KCB Rally 2013 Videos


2013 KCB KILIFI Rally Part 1
2013 KCB KILIFI Rally Part 2
2013 KCB GURU NANAK Rally Part 1
2013 KCB GURU NANAK Rally Part 2
2013 KCB Safari Part 1
2013 KCB Safari Part 2
2013 KCB Safari Part 3
2013 KCB Kajiado Rally Round 1 Part 1
2013 KCB Kajiado Rally Round 1 Part 2
2013 KCB Voi Rally Part 1
2013 KCB Voi Rally Part 2
2013 KCB Nyeri Rally Part 1
2013 KCB Nyeri Rally Part 2
2013 KCB Nakuru Rally KNRC Part 1
2013 KCB Nakuru Rally KNRC Part 2

2012 KCB Rally Videos


2012 S & L Mortgages Rally – Part 1
2012 S & L Mortgages Rally – Part 2
2012 S & L Mortgages Rally – Part 3
2012 S & L Mortgages Rally – Part 4
2012 KCB Safari rally Part 1
2012 KCB Safari rally Part 2
2012 KCB Safari rally Part 3
2012 KCB Safari rally Part 4
2012 KCB Safari rally Part 5
2012 KCB Mobile Banking Rally – Part 1
2012 KCB Mobile Banking Rally – Part 2
2012 KCB Mobile Banking Rally – Part 3
2012 KCB Mobile Banking Rally – Part 4
2012 KCB Biashara Banking Rally – Part 1
2012 KCB Biashara Banking Rally – Part 2
2012 KCB Biashara Banking Rally – Part 3
2012 KCB Biashara Banking Rally – Part 4
2012 KCB Biashara Banking Rally – Part 5
2012 KCB Micro Banking Rally KNRC 1 – Part 1
2012 KCB Micro Banking Rally KNRC 1 – Part 2
2012 KCB Micro Banking Rally KNRC 1 – Part 3
2012 KCB Micro Banking Rally KNRC 1 – Part 4
2012 KCB Micro Banking Rally KNRC 1 – Part 5

KCB Nakuru Rally 2014 Map Itienary

KCB Nakuru Rally:
Map & Itinenary:
Spectator Stage 4/8:This is 1.9km spectator stage which will run along the the slip road off Kamwosor primary school grounds. Spectator stage will be centered around Kinwogo forest region aprox.
5km from Service Park located 40km from Eldama Ravine/Nyaru road.Rally will be flagged off outside KCB Branch in Eldama Ravine.
Rest of Rally Stages: Park & Walk. Road closed to public 2 hours before the first car.Traffic police manning the the roads and ensuring the passage is clear for rally cars. FOR MORE DETAILS CALL ME 254 703 164 165KCB Nakuru Rally 2014 Map

