Kenyan Driver Jaspreet Chatthe On Form In A.R.C And K.N.R.C


KNRCJaspreet Singh Chatthe Is Trully “On Form” With Navigator Craig Thorley And Gugu Panesar As He Leads The African Rally Championship And The Kenya Rally Championship 2015,Jassi Seized ARC Top Position After Winning The Zambian Intl Rally And Topped The Table; With Top Speedy Driving And Accurate Turns He Has Emerged Victorious And Very Promising. All The Best To The Team Kiboss Flag Bearer In This And Upcoming Seasons
1. Jassi Chatthe 50
2. jassy Singh 36
3. Muna Singh Jnr 30
4. Gary Chaynes 25
1. Craig Thorley 50
2. Sajid Khan 36
3. Adrian Sutherland 30
4. David Israel 25


Zambia Internation Rally
Provisional Results are:
1. Jaspreet Jassi Chatthe/ Craig Thorley
(Kenya) Mitsubishi Evo10 2:40:13
2. Jassy Singh / Sajid Khan (Zambia) Subaru
Impreza N16 2:44:27
3. Mohamed Essa Mohammed / Gareth Dawe
(Zambia/Kenya) Subaru Impreza N16 2:43:46
4. Muna Singh Jnr / Adrian Sutherland
(Zambia) Subaru Impreza N10 2:47:53
5. Miles Monge / Crawford Mwinga (Zambia)
Subaru Impreza N12 2:51:42
6. Jurgen Sauter / Rudi Sauter (Zambia)
Subaru Impreza N5 2:51:42
jaspreet chatthe
jaspreet chatthe
jassi chatthe


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