Final Overall Results
for KCB Kajiado Rally 2013
1- Baldev Chager /Ravi
Soni / Subaru
2- Ian Duncan / Amaar
Slatch / EVO9-1.27.40
3- Azar Anwar /Julius
Ngigi / Mitsubishi EVO
8- Alex Horsey /TBA /
Datsun P/Up-1.36.20
5- Tejveer Rai /TBA /
Subaru Impreza
6- Alisdair Keith /Tariq
7- Jas Mangat /Imran
Khan / Subaru Impreza
8- Jaswinder Chana/Ravi
Chana/Toyota Cellica
9- Aslam Khan/Shakil Khan/
Porsche 911-1.53.31
10- Farhaaz Khan /Keith
Henrie /Subaru
11- John Nganga /George
Njoroge /Subaru
12- Jasmeet Chana / Rohit
Bhudia /Mitsubishi Evo
13 Adnan Suheil /TBA/
Daihatsu Special-1.57.41
14- Mahesh Halai /Ketan
Dinesh Halai /Subaru
15-Dennis Mwenda/E
Njoroge /Toyota
16- Ben Muchemi/Evans
Mwenda/Mitsubishi Evo
17- John Muigai/ Allan
Muhindi /Subaru
18- Minesh Rathod /Sachin
Sumaria /Subaru
19-Stanley Thuo/Eric
20. Hardev S Sira/Jasneil
G./Ford Escort -2.02.30
21- Gurmit Thethy/D. Kalsi /
VW Golf-2.08.13
22-Sammy Nyiorri/S.
23-Khalfan Athman/­
Abdulaziz Athman/Subaru
24- Harpreet Sagoo /
Gurveer Pandhal /Subaru
25– Fahd Bary /Shameer
Yusuf / Mitsubishi Evo
Escort MKII-2.20.45
27- Caroline Gatimu/Wangui
PM /Toyota Levin-2.25.52
28-Daljit/John Ngugi/
Subaru Pickup-2.25.56
29- Dalbir Thethy/Julius
30– Pavit S. Kenth/Kabir S.
Kalsi /Subaru Legacy

Baldev chagger a.k.a Boldy emerged top in this year’s 1st round of the kenya national rally championship event this weekend. Driving a subaru N16 navigated by Raju Sehmi,boldy outsmarted them all closely followed by Ian Duncan navigated by Amaar Slatch. Carl Tundo dropped out due to Turbo failure in his Evolution 9 gracely sponsered by Menengai Oil. Team kabras comprising of Baldev chagger,Carl Tundo,Tejveer Rai and Onkar rai represented well but Onkar Rai’s Subaru N16 caught fire and burnt down unluckily.


