East African Safari Classic Rally 2013 Day 2- Kenyan Ford Capri flies to the top

Ian Duncan and Amaar Slatch continued their consistent drive on the Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally 2013 by setting second and third fastest times on the two competitive sections held today and thus bringing their Ford Capri to the head of a very competitive field. Despite a slight worry that caused them to change a drive shaft between the two competitive sections run today, their minds are focussed on the one minute advantage they have over Stig Blomqvist and the fact that, as rally leader, they have to run first on the road through the sectionstomorrow.
One disappointment for the rally organisers was that they had to convert the third competitive section that was to have been run today into an ordinary road section set at 60 kph. This had to be done as the landowner in the middle of the 60 km Kwasadala section had to withdraw permission to use his 7 km or road due to safety measures involving his use of that part of the route and land around it. This was also a disappointment for lots of spectators who had come out to watch the rally cars driving fast.
The first section today had been another forty-kilometre dash through the tight and twisty roads of the Taita Hills where Gregoire de Mevius set fastest time with his BMA Porsche 911, eighteen seconds faster than Duncan. On the long one hundred and twenty kilometre section across the plains to the north of Mount Kilimanjaro that followed, it was ex-World Rally Champion, Björn Waldegård who took fastest time in his Team Tidö Porsche 911. That was enough to confirm him in third place overall less than a minute and half behind his teammate (and also ex-World Rally Champion) Stig Blomqvist who lies second overall at the end of the day.
The long second section proved to be tricky for several people on the navigation front with two of the Viking Motorsport Ford Escorts – John Lloyd and Jorge Perez Companc – missing an early turn to the left and both losing almost quarter of an hour before returning to the correct route. Later in that stage, it proved fatal to the hopes of another Viking Escort when Alastair Cavenagh/Carl Tundo broke their front steering arm and came to a halt. And this stage was not yet finished with its tricks as more than half way through, there was another left-hand turning that several people missed including two of the Kronos Vintage Porsches of Jean-Pierre Mondron and Gérard Brianti though these were more a question of overshoots than a major wrong-slot. Unluckiest crew of all were Joakim Roman/Jorgen Fornander driving a Tuthill-prepared Porsche 911 who managed to overshoot at both left-hand turns but with a minimal loss of time.
Tomorrow–Saturday– the route lies entirely in Tanzania and goes south of the night halt at Arusha taking in a competitive section of nearly 160 km and then goes into the area around Lake Manyara for two more competitive sections before returning to Arusha for Friday evening.


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