The ASX is the crossover
car from Mitsubishi
designed to fit your life like
a glove. A car to define
driving in the next decade,
it is the smart, efficient,
compact crossover with a
conscience. It comes with a
choice of two engines – one
petrol, one diesel – a
choice of two-wheel drive
or 4×4 and the Intelligent
Motion low emissions
package to give you the
best of driving pleasure
and the day to day
performance you need
coupled with the
environment credentials
you want.
Just the right style

The ASX offers more than
your typicial crossover.
Sophisticated in design and
yet single-minded in
excecution the ASX is a
dream synergy of
imaginative ideas and
superior construction.
Generously equiped, even
entry-level ASX models
come with air conditioning,
seven airbags and stability
and traction control, whilst
those further up the range
include climate control air
conditioning, cruise control,
rain and dusk sensors,
satellite navigation, a
Bluetooth hands-free
phone connection, privacy
glass, engine stop-start
button and full leather
Active Sports
ASX stands for Active
Sports Crossover, which
should tell you a little
something about just how
much fun this vehicle is to
drive. But the ASX has a
serious side too being the
perfect illustration of
Mitsubishi’s Intelligent
Motion philosophy. Every
inch of the ASX has been
designed to be exactly as it
should be, making it the
king of the crossover cars
and a leader across the
board in design, efficiency
and practicality.
In addition to the low-
environmental impact
engines – themselves
designed to optimize
economy and emissions by
using low viscosity oil to
reduce friction and
incorporating a closed flow
particulate filter on the
diesel engine – the ASX
features many other
technological innovations
with an environmental
mission. These include
advanced alternator control
which increases battery
charging when braking and
reduces it during idling,
accelerating or cruising,
easing the load on the
engine for improved fuel
consumption; low rolling
resistance tyres, which
combine with the ASX’s
excellent aerodynamics to
reduce drag and electric,
rather than hydraulic power
Greater Efficiency
For even greater efficiency
a gear shift indicator,
positioned directly in your
line of sight between the
speedometer and the rev
counter, recommends the
best shift timing for the
prevailing driving
conditions. Put together, all
this makes the ASX a very
clever car indeed.


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