NFL=>Harbaughs play down history

The Harbaugh brothers are
both keen to play down the
history they will make when
they come face-to-face as
opposing head coaches at
Super Bowl XLVII.
Baltimore Ravens coach
John will face younger
brother and San Francisco
49ers boss Jim in New
Orleans, the first time two
brothers will stand on
opposite sidelines as Super
Bowl head coaches.
Both men are not keen on
taking the spotlight away
from their players though,
and they are already
questioning the merit of the
game becoming the
‘Harbaugh Bowl’ in the
world’s media.
The questions will continue
to rain in on the two
siblings though, with the
media sure to be keen to
know exactly what the
brothers will be saying to
each other during Super
Bowl week.
Ravens coach John
Harbaugh insisted they both
knew the significance of
their achievements, but
insisted there were no
other great storylines in it.
“We aren’t that interesting.
There is nothing more to
learn,” John Harbaugh said.
“It’s just like any other
family, really. I really hope
the focus is not so much on
“We get it. It’s really cool,
and it’s really exciting and
all of that. It’s pretty neat,
but is it really going to be
written about? It’s not
exactly like Churchill and
“It’s pretty cool but that’s
as far as it goes.”
John says the two brothers
have been too busy to talk
about the Super Bowl as
yet, but spoke of how
competitive his younger
brother is and how much his
family were looking forward
to the occasion.
“We haven’t really talked
yet, we’ve been so busy,
but I’ve spoken to my mum
and dad on the phone –
that was a great
conversation and I can’t
wait to see them down in
New Orleans, it’s going to
be a great time.


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