1) She has not resisted
being alone with you
Women are masters at
avoiding awkward one-on-
one situations with men
they don’t like. They would
rather take a long walk
down the street on a hot
day than to spend 15
minutes alone with a
disgusting guy she has no
sexual interest in on a bus.
Even if you have a group
project meeting and you
came early and found her
early as well… she will not
want to spent personal time
with you if she doesn’t
have an interest in you.
She will likely whip out her
iPhone and fiddle on a
worthless APP or talk to a
friend on an urgent call
instead of talking to you on
an individual basis.
She may give you that one
chance on a first
coincidental incident to be
alone with her. If she does
not like what you have put
her through, there will
NEVER be a second time.
So when she has allowed
herself to be alone with her
on at least 2 occasions, it’s
time to step up your game.
2) She reveals her
cleavage to you AND
does not fix it when
you call her on it.
Women wear alluring
dresses all the time but
gives a look of disgust
whenever a guy checks her
out. There is a common
misconception that women
dress that way to RAISE
their attraction to men.
The reality of what’s going
on is that women dress that
way to RAISE their
attraction for that ONE man
that means something to
her. Every banana means
nothing to her EXCEPT that
ONE banana.
There’s a lot of psychology
going on here. Like making
the man she wants see that
she has a very high value
to other men. But I’m not
going to go into that.
Next time you managed to
steal a peek at her
cleavage, call her out on it.
If she does nothing to fix it
or “fix” it just to easily
reveal her depth to you 3
seconds later, you have
been given the all-clear to
make your move.
3) She leans over you
Women are instinctively
more cleanliness inclined.
Most would rather go
without a meal than to have
any body contact at all with
a man she has no interest
in. However, when women
are interested in a man,
any amount of body contact
is NOT ENOUGH no matter
what a piece of junk he is.
Place yourself between her
and her handbag and see if
she leans over you to grab
her stuff. She may ask you
to pass her her bag or
move around you to get
her bag. But if she leans
over you and is not
bothered with brushing her
body against yours, you
have got a winner here.
Remember to spank her for
being naughty when she
leans over.
4) She laughs at every
lame joke you make
This is as obvious as it
gets. When everyone in the
group has no idea what the
crap you mean when you
told that lame joke while
she is the only one that
“gets it”, you can bet your
Star Wars figurines that
she is interested in you.
Sometimes someone in the
group will ask her if she
understood your joke… and
she cannot explain…
5) She contacts you at
ODD hours
Let’s face it. Humans wake
in the day and sleep at
night. We are conditioned to
do so. The only logical
reason you will stay up way
into the night is if you are
working on that million
dollar proposal you boss
demands from you
Odd hours between 1am –
6am are VERY personal
time. So when she text or
calls you during these
hours when you are
expected to be asleep, she
is already making a bold
move to risk waking you up
from your beauty sleep.
She is thinking about you
and wants you to know
that… even if it means that
you only sees her text
message or missed call
later in the morning when
you wake up. She WANTS
you to know that she was
thinking about you late into
the night rolling in her bed.
Please relieve her from her
mental torture and make a
move on her fast
6) She tells her friends
about you
Women cares about how
their friends think about
their partners much more
than men do. In fact, I
would go to the extent to
say that the BIGGEST
reason women look for MR
RIGHT is so that they can
show their friends that they
have found MR RIGHT. Not
because Mr Right is so right
for her.
This means that when she
tells her friends about you,
she is taking a risk of
looking like an idiot who
has fallen for a loser who
may not like her back. So to
tell her friends means that
she has confidence of
closing the deal with you
while attempting to get
“approval” from her
friends to move forward
with you.
Note: DO NOT be a wuss
and ask her what she told
her friends about you.
7) She is fine going to
your place alone
This is the MOTHER of all
signals. Please flick
yourself if you are still
confused if a woman likes
you when she has already
spent time at your place
The truth is that anything
can be done outside a
home. If she willingly puts
herself in a vulnerable
situation like going to your
place ALONE… your
TERRITORY… she is literally
BEGGING you to step up like
a man and claim her.
No woman would likely risk
being called a slut for
casually going to a man’s
place alone just “to watch
Remember that even when
women sends you clear
signs that she is interested
in you, it does not mean
that she wants you to
ravage her body like a
porno movie. It simply
means that she is open to
moving forward with you.
You still have to smoothly
lead her through the mating
ritual to make her your



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