Mandela Vs Robert Mugabe

In brief, below is my final findings about
the two world celebrities and African
statesman, Nelson Mandela and Robert
President Robert Mugabe
Has been the President of Zimbabwe since
1980. He won the hearts of many after he
worked tirelessly to see a peaceful
atmosphere and good relations between
black and white Zimbabweans. All hell
broke loose in the early 80s when the so
called Gukurahundi Massacre swept over
the Matebeleland and Midlands Provinces
claiming nearly 20 000 lives. The
Massacre was reportedly carried out by
the North Korean 5th Brigade and
President Mugabe discribed the Massacre
as a moment of Madness. However the so
called democratic powerhouses went
silent on the matter. The massacre was
described by analyst as a sign continued
rift between the Ndebele and Shona
A darling of Britain and the world,
President Mugabe was envied by many,
receiving doctorate after doctorates from
learning institutions around the world. A
peace loving man, pan-Africanist and
revolutionary, President appeased the
people from the Matebeleland region by
signing the Unity accord with Joshua
Nkomo of PF Zapu, who then became
Vice President. Schools were built, roads
improved and over 200 000 people were
resettled on formerly white owned farms
by 1990.
President Mugabe’s continued political
dominance remained with little
competition from opposition parties up
until 1996. Relations with whites started
to sour with most of the democratic
champions fuming over the emergence of
human rights abuses with Mugabe saying
gays were worse than pigs. President
Mugabe remained a hero, mainly in rural
Zimbabwe as the urban populace were
smelling democracy from neighbouring
South Africa. Trouble erupted when
Britain refused to hounor its pledge of
funding the Land Reform Programme.
Black Zimbabweans who lived in dire
poverty and farmed on unfertile land were
protesting against over 4000 white
minority farmers who occupied vast
pieces of lands.
With an economic meltdown, President
Mugabe was loosing popularity after he
send troops to DRC to support freind
President Kabila. With the emergence of
the Democrats, in the likes of Prime
Minister Morgan Tsvangirayi, who won
the hearts of the urban populace,
President Mugabe was left with no choice,
he declared the fast track Land Reform
Programe in 2000. This strained relations
between Zimbabwe and the West. violence
and human rights abuses was now the
norm of the day with Zimbabwean
cricketers wearing black arm bands in
protest during the World Cup.
Although the Land Reform programe has
benefited poor black Zimbabweans, it has
reduced Zimbabwe from being the bread
basket of Africa to a constant beggar
riddled with poverty and corruption.
President Mugabe is now the pioneer of
racism, labelling colonialist at an chance
given. His Zanu-PF party is being held
responsible for the death of over 300
MDC supporters in the 2008 general
elections. President is gradually loosing
respected from global citizens, most of
whom refering him as a dictator. But
Zanu-PF functionaries and Non-Aligned
Movement leaders still believe President
Mugabe is an examplary leader who has
not bowed to Western sponsored anti-
African democratic practises.
@89 he owns vast businesses and
several farms, a presidential scholarship
programe and so many other
programmes which can match him to a
philanthropist. He will square off with PM
Morgan Tsvangirai in the next
harmonised elections.
On the contrary, his former South African
counterpart Nelson Mandela has a
different rating on the global arena. He is
reffered to as the father of democracy in
Mandela took over the South African after
fighting the Aparthaid regime in 1994. He
championed democracy, reconciliation
and peace till he stepped down just after
serving a single term. He worked on
democratic but people oriented
programmes. From economic to political
matters, Mandela made sure that every
South African was a benefactor. He was a
catalyst in world affairs, from Mummur
Gadafi to Canan Banana.
Having received over 250 awards, charity
organisations set after his name, a world
icon, Mandela was critised for letting
down mostly poverty stricken black South
Africans to appease white South Africans
and West Emprealists.
With most black Zimbabweans farming on
fertile land, some owning businesses and
holding major boardroom post as a result
of the much hated Mugabe’s polices.
Lastly, I want to wish Papa Nelson
Mandela a quick recovery. .


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