Jaspreet Singh Chatthe led
from start to finish to win
the Kisumu CRC Rally in
Chemelil on Sunday.
Navigated by Keith Henrie,
Chatthe earned his second
victory of the season in the
Clubman series of events
Equator Motor Club (EMC) is
This was a good rehearsal
for the forthcoming KCB
Kisumu Rally which marked
the sixth leg of the EMC-
organised Kenya National
Rally Championship on
August 30 to September 1.
Pavit Kenth was second in
a career best finish while
Kisumu’s Jitu Dhokia sealed
the podium dash.
Chatthe said: “It was a
good rally and well
organised. It felt great to
be back in the EVO after
the crash in Safari.
“I was happy with the pace
besides sitting with a new
navigator (Henrie) as Gugu
(Panesar) is still
recovering. Winning on
home ground is simply
sweet,” he added.
Kenth, on the other hand,
said: “We really enjoyed
the stages. We had a very
good first loop;
unfortunately we damaged
our rear shocks and sump
and were forced to limp
through the remaining
stages. I feel we did the
best we could and there
are definitely big things to
Jointly fourth were Sham
Wason of Nakuru in a
Subaru Pick-up and
Nairobi-based Hussein
Malik in a Subaru gc8.
“We got a puncture in CS3
and had to complete the
last 7kms with the flat and
a burst shock – but we are
glad to have finished,” said
Sham Wason said it felt
good finishing fourth after
a two and a half year break
in rallying and driving a
20-year-old car.
“We ran on three cylinders
in the first loop and I was
happy to finish,” he said.
The rally claimed a number
of cars, including the EVO7
of Asad Anwar, Raju Sagoo
and Ronak Shah. Also out
were Bhui siblings Dilraj
and Savraj Bhui. Amira
Headgalzand Tuta Mionki
finished eighth.
Sagoo had a good run in
his debut despite his
subsequent exit.
“It was exciting being our
first time, with a new car,
new navigator, new driver
and new team. We went out
after cs4 with a bent
shock,” said Sagoo.
Sagoo’s navigator, Sameer
Pandya, said: “The CRC
was a great experience
being our first competitive
event after years of
anticipation, we started off
with a few hitches but
slowly adapted to push on.
Unfortunately, shock
absorber problems forced
us to retire after a
gruelling but fascinating
four stages. I have to
commend Sagoo for a great
rally debut.”


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