Habits Of A GentleMan

1. Opening doors
2. Saving the last bite of food
3. Spending time with your family
4. Suffering through a girly movie
5. Sending flowers
6. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk
7. Kissing your forehead
8. Filling up your gas tank
9. Putting your jacket on
In a world filled with late-night booty calls,
infidelity and a general “hit it and split it”
mentality, it’s easy to become jaded by
today’s dating scene.
As women, we brace ourselves for the worst,
proceeding with extreme caution during the
first few months, for fear of falling victim to
the aforementioned debauchery in which so
many men partake.
It’s a welcome relief, then, when we stumble
upon those few true gentlemen. They exude
chivalry with even their smallest actions, and
remind us that there are still good ones out
It doesn’t take a grand gesture or costly
display of affection to win a girl over. Often, it
just takes a little sincerity and display of
genuine romantic interest.
Despite popular opinion, chivalry is not dead
— here are 9 everyday gestures of men that
prove it:
A guy who takes the time to come around and
open the car door for you is a keeper, not to
mention a commodity this winter.
With certain states getting up to five inches of
snow an hour, do you want to be left standing
outside in a blizzard while your date gets nice
and toasty in the driver’s seat?
Recognize and appreciate a guy who puts your
comfort and well-being first, even if it’s just
for a few extra seconds.
They say the way to a man’s heart is through
his stomach. So, when he saves the last bite
for you, it’s basically him saying he likes you
more than whatever meal is in front of him.
Which, for the record, is a lot.
A guy who shows an interest in your baby
photos, coaches your little brother on how to
throw a football and compliments your
mother’s cooking is a guy who’s in it for the
long haul. These are small gestures, but they
speak volumes about his intentions.
When a man volunteers to endure a girly show
or movie because he knows you’ll enjoy it, he
earns major bonus points. (Even more if he
does so without complaining or expecting
something in return.)
I’m not talking about the $100 bouquet you
get on Valentine’s Day. I’m talking about the
grocery store assortment he picked up on a
random Tuesday while thinking of you. There’s
just something about unexpected flowers that
makes a girl smile.
The first time someone does this, you will
probably be confused. But then you’ll start to
question how come other men in your life have
never been concerned about positioning
themselves in such a way that you’d be
protected should curbside tragedy strike.
It’s not a must, but it’s certainly nice to have.
Sure, if you’re hoping to date someone and
he does this, it can be a dreaded sign of
sibling-like affection.
But, if you’re in a long-term relationship and
your guy does this, it’s a small gesture that
can make you feel adored.
Much like walking on the outside of a
sidewalk, this gesture will probably surprise
you the first time it’s performed.
It’s indicative of a man who was raised right
and is generally courteous, which is always a
welcome surprise.
Women are fully capable of putting their own
jackets on, but it’s not a question of ability.
It’s gentlemanly and kind for someone to hold
out your jacket for you or offer you theirs when
it’s cold.
These are little ways men show they care, the
same way women have instincts to nurture
and protect loved ones.


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