Court Nullifies Election Of Nairobi’s Governor Evans Kidero


NAIROBI, Kenya May 13 – Evans Kidero was on Tuesday kicked out as Governor of Nairobi by the Court of Appeal, following a petition filed by former assistant minister Ferdinand Waititu.
Appeal judges GBM Kariuki and Patrick Kiage in a majority ruling declared that both Kidero and his Deputy Jonathan Mueke were not validly elected during the March 4, 2013 General Election.
Justice Mohamed Warsame however dissented.
Kiage dismissed an initial ruling by the High Court and ordered that Kidero pay the costs incurred by Waititu during the appeal.
“The judgement and decree of the High Court given on September 10 is set aside in entirety and hold that the appellants appeal is meritorious and it is upheld.”
“Therefore it is declared that Evans Odhiambo Kidero the 4th respondent herein and his Deputy Jonathan Mueke the 5th respondent were not validly elected on March 4, 2013 as Nairobi Governor and Deputy Governor respectively.”
“The 1 to 5th respondents shall pay the appellants costs in this appeal and of the High Court petition and the 4th and 5th respondents cross petition is dismissed with costs to the appellant,” Kiage ruled.
Kiage said that High Court judge Richard Mwongo failed to order a recount of the votes and further shut out part of the evidence that was given by Waititu’s lawyers during their petition.
“The courts should not condone the absence of evidence as it gives its ruling,” Kiage added.
However Justice Warsame was of a differing opinion saying that Waititu did not provide enough evidence to back his allegations.
“The difference in number of votes between the two was about 70,000. The appellant fails to show how the respondent could have managed to steal by such a large margin.”
“Conduct of the appellant portrays that this is a case of guess work,” Warsame said.
The Court of Appeal judge further termed Waititu as an overzealous son of Embakasi adding that his petition was not precise and contained a lot of material that was unnecessary.
Following the ruling, an elated Waititu said that he was content with the court’s decision promising that he and his team were ready to take on the task in leadership of the county.
“I thank the Judiciary for standing firm to the truth. The Nairobi Governor’s election was stolen and they have upheld that.” “I promise to work with Nairobians… I will work with everybody; I will make sure that I work with the whole of CORD so that Nairobi can be one.”
“I will make sure I unite the county without a doubt and I know that when elections come, Baba Yao will be there, Baba Yao is still there.” “I thank God that for the past one year and I few months that I have been fighting this battle. I have stayed firm and I cannot be paid to sell the right by the people of Nairobi to have me as their Governor,” an excited Waititu said.
Kidero’s election was first contested last March by Waititu who alleged that it was marred by malpractices.
However this petition was thrown out by the High Court last September only for Waititu to move to the Court of Appeal.READ Court upholds Kidero’s election as governor
Justice Mwongo who made the initial ruling stated that discrepancies noted by the petitioner in Form 36 during the election were not sufficient to render Kidero’s election null and void.
“Irregularities and non-compliance with the law had no substantial effect in the outcome of the election. In a sense, the case was not made by the petitioner. In the light of the determinations I have made, I hereby dismiss the petition and decline all the prayers sort by the petitioner,” he said.
Waititu’s participation in an eventual by-election is however uncertain since the High Court has already declared him unfit to hold public office.
Justice Mumbi Ngugi barred him from being appointed as chairman of the Athi Water Services Board over integrity concerns

Mothers Day Messages

My mom is a spontaneous song of my heart of happiness, comfort and being. I may sometime forget the words but always remember the tune.
No other gift in the world will be more special than the gift of mother. I am really too glad to have you. Love you lots mom. Wish you a happy Mother’s Day.
Mommy’s smiles brighten my sad moment, Mommy’s hugs give joy all through the day, Mom’s love give me support. You are best of all of mine. Wish you a lovely Mother’s Day.
I might have never ever said thank you for all that you did for me. You brought me into this world, taught me how to walk, protected me from harm, motivated me to take decisions on my own, supported me whenever I stumbled and most importantly picked me up whenever I fell. So I am taking this day as an opportunity to thank you. Thank you so much Mom!Happy Mother’s day 2014!
Mom You’ve given me so much, Love from your heart and the warmth of your touch. The gift of life and you’re a friend to me. We have a very Special Bond, which only comes from God…I’m sure you agree. As a child I would say Mommy I Love You,
Happy Mother’s Day, I love you i hope you have fun. i love you so much. you are the best.you are the music in me. thank-you for being there for me i love you. happy mother’s day mother. Did you know you are every thing to me, princess, king, mom, mother, brother, sister, you are every thing to me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THAT I KEEP ON REPEATING IT OVER AND OVER. I LOVE YOU.
My mummy
Everyone’s Mother
Learnt love from you
when required you hugged me and loved me.
Your ears always listened the voice of my heart
You always realized and gave me your shoulder to weep and to laugh
Caught me by hands when I was falling
Oh!mother you are great next to Almighty
but for me you are in deep corner of my heart.

