Lumify X9 LED Torch,Simply More Than The Best Ever!!


lumify x9
If you’ve been on the internet in the
12months, you would of 100% of seen an
ad for the infamous – Lumify X9 .
It’s been super popular across the world.
The Top #1 Selling ‘Tactical Flashlight’ in
2015 and 2016.
Stock is also “selling out fast” in the lead
up to the December Christmas holidays.
But Why Is Lumify Still The
Bestselling In The World?
Well, a number of reasons:
1) It’s the cheapest, compared to it’s same
class competitors – Only $49 vs $116.99
2) It’s Massively Discounted Online – Up to
75% Off Retail Price, on official sale sites
like this one here.
3) It’s simply the best tactical flashlight, in
it’s class @ 800 lumens.
What Can You Use It For?
“The truth is, most people underestimate
the importance of owning a great flashlight.
These days, power outages are becoming
more common in heavy storms – it’s more
important than ever to have the right gear
and be ready for a blackout.”
Tactical Flashlights aren’t like average
home flashlights:
Lumify’s Tactical Flashlight is built for
rugged use, high performance and
It’s super bright LED technology, shoots
powerful white light hundreds and hundreds
of meters away.
They have settings like: Beckon/ Strobe,
High Focus, High Beam and SOS – alerting
with Super Bright Strobe, focusing on
something far away or emergency signaling
for help.
The case is built from hardened aluminum.
It is light weight, but strong enough
material to last any lifestyle in any
Why The Low, Low Price?
Up until recently ‘Tactical Flashlights’ –
haven’t been available for purchase by the
An online company got a large surplus
amount of excess stock.
They began selling them to the public at
affordable, discount prices ($49/ea).
Before then these Tactical flashlights were
only available at nearly $300 each!
However, rumor says that the stock is
quickly running out due to huge popularity.
Once it’s sold out, they’re does appear to
be anymore…
Based on value and quality – yes. There are
brighter lights of course, but they start at
$249+. This is a bargain of a deal, based
on it’s performance.