Uefa Champions League Moyes enjoys improving United’s five-star show

Sami Hyypiä,
Leverkusen coach
United taught us a
lesson today. They took
clinical advantage of our
mistakes. I hope that a
game like this is good
for the future and that
we are able to learn
from it. Our performance
wasn’t that bad until we
conceded the second
goal. We then let our
heads drop and didn’t
believe we could start a
It wasn’t the game we
thought we were going
to play. At the beginning
we were OK but when we
went 2-0 down, we lost
belief a little bit. The end
of the first half was
very difficult. We tried
everything to get the
belief back at half-time
and we came out a bit
better in the second
half, but the third goal
ended the game.
To concede five goals is
obviously a huge
disappointment, but
that’s how football goes
sometimes. It was a
lesson for us. United
played well and after the
second goal they
changed their approach
a bit and sat deep,
waiting for
opportunities. That made
it even more difficult for
us to create chances.
David Moyes,
Manchester United
There are signs we
have been getting
better. There were so
many great
performances. All around
it was a great
performance from the
players. You cannot
question Ryan Giggs as
a football player. He did
not look fatigued for his
age at all.
That is what I was
hoping to get more often
this season. This is
probably the best
performance of the
season. For us to come
away from home and
score five goals is
really special.
There were so many
good performances. To
come to Germany and
get a such a good
result – Leverkusen are
second in the Bundesliga
behind Bayern and that
gives an idea of where
our performance and
result stood.
[The display] was what I
was hoping to get more
often, there have been
signs we are getting
better but also signs we
have been wasteful as


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