Breaking News Explosions And Gun Shots In Wajir Town

There are reports of explosions and gunfire in the city of Wajir in Kenya.
The Kenya Disaster OpCentresaid on Twitter: “Receiving reports of explosions and sporadic gunfire in Wajir Town near the Catholic Mission. Awaiting confirmation from Wajir OCS.” It said that police are responding.
It added there “has been an explosion, precise location as yet unknown.”
Kenyan investigative reporter John-Allan Namualso reported that there were “two explosions” along with “short bursts of gunfire.”
Later, a Kenyan military commander, Isiaih Odhiambo, confirmed to NTV Kenyathat a “loud explosion” has taken place.
Wajir is a city in the North Eastern Province of Kenya, located around 100 miles from the Somali border. There are around 82,000 residents.
The reports come just days after assailants attacked a mall in Nairobi, killing dozens, in a several-day-long siege.