Uefa Champions League Shell-shocked Míchel keeps faith in Olympiacos

Laurent Blanc, Paris
I would rather have
played 11-a-side the
whole game but we saw
the team spirit we
already demonstrated in
other situations. This is
a must-have, this is
important. [Marco]
Verratti [who was sent
off], it is unfortunate but
we try to change him.
However, it has been a
very good campaign so
far and I think it is good
to advance as group
With the second goal,
there was a feeling of
joy. Even ten against 11
we created great
chances. We wanted to
go forward and score
goals to win this game.
We had an attacking
mindset and to achieve
what we wanted in such
circumstances is great.
When Marco was sent
off, we still wanted to
keep two forwards, two
central attackers, who
were Edi [Edinson
Cavani] and Ibra [Zlatan
Ibrahimović]. We played
three in the middle and
four behind. Olympiacos
were more and more
threatening so we
changed the team and
put Edi on the left.
Míchel, Olympiacos
We came close to
securing a good result.
We are left with a
bittersweet feeling –
sweet for our effort and
bitter for the final result.
Two minutes before the
final whistle, we were
virtually qualified for the
next round. Now we
need to wait until the
last minute and remain
positive. We have to
beat Anderlecht. I
believe we can do it and
go through. We have
progressed in terms of
mentality, but we still
lack the necessary
experience to keep the
desired result. We are
disappointed with the
defeat but remain
confident we will qualify.


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