Uefa Champions League Jesus reliev at Benfic resolve

John van den Brom,
Anderlecht coach
It was a very close call,
but we ended up with
nothing and that’s very
disappointing. Both
teams played to win at
an extremely high
tempo. Despite going 2-1
down at a very difficult
moment we kept
searching for the
equaliser. When that
came, we then totally
went for it one last time,
but in the end we have
I had warned them
about the difficulty of
this match. We had a
good start but then
conceded the equaliser
and it was hard for us
to react. We still tried to
[do so] yet then
conceded the second
goal. However, the fans
tried to help us and that
helped us score our
second. I also thought it
would be possible to get
a third goal and
attempted to motivate
my players, but it was
Benfica who snatched
it – we didn’t get the
fruits from all our good
In the Champions
League, nine times out
of ten a mistake leads to
a goal. We’ve seen that
again tonight, but we
have young players who
are still learning and
playing matches like this
will make them more
experienced. Sometimes
they still make mistakes
that impact on the
outcome of matches, but
that’s normal for young
The way we played is a
good basis to build on.
This is a learning curve
for the youngsters, but
we have also
experienced great
moments in this
Champions League
Jorge Jesus, Benfica
It was an important and
necessary victory. We
didn’t play that well, but
the result was very
good for us. Despite
going 1-0 down, we
scored at the right times
and that helped us a lot
in terms of the outcome.
We now have to keep
working hard to improve
further and do better.
My own ability to do that
is also dependent on the
number of injured
Thanks to PSG’s victory
over Olympiacos we still
have an opportunity to
progress in the
Champions League. Right
now, we are certain at
least of playing in the
Europa League next
year. Where we end up
will also depend on the
result on the final
Our goal is not
completely achieved. We
want to be in the
Champions League
above all – the Europa
League is secondary.
There is still hope. I
would like to think that
Anderlecht can draw or
win in Greece, but the
atmosphere over there
will make things hard for
them. Nevertheless,
their defence can hold
the Olympiacos attack.
But first we need to do
our part, beating PSG.
We endured difficult
moments this evening,
allowing Anderlecht to
get stronger and score
goals. I changed my
substitution, introducing
Rodrigo instead of Ivan
Cavaleiro, because I
knew his speed could
surprise Anderlecht.
Fortunately, things
worked out well.


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