Wome Who Rub It

Many girls and women masturbate. You can stroke your clitoris or the area around it with your fingers. This can give you an aroused feeling.
Rub your fingers around your clitoris or over it. When you get turned on your vagina becomes wet. Your clitoris gets bigger and harder. You can use the moisture from your vagina to make your clitoris more sensitive. Rubbing or stroking your clitoris can make you have an orgasm.
If you find your clitoris is very sensitive to touch, try rubbing your fingers more slowly and gently around the clitoris. If you find your clitoris needs more stimulation, you can rub your fingers faster and harder around your clitoris or over it. If you like, try putting one or more fingers in your vagina while using the fingers of your other hand to rub your clitoris.
There are lots of ways of masturbating:
*.Using a handheld shower-head, direct the stream from the shower head around your vagina.
*.Using a vibrator.
*.Putting a dildo in your vagina. (Some people use suitable-shaped fruit or vegetables instead. It’s more hygienic if you cover it in a condom.)
You might find a variety of things pleasurable. And it’s normal that these things can change over time.
While you masturbate you’ll probably like to think about things that make you feel turned on. You might think about anything from simply the clothes you’re wearing, to a particular person, to a whole story you find exciting. You might fantasise about things you actually wouldn’t want to do at all in real life.