2013 KCB Kajiado Rally
Round 1
1START – KMSC 07.30
CS 1 Kimuka 08.32
CS 4 KONZA 2 11:03
CS 6 KONZA 4 14:09



Pos/Door No/Drive/Co-
1. 4- Raaji Bharij/Geoff
Mayes / Mitsubishi Evo 9
2. 7- Peter Horsey /Bella
Erskin / Mitsubishi EVO 10
3. 9- Quentin Mitchell /
Robin Dimbleby / Subaru
4. 5- Baldev Chage /Ravi
Soni / Subaru Impreza
5. 1- Carl Tundo / Tim
Jessop / Mitsubishi EVO 9.
6. 3– Ian Duncan / Amaar
Slatch / TBA
7. 8- Alex Horsey /TBA /
Datsun P/Up
8. 6- Jas Mangat /Imran
Khan / Subaru Impreza N12
9. 10- Azar Anwar /Julius
Ngigi / Mitsubishi EVO 8
10. 16- Onkar Rai / Raju
Chagger / Subaru Impreza
11. 19- Jaspreet Singh
Chatthe /Gurdeep Panesar /
Mitsubishi EVO 9
12. 21- Izhar Mirza /Kavit
Dave / Mitsubishi EVO 9
13. 22- Imran Mogul / James
Mwangi / Subaru Impreza
14. 23- Manvir Singh
Baryan/Drew Sturrock /
Subaru Impreza N16
15. 24- Don Smith /Bob
Kaugi /Subaru Impreza N14
16. 34- Tejveer Rai /TBA /
Subaru Impreza N10
17. 35- Fahd Bary /
Shameer Yusuf / Mitsubishi
Evo 9
18. 37- Jaswinder Chana /
Ravi Chana/Toyota Cellica
19. 38- Asad Khan/Riyaz
Ismail /Subaru Legacy
20. 39- Farhaaz Khan /
Keith Henrie /Subaru
21. 41- John Nganga /
George Njoroge /Subaru
22. 42- Ben Muchemi/Evans
Mwenda/Mitsubishi Evo 9.
23. 45- Jasmeet Chana /
Rohit Bhudia/Mitsubishi Evo
24. 46- John Muigai/ Allan
Muhindi /Subaru Impreza
25. 48- Minesh Rathod /
Sachin Sumaria /Subaru
26. 56- Mahesh Halai /Ketan
Dinesh Halai /Subaru
27. 59- Jonathan Somen/
Richard Hechle /Ford Escort
28. 62- Alisdair Keith /Tariq
Malik/Subaru Impreza
29. 63- Adnan Suheil /TBA/
Daihatsu Special
30. 64- Aslam Khan/Shakil
Khan/Porsche 911
31. 66- Paras Pandya /
Falgun Bhojak/Subaru
32. 67- Nzioka Waita /
Laban Cliff/Subaru Impreza
33. 69- Ramesh Vishram /
Atul Kochhar/Ford Escort
Mark 2
34. 70- Hardev Singh Sira /
Jasneil Ghataure/Ford
Escort mexico
35. 71- Joel Muchiri /TBA/
Subaru Impreza
36. 121- Iain Freestone/
Rajay Sehmi /Ford Escort
Mark 2
37. 72- Edward Maina/Tony
Kimondo/Toyota Celica
38. 77- Rashid Kabi /
Nehreen Ismail/Subaru
39. 80- Gurmit Thethy/
Depinder Kalsi/VW Golf
40. 81- Eric Bengi /Mindo
Gatimu /Land Ranger
41. 84- Dennis Mwenda /
Edward Njoroge /Toyota
42. 86- Harpreet Sagoo /
Gurveer Pandhal /Subaru
43. 87- Stanley Thuo/Eric
Nzuva/Subaru Impreza
44. 90- Khalfan Athman/
Abdulaziz Athman/Subaru
45. 93- Leonardo Varese/
Kigondu Kareithi/VW Golf
46. 94- Charan Thethy/
Vinay Shah /Daewoo Cielo
47. 102- Joan Nesbitt /
Tamara Jones /Toyota
48. 104- Dalbir Thethy/
Julius Mwachuya/Toyota
49. 108- Victor Okundi/Tuta
Mionki /Toyota Vitz
50. 112- Stella Macharia/
Hellen Shiri /Subaru Impreza
51. 114- Caroline Gatimu/
TBA /Toyota Levin
52. 116- Savraj Bhui/
Navraj Sagoo/VW Golf
53. 120- Pavit S. Kenth/
Kabir S. Kalsi /Subaru
54. 119- Wambui Muchemi/
Mutuma Marimba/Subaru
55. 118- Phillis Wambui/
Steven Nyorri/Toyota Levin

NFL=>Sweet revenge for the Ravens


The Baltimore Ravens
exacted sweet revenge on
the New England Patriots
with a 28-13 victory in the
AFC Championship game
sending them to the Super
Bowl in New Orleans.
History will be made in
Super Bowl XLVII after John
Harbaugh’s side won in New
England to ensure he would
face his brother Jim as the
two head coaches in the big
NFL finale after he steered
his San Francisco 49ers to
the NFC crown.
Also making the headlines
heading towards the Super
Bowl will be legendary
linebacker Ray Lewis who
will look to bring the curtain
down on an amazing 17-
year career by lifting the
Vince Lombardi Trophy.
It was also the first time in
15 years that both away
teams in the Championship
games advanced to the
Super Bowl, with strangely
both Atlanta and New
England failing to score in
their respective second
The Patriots had much the
better first half but could
only muster one touchdown
from Wes Welker and two
field-goals, while Ray Rice
ran in a crucial score for
Baltimore to make it 13-7 in
the break but the home side
looked on top.
Tom Brady had a perfect
67-0 record at home when
leading at half time, so it
looked an uphill battle but
the Ravens came out
swinging with quarterback
Joe Flacco leading them to a
flurry of 21 unanswered
On the defensive side,
Brady could not get the
Patriots onto the
scoreboard while he had a
tipped pass intercepted and
saw some momentum halted
when running back Stevan
Ridley unfortunately fumbled
the ball after being knocked
unconscious by Bernard
Anquan Boldin had another
huge game for the Ravens
as he caught two touchdown
passes during the second
half and showcased his size
and strength by dominating
the Patriots secondary.
Tight end Dennis Pitta
caught a five-yard TD from
Flacco, who really answered
some big questions about
his big-game mentality with
240 yards and three
touchdowns with no
interceptions and some fine
bullets into the end zone.
12 months ago the Ravens
missed out on the Super
Bowl after a narrow loss in
New England, but Baltimore
saw the game out to make
sure they made no mistake
this time around and
booked their ticket to New
It will be the Harbaugh
brothers that everyone will
be talking about as they
prepare to line-up on the
opposite sidelines to make
their own piece of history in
Super Bowl XLVII.

