The Mitsubishi 311RS Evo
X doesn’t look too different
from the “standard” Evo X,
which is a good thing
because the Evo X looks
pretty sweet in its own
right. Having said that,
there are some add-ons
installed, including a JDP
front lip that not only
makes for a cleaner-
looking body, but also
provides aerodynamic
enhancements to the car.
Additionally, a carbon-fiber
Voltex rear wing was also
installed, replacing the OEM
version and provides the
kind of aero balance that
the 311RS needs to keep
itself coordinated.
The 311RS also gets a new
livery, one designed by
Jon Sibal, with a simplicity
that’s been designed to
keep the focus on the car’s
performance. Rounding out
the exterior modifications
is a set of 18-inch Volk
CE28 wheels wrapped in
Nitto NT05 tires.

Not a whole lot of
modifications on this end,
except for the use of
Etnies E-suede, which is
supposedly three times
more durable than
traditional suede.

For the seeming lack of
overwhelming upgrades
done on the Evo X’s
exterior and interior, Ryan
Gates did do some wonders
on the car’s performance
credentials, thanks to a
number of AMS components,
including a new intake that
increases air flow to the
turbocharger for increased
horsepower. The program
also has lightweight,
intercooler piping that
provides less turbulent
and freer-flowing air flow
for maximum efficiency.
A new intercooler, a wide-
mouth downpipe, a new cat
pipe, and a new racing
series cat-back exhaust
system were also installed.
Finally, an engine tune was
also made to the Evo X,
increasing the output of the
car to 353 horsepower and
359 pound-feet of torque.
With an engine tune as
extensive as the one done
on the 311RS Evo X, Gates
also took up the task of
improving the car’s
suspension and he
certainly spared no
expense putting in the best
components. One of the
items is the RS1
suspension from JRZ,
whose valving was
designed to be adjusted
from street comfort to
racing damping
characteristics in seconds.
In addition, the kit also
comes with customized
spring rates and
adjustment range. Aircraft
aluminum suspension top
mounts from – again – JRZ
were also used to transmit
suspension loads directly
to the chassis, giving
unparalleled response and
driver feel.
Likewise, Gates also went
about the business of
improving the braking
dynamics of the Evo X,
doing so by replacing the
OEM models with Girodisc
two-piece rotors that not
only reduce unsprung and
overall vehicle weight but
also increases the
ventilation and cooling
capacity of the brake discs,
while retaining its original
dimensions. Stainless lines,
heat shield and new brake
pads were also installed,
rounding out the dynamic
braking package befitting a
car of the Evo X’s stature.
Reportedly, only 11 models
of the 311RS Evo X will go
on sale, each costing $
The ultra-limited status of
the 311RS Evo X makes it a
must-have for any fan of
Mitsubishi’s rowdy sports
car. But in the event that
you’re in the market for
options, Subaru’s Impreza
WRX STI is a pretty good
alternative. Performance
numbers certainly point to
the side of the 311RS Evo
X but the good thing about
the Impreza WRX STI is
that it’s completely
aftermarket worthy. What
that means is that even if
you do get a stock
Impreza, there are plenty
of options moving forward
on how you can exceed the
technical upgrades done on
the 311RS Evo X.


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