Love Poetry And Letters 4

~I truly believe that life is too short to let fly by without telling the important people in your life how you feel. That, in effect, is why I wrote this letter. I just hope that one day I have the courage to give it to you.
~I remember the first day I met you.
The sparkle in your eyes was equivalent to a million stars.
You waved at me during football games.
Sometimes I’d catch you loking at me in that way…
When I see you do that, I feel like gravity has just lifted me to an extreeme high and I’m floating in space.
I still have doubts that you like me, it hurts so badly, I know that you can ease the pain.
Sometimes I feel like I could kill all of those fatass butterflies…its just like I’m filled with anger at the thought of me liking you and you not liking me back. Yeah, it sounds so middle school, but it’s reall life.
and everytime i feel sad or angry or something. You read me like a book and I feel like I can talk to you about anything….
And then I remember the first day I met you.
That was the day you invited me to sit net to you.
We shared secrets. We shared body heat.
Even if you dont like me, I’ll always remember how your eyes sparkle like a million stars.
I love you.
~The worst and best part about having broken up with you is that I still love you. I still absolutely adore you.
it is wonderful because there is nothing as beautiful as being in love. even though you are literally on the opposite coast, even though we only speak every few weeks, even though our Facebook statuses have read “single” for the past five months, nothing has waned my love. you, you will always be beautiful to me. maybe someday I will fall out of love with you. maybe this love will turn to a one that hungers only for friendship. maybe someday I will meet your spirit again, this time without the whole college-moving-away deal. maybe this time we can be near each other. maybe this time, so many things that didn’t will fall into place.
it is terrible because everything I know you are tired, hurting, or just plain grumpy, I want to be the one who soothes your pain. and when you’re happy, I want to share in your happiness. and I know that we are supposed to move on, but I can’t. because I Love You.
I hope that one day, we will be able to be as close as we were before you left. I hope that, at the very least, we can be best friends again.
I miss you.
“stream of consciousness”
I love you.
~There, I said it.
I’ve said it to you twice before. And I want to say it to you every single time I talk to you.
You told me once, when we were fighting at REI. I was so taken aback and you were too.
I haven’t seen you in almost three months. Oh, how I cried myself to sleep for weeks when you first left. But I will see you in two weeks and I’m scared.
I’m scared because everything in the world tells me that I shouldn’t love you. Friends, family, circumstance, my gut. But I love you. More than I ever thought possible. I didn’t know men like you really existed out there.
You’ve changed my life.
But I understand that just because I love with you all that I am, doesn’t mean that we should be together again once you return. Our lives are so different right now and will continue to be on different paths indefinitely.
So when I see you, I’m going to recklessly love you and forget about everything. For a moment, the world is going to be you and me. No one else. I will push my hurt, distrust and insecurities aside for a brief moment in time.
And just lovelovelove you.
~dear you,
i’ve been searching for words these past few days but when i open my mouth all that comes out are animal noises. cries of sadness, anger, everything. i don’t know how to be sad & right now i’m not strong enough to pretend. i remember the first time i saw you. walking down main street with your long hair & your white tee shirt. you looked so tough. you made my heart pump pump pump. you never stopped making my heart pump pump pump. nine long years. you had a way about you that i’ve never seen. you had power, passion, coursing through your veins. i could see it in your eyes, read it in your words, hear it in your voice. you were the type of person no one could forget, even if they wanted. you were the type of person who could smile & everything would be okay. you made the world a better place. everything that has flashed in my mind these long few days doesn’t translate into words. it’s just imagines, memories, songs. everything reminds me of you. honestly, knowing you had a big part in shaping the person i am today. i think a lot of people can say that. it all happened so soon. so abruptly. it’s as if your heart was too much for your little body to hold. it’s almost as if you were too much for this world. i miss you. i don’t want to say goodbye & i almost feel like I won’t have to. you’ve left part of yourself in everything you’ve ever done, so we won’t ever really have to say goodbye.
i love you. forever & always.