Uefa Champions League Anceloti heart by desire of ten-man Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti,
Madrid coach
In the first half we
started slowly and after
that we had problems
moving the ball and
when in possession. The
match was difficult after
Sergio Ramos’s red
card, but with ten men
we controlled the game
and played very well.
We changed the system
after the first half, we
needed to play deeper.
In the second half we
were more comfortable
with Xabi Alonso in the
team. [Álvaro] Arbeloa
scored a goal and was
man of the match.
When we had ten men
we played with courage
and personality. We
played very well after
half-time. Being a man
down is not easy and all
the players worked
together. The first half
was not so good. At the
moment things are very
good, we are scoring
lots of goals, and I am
happy with the effort we
are putting in.
I was sad when I
needed to substitute
Jesé [after 28 minutes].
He was playing well but I
had to change things – I
needed to put a
defender on. The team
reacted well, the quality
of the squad is
Roberto Mancini,
Galatasaray coach
We played some
excellent football in the
first half. I did not
understand what
happened in the second
half, though. If you
make such mistakes,
then a team like Real
Madrid will make you
pay. The decisive match
will be against Juventus
on 10 December. We
could have gained an
advantage if we had
taken three points here.
I just cannot
understand the simple
mistakes we made. But
we will definitely need
the support of our fans
against Juventus. They
have to back us until
the final whistle and we
are certain that it will be
like that. We will try to
get the three points with
the famous pressure
that Galatasaray fans


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