Carl Tundo Press Briefing Statement On KCB Malindi Rally 2014

I owe it to my supporters, sponsors, family and friends to give you the facts on what happened on the press release below.
‘Without prejudice’
My initial disqualification that was much later over turned was based on 2 points.
1. I blocked the road
2. I told the controller at the end of the section that stage had been cancelled.
The section in question was a track and in many places there was no way 2 cars could pass. After going past 1 spectator car in the section I came acoss another at high speed and narrowly missed. This was on a stretch of road that neither of us could pass for about 100 meters. After eventually getting the spectator into a safe place, as we were on a corner, I pulled over to where other rally cars could pass. This is not to say that it was safe for the second rally car to pass as the spectator car was still blocking the road. I told Tim to get out and slow baldev down and to get the spectator car off the road as they were clearly in a state of shock by the closeness we came to hitting them and I turned my phone on and called C.o.C Roy Mcenzie and informed him of the events and asked him what we should do next. He thanked us and said he could not make the decision alone and would call back. This whole process took about 3 mins as baldy then arrived. We told him what had happened and that we were waiting for a call from CoC. He pulled up beside us. After another 5-7mins we had not been called so I called the CoC back. He told us that he had spoken to the Kmsf marshal john kamau and he instructed us to get back in the cars and drive out the section and that they would deal with the times. At this point rajbir rai arrived and we also informed him of the incident. I also suggested to Roy that he should call the controller at the beginning of the section to warn drivers of the incident and he said the section would still run and they were not going to close it. Incidentally another spectator car came against rally traffic at this point. We then as per instructions drove out the section non-competitively in convoy and took our time at the control and continued with the rally assuming those that were affected would receive a bogey time. At this time baldy led followed by rajbir and then me. I assumed that the rest of the competitors were warned that the section was unsafe but I now realise non of them were.


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