The handset comes with a
5-inch screen, a 13-
megapixel camera, and 4G
LTE service. With up to
64GB of onboard storage
and a design that has put
Apple on notice that it’s a
true competitor to worry
about, the handset is
outstanding. It’s no
surprise, then, that
Samsung recently
announced that Galaxy S 4
sales have topped 10
million in fewer than 30
days, easily besting the
previous Galaxy record set
by its predecessor, the
Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S 4
is also the fastest-selling

Android-based smartphone
to-date, making it the de
facto leader in the mobile
Simply put, the Galaxy S 4
has earned its spot as the
most popular smartphone
on the today’s market
because, well, it’s the best
smartphone on the market.
Apple’s iPhone, the HTC
One, and the BlackBerry
Z10 have nothing on the
Galaxy S 4. And it’s about
time Samsung receives the
accolades it deserves.
Coping in the Chaos?
Read on to find out why the
Galaxy S 4 is today’s best

1. What a beautiful
Once a person holds the
Galaxy S 4 in their hands,
they’ll find that it’s one of
the most special devices,
from a visual perspective
to ever hit the market. The
device’s 5-inch screen
shows colors and fast
movement beautifully, and
with a 441 pixels per inch,
it’s a higher HD than
anything the average
person has seen. It’s
downright gorgeous. 2.
Listen to the
Perhaps consumers can
help determine what
smartphone is truly best
for the average person.
After all, if 10 million Galaxy
S 4 units were sold during
its first 30 days of
, that means the devices
has impressed a lot of
people in a short period of
time. It’s a sign that
Samsung truly understands
consumers. 3. Samsung’s
software features
Samsung doesn’t simply
stick with the standard
version of Android in its
handsets. Instead, the
company delivers its own
interface on top of the
operating system, called
TouchWiz. The idea is to
make it seem like it’s a
unique version of Android.
And with help new software
features, like a touchless
interface that doesn’t
require direct input from a
finger, the Galaxy S 4 is an
impressive device. 4. A
design that customers
Between the Galaxy S 3 and
the S 4
, not much changed in terms
product design – just a
few key new features. But
that’s OK. Samsung has
found that people like its
product design, since it’s
easy to fit into a pocket
and it compares nicely to
the iPhone 5. Why fix
something that isn’t



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