2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe

The new 4S is the all-
wheel-drive, 400-
horsepower version of
Porsche’s iconic 911
Carrera sports car. As with
the rest of the recently
redesigned, 991-series
911 lineup, it packs an
impressive amount of
luxury and technology while
remaining highly engaging
and enjoyable on a winding
back road.
The 4S is essentially
identical to the standard S
model (which sits above the
base Carrera in the 911
hierarchy) except for a few
key details. First and
foremost, it features the
latest version of Porsche’s
all-wheel-drive system to
provide better foul-
weather capability as well
as extra-quick

While it uses the same
400-horsepower, 325 lb-ft
of torque 3.6-liter flat-six
as the S, the 4S is capable
of sprinting to from zero-
to-60 mph a few tenths
faster thanks to the extra
AWD traction – equipped
with the standard (and
industry-first) seven-
speed manual, the deed
takes 4.3 seconds, while
Porsche’s PDK dual-clutch
gearbox lowers that time to
as little as 3.9 seconds.
Other differences include
extra-wide rear fenders
that house extra-wide rear
tires and a red light bar
that spans the gap between
the rear taillights.
In most other respects, the
4S is the same as the rest
of the new, 991-series 911
family. It’s longer, lower and
around 150 pounds lighter
than the last-gen model,
although the styling still
remains faithful to the
original 911 that debuted
way back in 1963. A more
efficient engine and the
seven-speed gearboxes
equate to improved fuel
economy – the EPA rates
the manual transmission
model at 18/26 city/highway
mpg, while the dual-clutch
version returns 19/26 mpg.
Another change is a new
electromechanical steering
system, which is highly
accurate but filters out a bit
more road feedback than
the last setup did.
Inside, the cabin sports a
sloping center console
along with an overall look
inspired by the Panamera
sedan. The cockpit is now
more driver-focused,
featuring a center console
that rises up towards the
front with the gear shifter
or selector closer to the
steering wheel. Not all
interior details are new,
however, as Porsche stuck
with a traditional five round
gauge cluster arrangement,
with one gauge being a
multifunction screen.
Optional Extras
As with other Porsches, the
911 Carrera 4S can be had
with a nearly infinite
variety of optional features
and packages – for a price.
Inside, four different types
of seats can be had, while
buyers can also spec
aluminum, wood, carbon
fiber or alcantara trim.
Audiophiles can choose
between Bose or Burmester
sound systems, the latter
with 821 watts of crisp-
sounding output.
Highlights from the
performance options include
Ceramic Composite Brakes
that provide reduced
stopping distances with
little fade, a Porsche Active
Suspension Management
(PASM) electronically
controlled damper system
and the Sport Chrono
Package, which includes
features like analog and
digital stopwatches in
addition to Dynamic Engine
Mounts that improve
cornering stability.
Also available is the
Porsche Dynamic Chassis
Control (PD CC) active roll
stabilization system, which
reduces lateral inclination
when cornering by allowing
the tires to always be in
the optimal position relative
to the road surface,
allowing the car to sustain
higher lateral forces.
Occupant Safety
All 911 Carrera 4S models
come standard with dual
front, front side, front knee
and head curtain airbags in
addition to traction and
stability control systems
and an emergency braking
preparation system.


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