1- Rats Ate $1 Billion
Of Pablo Escobar’s
Profits Each Year
The first thing you didn’t
know about Pablo Escobar
testifies to an uncommon,
staggering degree of
wealth. According to
Roberto Escobar, one of
Pablo’s closest brothers, at
a time when their estimated
profits were circling $20
billion annually “Pablo was
earning so much that each
year we would write off 10%
of the money because the
rats would eat it in storage
or it would be damaged by
water or lost.”
If that weren’t enough to
drop your jaw, Roberto
adds that the cartel spent
as much as $2,500 every
month on rubber bands to
“hold the money together.”
2- Pablo Escobar’s
Paradise Now Houses
Refugees And Hippos
Near the small
northwestern Colombian
town of Puerto Triunfo,
Pablo Escobar once built
himself a holiday getaway
befitting a man of his
stature. Hacienda Napoles
was just shy of paradise,
spread across almost 5,000
acres (7.7 sq-mi.) and
featuring everything from
pools to a bullring to an
exotic zoo with hippos,
giraffes, elephants, and
more. Stories of enormous
drug-fuelled parties at
Hacienda Napoles with some
of Colombia’s most powerful
and most beautiful in
attendance continue to
circulate, contributing to the
legend of Escobar.
Today, though, that
paradise is in ruins.
Everything that could be
gutted has been gutted by
people looking for
rumoured stashes of coke
or cash. Its only residents
are families of refugees
from the country’s war
against guerrilla fighters
and about 20 hippos which
roam the area with the
same kind of impunity that
Pablo enjoyed decades ago.
How did Escobar manage to
get his millions back to
Columbia from the U.S.?
3- Pablo Escobar Was
Suspected Of Bombing
The World Trade
Another thing you didn’t
know about Pablo Escobar
is that he was named as an
early suspect in the 1993
bombing of the World Trade
Center. Shortly after the
bombing, which killed six
and injured over 1,000, a
New York City prosecutor
publicly suggested that the
bombing could have been
carried out by any “enemy
of the U.S.,” including
Escobar’s Medellin cartel.
Well, Pablo may have
assassinated a presidential
candidate (Luis Carlos
Galán), threatened to kill
the offspring of a sitting
U.S. president (allegedly
one of
Bush Sr.’s sons),
blown a commercial jet out
of the sky (Avianca Flight
203), and orchestrated the
attempted slaughter of the
Colombian Supreme Court
(Palace of Justice siege),
but bomb the World Trade
Center? Escobar was
sufficiently offended,
enough so that he sent a
handwritten note to the U.S.
Ambassador to Colombia
declaring his innocence.
“You can take me off the
list,” he assured
Ambassador Morris Busby,
“because if I had done it I
would be saying why I did it
and what I want.”
4- Pablo Escobar Built
His Own Barrio
Medellin is Colombia’s
second largest city (with
almost 2.5 million residents)
, but it is, and always will
be, linked by name to the
legacy of Pablo Escobar’s
cocaine cartel. To many of
the city’s poorest people,
Escobar — whom they
called Don Pablo — was
nothing short of Robin Hood
in the flesh, a reputation he
enjoys among some to this
In his prime, he was
undeniably a public works
tour de force, establishing
food programs, building
parks and football fields,
but his masterstroke may
have been Barrio Pablo
Escobar, a neighbourhood
of 450 red brick homes
housing a couple thousand
of Medellin’s most indigent.
Did they
pay rent? Nope.
Property taxes? No way.
The only problem? Writing
for the Washington Post in
1989, Michael Isikoff noted
a growing frustration
among the barrio’s
residents with kids from
other areas coming to
Barrio Pablo Escobar to
peddle drugs.
5- Pablo Escobar
Bought A Learjet To
Fly His Cash
The last thing you didn’t
know about Pablo Escobar
is that he had an
interesting solution to a
very rare kind of
flow problem. Escobar and
his cartel began to see
soaring profits rather
quickly. His being a cash
business, Escobar needed
to get that U.S. cash back to
Colombia. For a while, the
small plane he used to
transport that cash was
sufficient, as it could hold
about $10 million. Keeping
in mind Escobar’s estimated
ROI of 20,000%, and that he
was getting cocaine to the
U.S. by a wide variety of
methods (including a pair of
submarines which would
each carry about 1,000
kilos), it’s no surprise that
he needed an upgrade.
Escobar thus bought a
Learjet, a substantially
faster plane and one that
could carry as much as 10
times the amount of cash.
Problem solved.
Taking down a gangster of
such legendary stature was
no easy feat. It
necessitated the physical
might of a special task
force consisting of U.S.
The death sentence
Delta Force operators, SEAL
Team 6, and the Colombian
police that was formed with
the explicit purpose of
dethroning Pablo. This
alliance was known as the
Search Bloc, and alongside
a group of vigilantes known
as Les Pepes, they
engaged with Escobar and
his gang, unleashing
thousands of rounds of
munitions during the barrio
standoff.n Pablo Escobar), was
16 when his billionaire drug
lord father was gunned
down in Medellín, Colombia.
Marroquín has become
quite well known for his
anti-drug trafficking
stances, starring in a 2009
documentary, Pecados de
Mi Padre (Sins of My
Father), which featured him
meeting with the children of
men his father had killed.



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