8 Attraction Things Women Expect That Men Don’t Know


SECRET 1: Know What You Want
Too many guys suffer from the problem of having to “take what they can get.” Women tend to get a lot of suitors coming their way, so they can be a little bit more picky.
When you know what you’re looking for in a partner, you’re not only screening potential candidates, but you’re making a very powerful statement as well.
You’re showing that you’re not desperate. That you are the one with the power because you are doing the judging. And when you’re the one with the power, you’re the one who must be pursued.
SECRET 2: Be The Prize
Being the one pursued means that you have a certain amount of value to others. They want you, for some reason, and it’s now their job to try and get you.
In order for this to happen, you must place a certain value on yourself. You must feel like you are worthy to be pursued by others, and you must communicate this fact with your actions and attitude.
Girls get lots of guys trying to impress them. But it’s the rare guy they want to impress who winds up with them.
SECRET 3: Dress To Impress
Women place a lot of importance on how they look. It’s for this reason that many of them get the male attention they do.
Women understand that what you wear helps to get others to notice you. In fact, because women are so in-tune with fashion, they really tend to notice how a guy dresses.
A man who understands how to cultivate his own appearance and look good will get a lot of attention from women, not just because he looks nice, but because he’s communicating he understands how important appearance is to them.
SECRET 4: Smell Fantastic
All too often, men ignore the sense of smell. They don’t bother to put on cologne or after-shave. But women know that if you’re going to attract someone, you need to appeal to all the senses.
Think about the perfumes women wear that drive you wild and you’ll know just how important smelling good can be.
Wearing a good cologne around a woman can do wonders to make her aroused in your presence.
SECRET 5: Be Interesting
Despite all the physical traits involved in attraction, having nothing but good looks can wear thin quickly. This is why it’s important to be interesting.
Being interesting equates to having something to talk about that the person you are trying to attract can relate to.
Being up to date on current events, pop culture, music, gossip, and any number of things can help a woman feel interested in spending time with you.
But in addition to knowing what to talk about, you also have to be able to LISTEN and let the other person relate to you. After all, nothing is more interesting than someone who is interested in you.
SECRET 6: Do What’s Unexpected
Doing what is not expected of you can create an air of excitement and uncertainty around you. It keeps people on their feet and attentive when around you.
Of course, you shouldn’t be comical when doing the unexpected, such as suddenly shouting out a curse word or something ridiculous like that.
Instead, you have to play against expectations. For instance, instead of complimenting a girl on her looks, compliment her on her intelligence. She probably does not get a lot of compliments like that, and it will make you stand out.
Taking her out on a creative date, instead of your typical dinner-and-a-movie is unexpected as well.
When you do what’s not expected of you, you keep excitement alive.
SECRET 7: Be Hot And Cold
Emotions are what must be stimulated to make attraction work. Without emotion, attraction is impossible.
But too much of one emotion is just as bad as a lack of emotion. Feeling good all the time or feeling bad all the time causes us to stray from the person we are with.
When you alternate between hot and cold emotions, you create an emotional roller coaster that keeps things interesting and your partner interested.
Women do this all the time. They will act very interested and attracted to you, and make you feel good. Then, they’ll act like you’re not there and ignore you, and make you feel bad.
This constant alternation of good and bad feelings keeps their partner invested in them. And men can do this too.
SECRET 8: Play Hard To Get
No one ever appreciates that which comes easily to them. Women know this better than anyone. If they are “too easy,” chances are the guy will leave them after they’ve had their conquest.
The idea of playing hard to get makes the pursuer emotionally invest themselves in the outcome of their hunt.
By making a woman work for your affections, you are getting her to commit to wanting to be with you.

