Uefa Champions League Pellegrini calls for more from City

Manuel Pellegrini,
Manchester City
I’m satisfied because we
won the game, but I
don’t think we played
well – we didn’t play with
enough intensity or
discipline. Sergio
[Agüero] didn’t have any
[injury] problems. He
knew from the start he
was only going to play
for 45 minutes.
Joe Hart played very
well, I didn’t expect him
to have to work so much
during the game. I think
this is the game, in both
the Premier League and
the Champions League,
in which our opponents
have had the most
We can attack and score
four goals without giving
away so many chances
in defence as we did
today. One of the most
important things about
being an attacking team
is knowing how to
defend well. I’m not
going to start talking
about individual players,
we have to defend as a
team and today we didn’t
have the intensity or
discipline to do that.
[Plzeň] did very well –
credit to them for the
way they played. I saw
their last game against
Bayern and they played
very well then too. As I
said to the players
before the game, if you
give them time and
space they’ll do damage.
Pavel Vrba, Plzeň
I’m very happy we have
been able to build on
our success in the
Europa League two
years ago with a very
good performance
tonight. My team were
very strong and it was
a great performance –
I’m only not happy with
the final result.
We must not forget we
were up against an
extremely strong team.
We played really well
and at half-time the
stats were level. In the
second half we got into
their box a lot, though
Joe Hart had a good
game. In the end, they
were better at
converting their
chances. I’m pleased we
scored two goals away,
but we could have
scored even more.
Tonight’s performance
should not be compared
with our away game
against Bayern [a 5-0
loss on matchday three],
where we played with
too much respect and
fear and struggled the
whole match. In
contrast, we enjoyed it
tonight. Unfortunately we
didn’t get a point, but
nevertheless we played
football that we do not
have to be ashamed of.
It was our best display
in the group stage.


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