How To Arouse Him

Where to touch
You can stroke them, kiss them, suck or nibble the lobes, blow softly in them, slip your tongue inside – keep a close eye on his reaction, not everyone likes it!
~Mouth and lips
Very important in lovemaking! You can kiss in lots of different ways. Discover together what you enjoy. Use your lips, your tongue and your teeth (be gentle!) to explore each other’s bodies.
~Chest and nipples
Lots of guys’ chest and nipples are very sensitive. Stroke under his armpits. Caress along the side of his chest to his areola (the darker skin around the nipples) and the nipples themselves. You can caress his nipples in lots of ways – with your fingers, lips or tongue, gently or more firmly.
~Inside of the arms and elbows
Stroke softly over the biceps down along the inside of the arms and elbows – most people love it!
~Navel and belly
The belly, or abdomen is full of sensitive places. Caress or kiss softly down over his belly – it can be particularly exiting because it leads down towards his penis.
Obviously there’s a lot you can do with your hands. You can use them to stroke and caress your partner – or to explore your own body and give yourself pleasure. But it also feels nice if you stroke your partner’s hands. The palms are especially sensitive.
~Penis and testicles
Of course, the penis and testicles are the most sensitive part of his whole body, and especially the head of the penis.
It might be the most sensitive spot, but the penis isn’t necessarily the best place to start. Work your way towards it over his chest and nipples, his belly, his inner thighs.
Lots of guys – though not all of them – like to have their testicles touched. You can stroke them, lick them or gently suck, nibble, or pull on them – anything’s possible, just experiment. The area between the anus and the testicles, the perineum, often feels particularly nice – you can stroke it or gently press on it.
A boy can get an erection at the most unexpected moments. It’s not always something he can control, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to do anything with the erection either!
When a boy gets turned on, the spongy tissue inside the penis fills up with blood, and that’s what makes it stand up. It goes hard and usually gets bigger. When a boy has an orgasm, or climax, his muscles contract and he ejaculates – a yellowish white liquid comes out of his penis. It can be just a few drops, up to about two teaspoonfuls.
The penis is particularly sensitive right after an orgasm – then you have to be careful about touching it, it might feel too intense for him.
~Inner thighs
The inner thighs are really sensitive, and this can be an especially exiting place to be touched because it leads up towards the testicles and penis. You can stroke with your fingers, kiss or lick.
The soles of the feet are very sensitive – and they can be very ticklish. It can be lovely to have your feet stroked, but you need to be relaxed.
Back of the head and neck
The back of the head and especially the neck are very sensitive. Kiss or stroke the back of his neck or run your fingers through his hair.
The back is one big sensitive area. Stroke gently with your fingertips or nails, massage more firmly, or run your fingers up and down his spine. Don’t forget the sides – follow the line from his armpits down to his hips.
~Buttocks and anus
The buttocks are very sensitive, and so is the anus. Stroke, massage or squeeze his buttocks and see what he likes.
The anus isn’t necessarily the first part of his body you might think of touching, but it’s also very sensitive to the touch, and many boys like to have it stroked during lovemaking. It’s important that he washes properly beforehand of course!
The area between the anus and the testicles, the perineum, often feels particularly nice – you can stroke it or gently press on it.
Some guys like it if you put a finger inside their anus. Always moisten your finger first with saliva or lubricant. When you first touch it, the anus squeezes shut – it’s a reflex. Rest your finger on it for a moment, and then you can go further