Cruel Things Women Hate


1. Having the biggest ego:
Ever wondered why men hate taking directions and prefer hunting out the place on their own, even if it means 2 hours delay and waste of gas. Well, the answer is the big ego they walk around with. This was the pettiest exemplar of a man’s ego, which gets hurt at the drop of the hat and needs a massage whenever possible.
2. Living with a ‘selective memory’:
They’ll not only remember the name of every cricketer and football player on the planet but will also know their scores by heart. But, the moment the deal is about remembering birthdays and anniversaries of people close to them, their brain suffers an ailment called ‘selective memory syndrome’.
3. Ogling (read at breasts):
‘Men do stare at women’s breasts’ has been stamped as official by a world wide survey. But how we wish they knew that their drooling at the sight of a well endowed woman is cruel not only to the victim of that gaze, but also to the woman sitting beside them. Yes, they don’t miss any chance, even if it is when they are on a date!
4. Being overtly possessive:
Where in the world did men get that insecurity from? (Their mother? )They blame women for being jealous but a mere mention of another man from their girl can turn them into an ever clinging magnet.
5. Taking pride in their hypocrisy:
Men can’t get more cruel than this! They love hanging around with the coolest and sexiest babe in the town, but when it comes to meeting mom, it’s a ‘homely’ girl they start hunting for. You loved her dressing style and carefree attitude when she came for night-outs with you, what’s with that marriage material hunt now?
6. Showing extra care:
How does it feel to take his ‘where-about’ calls every 15 minutes after you step out of the home? The care in that gesture goes out of the window and irritation takes charge. Don’t they realise that we lived safe, sound and perfectly well in this world before they came into our lives. Hope someone is listening.
7. Throwing their ‘superman’ self everywhere:
Yes, it feels nice when men are around for some help. However, their ‘I-can-do-everything-under-the-sun’ attitude does more harm than good, especially when they think themselves to be exalted beings – a plumber, electrician, carpenter and a financial adviser all rolled into one.
8. Consider emotions to be crap:
Women might be emotional but having a constant practical point of view, like men doesn’t, score well always. Men will become better beings for sure, if they stop making fun of sentiments and ignoring them as useless.
9. Being the friend worshippers:
It is very torturing for women when men don’t learn to priorities their life post marriage. They blame her for being a clinging vine when she asks for his time, but how sane is it to have a bunch of friends in the backseat on a long-drive, which was planned to be a romantic one?
10. Being the sex monster:
Undoubtedly, women love zest in bed, but it’s very cruel of men to demand their partners to play the porn star they saw in that flick last night. It’s better to let her be herself in a sexapade rather than putting her in an uncomfy situation and then blaming her for being non-cooperative.

What Women Like To Hear


I love you
Even though you have said it in every possible way – women place much more importance to these three magical words. So, make sure you say it at the right place and the right time, but when she is least expecting it. Wondering why? Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially if you are in a committed relationship, make sure you say it even more often.
I am lucky to have you
Tell her that she is the only one for you. If not her, you would probably have still been single. Women love to be with men who are amiable and there is no better way to tell her that you are a true gentleman than to thank her for being the person that she is. Tell her that your life is beautiful only because she is a part of it. Don’t be surprised if you find her blushing
You are my dearest pal
Want to assure her that you are the kind of man who’s not just with her for her glam looks and her hourglass figure? Well, then all you need to do is to tell her that she is not just the love of your life, but also your dearest friend. Try to establish a connection beyond your sexual interest in her. This is sure to give her ego the much required boost and score you brownie points
What do you think about ………….?
Ask for her opinion – whether it is about buying a new car or simply about what you should wear to office. By doing this, you are not just asserting that her opinion is important to you, but also that you respect her views. And if you are still in doubt, just remember that women love to express their views on whatever it may be – so let her speak for longer than you may want to hear and let her be the diva who knows it all
Will you spend your life with me?
Most women tend to be ultra sensitive and by saying this you are bound to play music on the chords of her heart. You will also affirm to her that you are not just playing around with her, but are actually looking forward to spending your entire life with her. Tell her how incomplete your life would be without her and that she has now become an indispensable part of your existence. Don’t be surprised if you find her smiling for days!
You’ll make a great mother
Most women look forward to having kids, but also tend to doubt themselves when it comes to being a good mother. Saying this is bound to put her on cloud nine – particularly when her man thinks she has all that it takes to be a nurturing mother. In a way, you’ll also be assuring her of your commitment and that you would like to bring up your kids with her. Ritu Jaiswal, 27, who got married a year ago, confesses, “It was my husband who made me comfortable with the idea of parenthood. I was always scared of having kids, but he made me feel at ease by assuring me that I’ll be a good mother and will do an excellent job as a parent. I am now expecting my first child.”
You are great in bed
This is sure to make her feel like a sex goddess and sweep away all the inhibitions she had about her performance between the sheets. Praising her performance in bed and telling her that she is simply irresistible, is sure to set the momentum for a sizzling act later. The more you elevate and understand her sexuality, the more willing she will be to explore her wildest fantasies.
Don’t just be grateful for every little effort that she puts to turn you on – say it aloud!
You are the first woman in my life
Saying this would certainly assure your girl that you are a ‘one woman man’ and that you don’t keep hopping from one girlfriend to another. This is bound to put her on a pedestal and it will prove to be effective particularly in a long-term relationship. Be careful not to flatter her. Say this only when you mean it so that she never questions your loyalty
You look gorgeous!
If one could list down three things that women can’t live without – they would probably be – good food, a wardrobe to die for and hearty compliments. So, don’t be stingy when it comes to wooing her with a shower of compliments. The more you give, the more you are likely to get in return. Say all that she has been dying to hear – whether it is about her looks, her attire, her figure, professionalism at work or her culinary skills. Anudita Mishra, 34, a homemaker says, “I love to be showered with compliments as I think most women do. It gives my ego a boost when my hubby says, ‘This dress suits you’, or something like – ‘You look prettier than any of those ladies I know’ or saying, ‘I wonder how you look so sexy even in your 30s!’ It just makes me feel good about myself.’

