Uefa Champions League Conte wants more from improving Juventus

Antonio Conte,
Juventus coach
We conceded a goal we
should not have
conceded, we made
things complicated for
ourselves. Luckily we
were able to score
another two goals, but I
would have been
happier if we had kept a
clean sheet. This is my
third year at Juventus
but we returned to
Europe only last season
and we showed we did
not have enough
experience. I think we
deserved more last
This time we can qualify,
even though we expect
a tough game in
Istanbul. We put
ourselves in this difficult
situation and now it
depends on us to go
through. We will try to
win, but if they prove to
be better than us we will
congratulate them. We
are not going there to
wait and see how it
goes – we will go there
to win. I personally built
this team, and I built it
to win, not to calculate.
My team is made up of
great men who are also
great players.
Ståle Solbakken,
København coach
We played a really good
game, defensively in
particular. Of course, we
should never have
given them those two
penalties, but apart from
that we managed to
keep Juventus from
creating really big
opportunities. At the
same time, we managed
to create two or three
chances ourselves and
that is more or less
what you can expect to
get in matches like this.
When you look at the
number of opportunities,
it was more or less the
same number for both
I think we controlled
Juventus pretty well and
they only caused us
small problems, apart
from [Fernando] Llorente
who was a bit of a
handful. He is always
good at freeing himself
from his marker. Again,
we should not have
given them those two
penalties. You can ask
Lars [Jacobsen] and Olof
[Mellberg] if they are
unhappy with that.
However, there is really
no point in discussing it
any further.


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