How To Arouse Her

Where to touch
You can stroke them, kiss them, suck on the lobes, blow softly in them, slip your tongue inside – keep a close eye on her reaction, not everyone likes it!
Mouth and lips
Very important in lovemaking! You can kiss in lots of different ways. Discover together what you find pleasurable. Use your lips, your tongue and your teeth (be gentle!) to explore each other’s bodies.
~Breasts and nipples
Breasts and nipples are really sensitive. You can use your fingers, your lips, your tongue and even your teeth (be very gentle!) to caress them. You can stroke them very gently, or rub and massage them more firmly.
Caress the breasts around the nipples, then work your way to the areola (the darker skin around the nipples), and finally stroke, kiss, lick or suck the nipples. Sometimes the nipples can be so sensitive it’s too much, so pay attention to her reaction.
When a girl is turned on (or if she’s cold) her nipples get harder and darker, and stand out more. Girls often feel it in their vagina as well when their breasts are touched, and it becomes moist.
It can feel especially nice for your partner if you touch her breasts and vagina at the same time. Girls sometimes like to touch their breasts when they masturbate.
~Inside of the arms and elbows
Stroke softly over the upper arms, down along the inside of the arms and elbows – most people love it!
~Navel and belly
The belly, or abdomen, is full of sensitive places. Caress or kiss softly down over her belly – it can be particularly exiting because it leads down towards her vagina. Pay attention to how she’s responding!
Obviously there’s a lot you can do with your hands. You can use them to stroke and caress your partner – or to explore your own body and give yourself pleasure. But it also feels nice if you stroke your partner’s hands. The palms are especially sensitive.
~Vulva and vagina
Of course, the vulva and vagina are the most sensitive parts of her whole body, and especially the clitoris. You can use your fingers, your lips, your tongue to caress her labia and clitoris, and you can put a finger or two fingers – or your penis of course – inside her vagina.
The area between the vagina and the anus, the perineum, can also feel really nice – you can stroke it or gently press on it. The clitoris can sometimes be so sensitive that it’s too intense if you touch it directly – she might prefer it if you stroke just above it or to the side.
Explore her body, use your imagination, and above all pay close attention to her reaction. Feel the way she moves, listen to her breathing and the sounds she makes.
When you make love, the vagina isn’t the place to start! Build up the tension slowly. Caress other sensitive places, like her neck, arms, back and thighs, then work your way to her breasts and buttocks. The more you kiss and caress her, the more aroused she’ll become, until she’s ready for you to move to her labia, clitoris and vagina.
When a girl is turned on, her labia and clitoris swell, the labia open up and the vagina becomes wet. The moisture is very important – it makes it easier and more comfortable for a finger or penis to slip inside.
How can you bring a girl to orgasm? Stimulate her clitoris using your fingers or by licking. Most girls don’t have an orgasm just by having intercourse, because although the penis in the vagina feels nice, it doesn’t stimulate the clitoris enough for them to climax.
An orgasm is a gorgeous feeling in your vagina, or sometimes through your whole body. All the muscles around your vulva repeatedly squeeze together and relax. Your heart can beat fast, your nipples get erect, you sweat, and you might get a red flush over your face and chest. Each time you have an orgasm is slightly different. Sometimes it’s really intense, and other times it passes more quickly.
A lot of girls like to masturbate. There are lots of ways to do it – with your finger, or perhaps with the jet of water from the shower. Some girls like to use a vibrator.
There’s nothing weird about masturbating. It feels nice and you get to know your own body. When you make love with a partner, you know what you like and how you can have an orgasm, and you can guide your partner.