Ford Fiesta R5


M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta R5, the company is pleased to confirm that the project is nearing
completion. With the all-
new Fiesta due for public unveiling in January,M- Sport is seeing considerable interest with the first saleable model due to roll out of the workshop in April.
M-Sport’s Ford Fiesta R5
nears completion
Despite harnessing the
same expertise that
launched the current crop of globally successful Ford
Fiesta rally cars, the
Fiesta R5 is in effect a
completely new model. With 90 per cent of the Fiesta R5 differing from its RRC and RS WRC counterparts,
the latest addition to
Ford’s ‘Ladder of
Opportunity’ will include a new transmission
developed in conjunction
with Sadev and a new
engine – with a 32mm
restrictor – developed in-house by M-Sport’s
Based on the 1.6 turbo
Ford Fiesta ST road car,
the Fiesta R5 will also
boast a newly developed roll cage, fuel tank and electronics, not to mention
a revised aero package to comply with R5 regulations.
In an aim to reduce costs for the customer, the car has been designed with
ease of use in mind and
M-Sport has developed a new generation of rally car which can be easily managed and maintained by teams around the globe.
The Fiesta R5 provides
the perfect transition from 2WD to 4WD competition and is the ideal model for those competitors who are
keen to progress. With
deposits already being
placed for the first batch of Fiesta R5s, those wishing to receive more
information should
register their interest with M-Sport’s Customer Liaison Manager, Richard
Millener (
M-Sport Managing
Director, Malcolm Wilson
OBE, said:
“Our engineering
department is working
flat-out developing the
[Ford] Fiesta R5 and the
first car is due to be
tested in the coming
weeks. We have had a lot
of interest in this model
and it is set to be one of
the most popular rally
cars in the Fiesta family.
Needless to say we are all looking forward to
launching the [Fiesta] R5 in January.”

Worlds Most Expensive Car? A Racing Beast!


And you thought the Bugatti Veyron was expensive car,well number is staggering so we will write it out. $ 52,000,000. Who sold their soul to the devil to buy this, you ask? Well, the name isn’t released but.This 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO,while making the Veyron look like a Yugo, reportedly
sold for $52 million. That they did just acquire 1 of just 39 GTOs made in 1963,
specifically for GT racing. Largely considered the
most prized of all Ferraris, this particular GTO took first place in the 1963 Tour de France road race. And
with this sale, it becomes the most expensive automobile. Original sticker price, by the way, was about $18,000 and required approval by no other than Enzo Ferrari