How To Sideload Android Apps In Windows 10 Phones


Before initiating, keep in mind that running APKS without permission of the developer is piracy and be wary of local laws.
Commence at your risk, as this process might cause damage to your phone.
Assembly of Supported Phones:
• Nokia Lumia 920
• Nokia Lumia 925
• Nokia Lumia 929 (icon)
• Nokia Lumia 830
• Nokia Lumia 930
• Nokia Lumia 1520
• Nokia Lumia 635 (1GB RAM variant)
• Nokia Lumia 730
• Nokia Lumia 820
• Nokia Lumia 435
• Nokia Lumia 928

If you own one of these phones, the process of installing apps is here:
Download Wconnect and Android SDK’s ADB tool.
• Unzip both of the files in a separate folder.
• Open the wconnect folder, then install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe.
• On your Windows 10 phone, Open Settings > Update & Security > For Developers and tap on ‘Developer’s Mode’ and also Device Discovery
• Go to the wconnect folder, then open an Administrator command prompt (Shift+right click > Open command window here).
• Connect your phone to your PC via microUSB cable.
• Now type in the command on command prompt ‘wconnect.exe USB’ and hit Enter.
• PC would ask for a pairing code which would be shown on the phone’s display and press Enter.
• On the command prompt, type ‘adb devices’ to see the list of devices connected to your PC.
• Copy the APK (Android Package Manager) file on the ADB folder and type ‘adb install APKNAME.apk’ (replace APKNAME with the apk file name. For e.g, whatsapp-1.0.1).
• Wait for the app to be installed on your Windows 10 phone. And Thats it.
Regards Elvo


How to Sideload Android apps on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1:


1) First, download XAP/APPX (Windows Package Manager) file of the app to be installed onto your PC. Here is how to do it:
• Open
• Choose the state in which you are currently, as many apps are location sensitive and are not available in every country.
• Sign into your Microsoft account.
• Search for the app you are looking to download in the Search Box.

• In search results click on the app and it will open the app page, scroll down and on the left sidebar you will find an option ‘Download and install manually’.• Click on the option and an XAP/APPX file would be downloaded.
• Connect your Windows Phone to your PC.
• Copy the XAP/APPX file you downloaded from your PC to your phone’s SD card.
• Disconnect your phone.
• Open up the menu and tap ‘install local apps’
• Tap on the checkboxes of the apps to tick mark them and tap ‘install’.
•That’s it. Your favorite apps are now installed on your phones.

Hot Android Pro and Premium Appications


1. Quick PDF Scanner Pro v4.3.455 (Paid version)
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7.S7 Galaxy Launcher Pro v1.0.2
8. SALE 360 Pro – effect & filter v2.0
9. Samsung TV Remote DLNA AdFree v4.5.5 build 2205 (paid)
10. ScanWritr PRO scan, PDF, fax v2.7.3
11. Screen Recorder FaceCam Pro v1.7.2
12. Screen Translator Plus v3.1
13. Self Camera HD (with Filters) Pro v3.0.12
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15. Side Apps Bar – Edge Sidebar+ v5.0.2
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17. Smart HDR_v1.0
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19. Smart NFC Pro v1.6
20. Soccer Scores Pro – FotMob v41.0.1139 (Paid Version)
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22. Speed Dial Pro v6.0.7
23. Stickers for Facebook_v1.0
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28. Titanium_Backup_PRO-
29. Transparent clock & weather Pro v0.91.01.05
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31. Ultra GPS Logger v3.120 (_ed)
32. Unicorn Adblocker for Samsung v1.4.8
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40. Memory Locker Premium



Here i decided to post some hot games for android users that are paid in playstore if you attempt to downlod them via playstore
1.Ram Manager Pro (For Android 2.1 to 4.4)
2.Auto Cache Cleaner
3.Titanium BackUp Pro (MoDaCo Plus)
4.Youtube Mini
5.PLDF Wifi Password Hacker
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7.Wps wpa tester premium v2.8.2 paid
8.Link for BIOS-Download/Extract and save BIOS to your Android SD.
ePSXe for Android – PlayStation Emulator – VER. 2.0.5 [Full/Unlocked+pâtched]
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Samsung Galaxy S5


