FACTS rumoured about Paul Kobia, the self confessed Fidel Odinga KILLER

Facts about Kobia you did not know;
-Paul kobia alias paul illunga Ngoei
Also called Prezdaa, was born in 27 feb
-He was a priest in Tanzania, has a wife
and four children .
–He accompanied Uhuru to the Hague
-Takes care of 10 children in university ,
and 40 in primary and secondary.
Sonko, Jaguar are his friends .
-He has a missing finger on his left
hand , ”Rumor has it that it was
chopped off by a rival business man”.
-He is a billionaire .
-Has 4 licensed guns – one a browning
Pistol M 5353 serial Number 480921 .

Col Paul kobia kenyatta,
12:27 PM – 14 Dec 2014
paul kobia
@PaulKobia Follow
-He killed a man by shooting him in
parklands limuru road – his name
Wanjohi Mugwanja 31yrs
-Geoffrey Thuku Kobia is his Son- Only
25 yrs of Age, Run for Nairobi Governor
seat , and gunnered 5,314 votes . under
jubilee coalition.
He was named by UN as a smuggler of
Gold from Congo.
-Loves young models .
-Got taste for designer wear.
_ He got mixed up in politics of
intimidation leading to his beating by
the elite trained bodyguards of former
Prime minister Raila odinga.when he
came too close to the PM.
-He claims to be a very close friend to
President Uhuru Kenyatta


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