Love Letters For Him And Her

If I will say “ I love you” will you believe me? I hope not, because love its not meant to be spoken but to be proven.
And if I will whisper you thousands of words will you listen me? I hope so, because in them you will find a thousands reasons to love me more.
And if I remain silent without reason will you rebuke me? I hope your heart will know how to fill such a silence.
Love makes us to see a person perfect and it seems that since I met you my love for you has not dropped any moment. Even more it seems your love has made for me a perfect world. Its like you took the place of the sun and your light discovers only the beauty, harmony and kindness from this earth. Im still surprised how much harmony and happiness can be in the heart and love of a man!
Your eyes bring happiness where they let light raise to reach, your palm bring relax and delight to any touched place, your lips give passion and energy, your hugging protects and calms, your voice enchants and inspires. If you could give me anything on this earth, still for your heart I will ask because there is nothing which cant make me happier, richer and more fulfilled then your love. I buy at least one week of happiness with a kiss from you.
Love of my life, words born stars in my heart which are exploding in supernovas at every smile of yours. When im sad your face rises in my heart and chase away any shadow of a cloud, when im tired your hands bring the delight of the most tender caresses. I would face the storms because I know what sweet lair I have in the arms of my love as a shelther, where there no harm can reach, where only angels dare to look.
……, my guardian angel, someone up there loves me greatly if it sent me so much love on earth. I thank every day and I promise that I will make you so happy, my love!
I would told you mane, I would give you many… but it’s enough time, and two lovers know that pretty well, when time passes ahead and goes by all you have to do is to call your wife and in a kiss taste the eternity and catch it even to the end of life.
A moment of love is better than a life lived in vain.
As for me, I feel a fulfilled woman, I saw the flame of love burning in your eyes for me and I should not wear it at any top of a mountain or overseas, I just have to get it near my soul and keep it shining in your heart.
And I’ld say, and I will giv, and have so much to offer to you… We expect many moments of eternity!
We cant chose our parents or children, we accept and love them with all our hearts as we receive them from God, but, my love, I chose you because my heart liked you and I felt that you are what I want and I want to love you a lifetime! I chose you so I can make you happy and to can enjoy your happiness because there is not more courage for a woman than to love a man and a greater realization and more rewarding than to be able to make happy the man she loves. I am a happy woman because I love you…..!
Every woman is a flower which wants to be picked in one day by the man who stopped to admire her beauty and fragrance and will feel he wants her. The happy woman will give him a lifetime of fragrance and beauty, but over time they will fade, she will fade more and more until will get only a shadow of what she once was.
And yet every woman deserves to fade in the loving arms of the one who has enjoyed her fragrance and beauty.
With kiss by kiss you can build a woman’s happiness and in her smiles you will find the reward for all your efforts, because nothing will bring you more happiness and fulfillment that the love and devotion of a heart in love with you!
Life it’s a journey, not from birth to death, nor from poverty to wealth, life is a luxury journey through the universe of your soul, through emotions and feelings, thoughts, memories, experiences, accomplishments, choices and revelations… and at the end only a suitcase will wait you, a old an dusty suitcase and a voice will tell you “from here you took what determined you to start your longest and harder trip down there, what gave you the courage to start on a road whose end could not be seen, what gave you the strength to face the darkness off unknowing. In this suitcase you kept what was most dear to your soul. Do you remember what you had to bring back?”
My love, on your life way this is my role, to always remember you what’s most dear to your soul and you should not ever lose!
To the only angel who had the courage to descend on earth to be with me, you!


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