Lauched alongside the Samsung Gear 2smartwatch and the Samsung Gear Fit, the new Galaxy phone from Samsung is set to go head to head with the likes of the HTC One(and the rumoured HTC M8) as well as the Sony Xperia Z2and Google Nexus 5.
Samsung Galaxy S5: Size & build
The Samsung Galaxy S5 design is exceedingly iterative, bordering on the conservative. It feels solid in the hand, more so than –say- the S3, and there’s no creaking when flexed.
Weighing in at 145g it’s no featherweight, but won’t ruin the cut of your suit trousers. Vital statistics are 142mm, 72.5mm and 8.1mm thick. A silver ribbed ribbon surround is plastic, not aluminium, and the textured back is almost leatherette without being that crass. There will be four colour variants, charcoal, blue, gold and white.
Samsung Galaxy S5: Features
The new Samsung S5 featureset is where things get interesting – like the S4 with its eye tracking, Samsung has worked hard to get some standout features into the S5. We’re talking an inbuilt Heart Rate monitor (more on that later), a fingerprint sensor linked up to a global PayPal deal, IP 67 water and dust resistance as well as a slew of other improvements covered in detail below.
The fingerprint scanner in particular has been widely rumoured, especially in the wake of Apple’s TouchID commitment on the iPhone 5s, and here is something similar for Android users.
The scanner is located under the home key, which Samsung have done an excellent job of making look completely standard. To set up, swipe 8 times to register each print, up to three prints can be registered. In our initial tests the angle was critical, so bear in mind which hand you’ll be using.
Samsung has struck a ‘global partnership’ deal with PayPal to provide payments via fingerprint reader verification in 26 markets. It’ll be interesting to see the details on the ground in terms of who and where this will be accepted, but at least eBay shopping is likely to be slightly more secure.
Samsung Galaxy S5: Battery
The Samsung S5 comes fitted with a 2800mAH battery, which should be good for a day’s data and talkage – obviously that’s something we’ll be testing out in full as soon as we can get our hands on a full review sample.
Samsung Galaxy S5: Camera
Samsung made a beeline for the high ground in their Unpacked event, stating that the Samsung Galaxy S5 16MP rear camera has the ‘strongest smartphone camera on the market’. This is based on a variety of new functions, such as 4K video recording, autofocus in up to 0.3 seconds, delivering ‘SLR levels of response’ according to Samsung. Next there’s real time HDR that delivers ‘striking image intensity’ and realtime response, as well as the ability to view a ‘live’ preview image.
Finally, there’s selective focus, where you can capture images and change focus later in three ways – near, far and pan. During our brief hands-on, the HDR functioned well, as did the selective focus, but we’ll need to test the S5 in a variety of situations to be definitive. The front camera is a respectable 2MP for your video calling and accurate selfie requirements.
Samsung Galaxy S5: S-Health 3.0
Samsung made a big noise over one of the standout elements of the S5, the Heart Rate monitor built into the back of the handset, next to the camera flash. Hold your finger on the camera and get a readout of your HR. Our test unit made us pretty chuffed, with a resting HR of 51, we’ll have to conduct some real world tests to make sure that’s accurate.
Samsung Galaxy S5: Performance
The usual caveats apply to our hands on time, being both short, sweet and under controlled conditions. However, with a Quad core Krait 2.5GHz chip and 2GB RAM under the hood this was never going to be slow.
Samsung promises that connectivity is first-class, offering 802.11ac with MIMO support, and booster tech using LTE + Wifi in parallel to speed downloads where possible. The S5 also offers Ultra power saving mode at the other end of the spectrum, which dips down to very low power (black and white display, etc) to spin out more battery life when activated.