Israel-Palestine Conflict Part 3

*.It does not recognise Israel as a Jewish State
*.It maintains that Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank are Palestinian Territories
*.It maintains that East Jerusalemis the capital of the future Palestinian State
*.It maintains that no Israeli should be living in Palestine
All four of these positions are currently totally unacceptable to the Israeli leadership. For example:
“The Jewish people have been in existence for 4,000 years. Why do we not deserve recognition?” [Binyamin Netanyahu, 2013]
“Jerusalem is the indivisible capital of Israel” [Binyamin Netanyahu, 2013]
But even more significantly, any sub-division of the land covenanted to the nation of Israel by God goes against God’s will. Who’s land is it really? It belongs to the God of Israel – it is His land:
“I will enter into judgment with them … (because) they have divided up My land” (Joel 3.2)
The Future – a Biblical View
We have tried to ascertain how the Palestinian problem arose. Our brief analysis suggests it has been fuelled partly by a combination of so-called Zionism (returning Jews with a vision for Zion or Jerusalem), and repeated Arab refusal to recognise Israel and to accept both an Arab state and an Israeli state. But deeper analysissuggests that the root cause of the conflict with Israel is less of an Arab-Israeli conflict, and more of a conflict with the ideology of political Islam. It can be argued that, in general, the Bible does not support the idea of long-term Arab aggression against Israel – in fact God blesses the emergence of the Arab nations (Gen 17.19-21). But, as Islam took over these nations from the 7th century, aspiritual battle between truth and errorhas emerged, with the Arab nations being used as a vehicle for practical expression of this battle.
We have also seen that what the media describes as ‘occupied land’, cannot be described as occupied from a legal point of view.
Now let’s summarise the big picture as described in the Bible (see Israelfor a fuller explanation):
*.God promised by covenant that He would give all the land of Canaan (modern Israel) to Abraham and his descendents. This was ‘forever’. (Gen 17.7,8)
*.The covenant was established through Isaac and not through Ishmael. So the Jews are the true descendents of Abraham in the covenant sense and they keep this covenant through circumcision. (Gen 17.10,20,21)
*.The covenant people (national Israel – the twelve tribes) have been chosen by God to be His witnesses and servant in the world. They are a special people through whom God will make a name for Himself. (Isa 43.1,10)(2 Sam 7.23)
*.Through this people all the nations of the earth will be blessed – a reference to the Messiah, Jesus. (Gen 22.18)(Acts 3.25)
*.In the last days God will take scattered Israel (the 12 tribes) from among the nations and bring them into their own land. (Jer 30.3)(Ezek 37.21)(Zech 8.7,8)
*.Most of Israel returns in unbelief in that they do not acknowledge Jesus as Saviour and Lord, but God will speak to them. (Zech 12.10-14) (Rom 11.26,27)
*.When Israel returns, the land itself will be blessed and become more fruitfull. (Isa 35.1,2)(Ezek 36.8-12)
*.Close to the end of this age, Israel will experience a brief time of false peace (Dan 9.27), and then severe persecution from the end-time world ruler. (Jer 30.7)(Mat 24.15-25)
*.At the very end of this age, just prior to the Second Coming of Christ, all nations will gather against Jerusalem for war. (Zech 14.2)
*.The remnant of Israel that survives these attacks come through into the millennial reign of Christ. (Zech 13.8,9)
*.During the millennium the whole world will live in peace and security as Christ rules from Zion (Jerusalem), and the world acknowledges Israel as God’s servant and witness. (Zech 8.22,23)(Zech 14.9-21)
Observation of the world scene confirms the biblical picture. Israel is indeed returning, the land is indeed being blessed, and the nations are surely raging against her (see also Reality).
What of the Palestinians?
The Bible instructs the people of Israel how they should treat foreigners (non-Jews). Old Testament Israel was commanded to love foreigners and to let them live normal lives amongst them (Deut 10.19):
“When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall do him no wrong … (he) … shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself …” (Lev 19.33,34)
This instruction is timeless and applies to future Israel. Once Israel has returned to her land, the land is divided up amongst the tribes of Israel and the stranger amongst them is also ‘allotted an inheritance’:


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