NFL=>Payton’s suspension is lifted

New Orleans Saints coach
Sean Payton has been
freed to return to work
after his year-long
suspension was lifted early
by NFL commissioner Roger
Payton has not been able to
work with his team this
season as punishment for
his part in the bounty
scandal that rocked the
league last season.
He was not due to be re-
instated until 3 February,
but will instead be back in
Saints colours to scout
some potential 2013 draft
selections at the Senior
Bowl in Alabama this
Payton said in a statement:
“I am thankful today
Commissioner Goodell has
granted me reinstatement.
“As I stated back in March,
‘I, along with Mickey Loomis,
take full responsibility for
all aspects of our football
program.’ I clearly recognise
that mistakes were made,
which led to league
“Furthermore, I have
assured the Commissioner a
more diligent protocol will be
“Lastly, I feel we have
learned from our mistakes
and are ready to move
forward. I want to thank our
owner, Mr Benson, and all
of our great fans for the
overwhelming support
throughout this past year.
“I am excited to be back as
Head Coach of the New
Orleans Saints!”


One thought on “NFL=>Payton’s suspension is lifted

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