The Confederations Cup
match up on Thursday
afternoon between Spain
and Haiti went exactly as
we had all anticipated. The
Spanish team was able to
get on the board early
when Fernando Torres
ripped a shot in to the back
of the net in the fifth
minute. From there, the
flood gates opened and the
goals kept on coming. When
it was all said and done,
Spain took down Tahiti,
10-0, in the largest goal
difference in
Confederations Cup history.
It was also the largest goal
differential in a senior FIFA
What else should we have
expected from a match up
between the best team in
the world and a team that
has just one professional
Fernando Torres added
two goals later in the match
up to complete his hat trick,
while David Villa was able
to net a hat trick of his
own. Torres and Villa are
the only Spanish players to
ever record three career
hat tricks. Torres added a
fourth goal later in the
Torres became the first
Spanish player to score
four goals in a game since
Raúl in 1999.
You have to feel bad for
Tahiti, who was completely
over matched, but they
have to be happy that they
made it in to the tournament
and scored a goal in their
opening match. No one
expected them to be
competitive with Spain and
the scoreline reflected
exactly why.
Spain will finish up the
group stages on June 23
against Nigeria, before
advancing to the elimination
round of the tournament. <a href=”http://
here’s a preview video“>


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