BERMUDA TRIANGLE-Very Paranormial Triangle

-Located in the Atlantic
Ocean, the Bermuda
Triangle falls between
Bermuda, Puerto Rico
and Florida.
-The Bermuda Triangle
has long been believed
to be the site where a
number of mysterious
plane and boat incidents
have occurred.
While it has become part
of popular culture to link
the Bermuda Triangle to
paranormal activity,
most investigations
indicate bad weather
and human error are
the more likely culprits.
Research has
suggested that many
original reports of
strange incidents in the
Bermuda Triangle were
exaggerated and that
the actual number of
incidents in the area is
similar to that of other
parts of the ocean.
While its reputation may
scare some people, the
Bermuda Triangle is
actually part of a
regularly sailed shipping
lane with cruise ships
and other boats also
frequently sailing
through the area.
Aircraft are also common
in the Bermuda Triangle
with both private and
commercial planes
commonly flying through
the air space.
Stories of unexplained
disappearances in the
Bermuda Triangle
started to reach public
awareness around 1950
and have been
consistently reported
since then.
Unverified supernatural
explanations for
Bermuda Triangle
incidents have included
references to UFO’s and
even the mythical lost
continent of Atlantis.
Other explanations
have included magnetic
anomalies, pirates,
deliberate sinkings,
hurricanes, gas
deposits, rough
weather, huge waves
and human error.
Some famous reported
incidents involving the
Bermuda Triangle
The USS Cyclops and its
crew of 309 that went
missing after leaving
Barbados in 1918.
The TBM Avenger
bombers that went
missing in 1945 during a
training flight over the
A Douglas DC-3 aircraft
containing 32 people
that went missing in
1958, no trace of the
aircraft was ever found.
A yacht was found in
1955 that had survived
three hurricanes but
was missing all its crew.

Here are other mystries
Rosewell 1947
UFO Crashes
Area 51
Men In Black


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