Mystery Clarified
The Voynich Manuscript,
made of animal skin, has
recently yielded up one
secret. It has been carbon-
dated to the early 1400s,
and is about a century
older than previously
Its owner, the Beinecke
library, allowed the
scientists to remove tiny
bits of four pages, used for
a carbon dating narrowing
down a time between 1404
and 1438 — more or less.
Dr. Greg Hodgkins, of the
University of Arizona’s
anthropology and physics
departments, notes that
since the four snipped
sections have the same
dating, earlier suggestions
that the manuscript was
added to at different dates
now seem unlikely. Ink
analysis by the McCrone
Institute in Chicago had
earlier indicated that the
ink was applied when the
parchment was relatively
This reduces the number of
possible explanations,
especially if attention is
paid to the encryption
techniques and science
skills native to the time
period the artifact was
created. Wilfrid Voynich can
be written off as its
creator, and forgery
becomes less likely.
Hodgkins notes that it is
either a alchemical text told
with pictures or something
that was created to be sold
as a valuable manuscript.
Professor Gonzalo Rubio, a
University of Pennsylvania
ancient languages
specialist, says that the
carbon-dating shows it is
not a forgery, and rules
out that it was created by
Roger Bacon, a polymath of
ththe 13 century. Rubio
finds the text strange,
since the “language” lacks
the usual grammatical
markers to be found in
Finnish, Hungarian or Indo-
European languages. Rubio
ventures the idea that the
Voynich Manuscript was
created for fun, and/or to
prank actual alchemical
Its word-style is odd, in
that it has very few words
exceeding ten
“letters” (glyphs), and
there are also scarcely any
words of one or two letters.
But that is only one of its
seemingly countless
mysteries. Even with
improved computer
techniques and advances in
linguistics assisting its
study, the Voynich
Manuscript is unlikely to
share all its secrets.