U.S Navy Seal’s Have Captured Two Senior Al Shabaab Commander As They Raided Their Hide Out In Somalia

A team of US Navy Seals reportedly carried out the strike in Somalia on Saturday against al-Shabaab, the radical Islamist group behind last month’s shopping centre massacre in Kenya.
They are said to have attacked a senior al-Shabaab commander’s seaside villa in the southern town of Baraawe, where Ahmed Abdi Godane, the group’s leader, has stayed in the past.
The Seals, the special operations force that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011, were said by The New York Times to have approached from the sea before engaging in an hour-long battle.


3 thoughts on “U.S Navy Seal’s Have Captured Two Senior Al Shabaab Commander As They Raided Their Hide Out In Somalia

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