Derek Medina, 31, is being
quizzed by police over the
death of his wife Jennifer
Alfonso, 26, who was
gunned down at their
Florida home yesterday.
Medina appeared to
confess to the murder by
posting a gruesome image
of a woman’s blood-soaked
body slumped on the floor
with the caption “RIP
Jennifer Alfonso”.

Shortly before the
photograph was uploaded,
Medina updated his status
saying: “I’m going to prison
or death sentence for
killing my wife.
“Love you guys miss you
guys take care Facebook
people you will see me in
the news.
“My wife was punching me
and I am not going to stand
anymore with the abuse so
I did what I did I hope u
understand me.” (sic)
Following his arrest, it
emerged that Medina had
penned a number of self-
help e-books, including one
entitled: “How I Saved
Someone’s Life and
Marriage and Family
Problems Thru
According to the Miami New
Times blog, Medina
maintains a website called
On it, he wrote: “I gave 6
months of working on 6
books of guidance and self
help to saving people’s
lives and relating to
problems we must over
come as one world one
nation one country ‘give me
the opportunity to touch
your spirit’ give me a
chance to change your
world or make you
understand the world we
live in ‘these 6 books will
change your world in
seconds, days, months,
Other bizarre titles include:
How a Judgmental and
Selfish Attitude Is
Destroying the World We
Live in Because the World
Is Vanishing Beneath Our
Eyes and Attention World
Save Yourself.
In one book, entitled
‘Humans Who Are Gifted and
Can See the Supernatural
Spirit Ghost World We Live
in Called Ghost Haunted
Adventures’, Medina claims
he can hunt spirits and
once saved his wife from a
ghost attack.
Medina is now being
quizzed by detectives in
Miami after turning himself
in on Thursday morning,
hours after the shooting.
Police discovered Ms
Alfonso’s body at the
couple’s home at 5555 SW
67th Avenue.
Medina’s 10-year-old
daughter was also found
unharmed at the property
and was seen being led
away by officers wrapped
in a red blanket.
Medina’s Facebook page
showing the picture of his
dead wife was up for
around five hours before
being taken down later on
Beneath the photo – which
was shared 170 times
before the page was closed
down – were comments from
people who appeared to be
friends with the dead
“That is my friend there,
Jennifer Alfonso,” one
woman wrote.
Another asked: “What
Medina’s father, Derek
Medina Sr, spoke to local
media saying his son had
killed his wife after a
violent domestic dispute.
“He just said that his wife
picked up a knife on him,
and they had a big fight,
and he shot her,” Medina


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