Ford Fiesta R5

M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta R5, the company is pleased to confirm that the project is nearing
completion. With the all-
new Fiesta due for public unveiling in January,M- Sport is seeing considerable interest with the first saleable model due to roll out of the workshop in April.
M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta R5
nears completion
Despite harnessing the
same expertise that
launched the current crop of globally successful Ford
Fiesta rally cars, the
Fiesta R5 is in effect a
completely new model. With 90 per cent of the Fiesta R5 differing from its RRC and RS WRC counterparts,
the latest addition to
Ford’s ‘Ladder of
Opportunity’ will include a new transmission
developed in conjunction
with Sadev and a new
engine – with a 32mm
restrictor – developed in-house by M-Sport’s
Based on the 1.6 turbo
Ford Fiesta ST road car,
the Fiesta R5 will also
boast a newly developed roll cage, fuel tank and electronics, not to mention
a revised aero package to comply with R5 regulations.
In an aim to reduce costs for the customer, the car has been designed with
ease of use in mind and
M-Sport has developed a new generation of rally car which can be easily managed and maintained by teams around the globe.
The Fiesta R5 provides
the perfect transition from 2WD to 4WD competition and is the ideal model for those competitors who are
keen to progress. With
deposits already being
placed for the first batch of Fiesta R5s, those wishing to receive more
information should
register their interest with M-Sport’s Customer Liaison Manager, Richard
Millener (
M-Sport Managing
Director, Malcolm Wilson
OBE, said:
“Our engineering
department is working
flat-out developing the
[Ford] Fiesta R5 and the
first car is due to be
tested in the coming
weeks. We have had a lot
of interest in this model
and it is set to be one of
the most popular rally
cars in the Fiesta family.
Needless to say we are all looking forward to
launching the [Fiesta] R5 in January.”


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