NFL=>Harbaughs play down history


The Harbaugh brothers are
both keen to play down the
history they will make when
they come face-to-face as
opposing head coaches at
Super Bowl XLVII.
Baltimore Ravens coach
John will face younger
brother and San Francisco
49ers boss Jim in New
Orleans, the first time two
brothers will stand on
opposite sidelines as Super
Bowl head coaches.
Both men are not keen on
taking the spotlight away
from their players though,
and they are already
questioning the merit of the
game becoming the
‘Harbaugh Bowl’ in the
world’s media.
The questions will continue
to rain in on the two
siblings though, with the
media sure to be keen to
know exactly what the
brothers will be saying to
each other during Super
Bowl week.
Ravens coach John
Harbaugh insisted they both
knew the significance of
their achievements, but
insisted there were no
other great storylines in it.
“We aren’t that interesting.
There is nothing more to
learn,” John Harbaugh said.
“It’s just like any other
family, really. I really hope
the focus is not so much on
“We get it. It’s really cool,
and it’s really exciting and
all of that. It’s pretty neat,
but is it really going to be
written about? It’s not
exactly like Churchill and
“It’s pretty cool but that’s
as far as it goes.”
John says the two brothers
have been too busy to talk
about the Super Bowl as
yet, but spoke of how
competitive his younger
brother is and how much his
family were looking forward
to the occasion.
“We haven’t really talked
yet, we’ve been so busy,
but I’ve spoken to my mum
and dad on the phone –
that was a great
conversation and I can’t
wait to see them down in
New Orleans, it’s going to
be a great time.

NFL=>Payton’s suspension is lifted


New Orleans Saints coach
Sean Payton has been
freed to return to work
after his year-long
suspension was lifted early
by NFL commissioner Roger
Payton has not been able to
work with his team this
season as punishment for
his part in the bounty
scandal that rocked the
league last season.
He was not due to be re-
instated until 3 February,
but will instead be back in
Saints colours to scout
some potential 2013 draft
selections at the Senior
Bowl in Alabama this
Payton said in a statement:
“I am thankful today
Commissioner Goodell has
granted me reinstatement.
“As I stated back in March,
‘I, along with Mickey Loomis,
take full responsibility for
all aspects of our football
program.’ I clearly recognise
that mistakes were made,
which led to league
“Furthermore, I have
assured the Commissioner a
more diligent protocol will be
“Lastly, I feel we have
learned from our mistakes
and are ready to move
forward. I want to thank our
owner, Mr Benson, and all
of our great fans for the
overwhelming support
throughout this past year.
“I am excited to be back as
Head Coach of the New
Orleans Saints!”



Think thoughts of defeat
or failure and you are
bound to be discouraged.
Belief is an incredibly
powerful state of mind.
Your belief system not
only defines and shapes
who you are, but it also
determines your potential.
Henry Ford was correct
when he said, “Whether
you think you can or think
you can’t – you are right.”
Your belief system, like
your computer, doesn’t
judge what you input; it
simply accepts it as the
Earl Nightingale, cofounder
of the Nightingale-Conant
Corporation, concluded
that life’s strangest secret
is that you become what
you think about all day
long. If you want to know
where your predominant
thoughts lie and what you
believe, look at what you
are experiencing in your
life. Your thoughts are
creative by nature and
express themselves
through your emotions,
which in turn, drive your
Everything you say, both
positive and negative, is
literally an affirmation.
Consider this well-known
“Watch your thoughts, for
they become words.
Choose your words, for
they become actions.
Understand your actions,
for they become habits.
Study your habits, for they
will become your character.
Develop your character,
for it becomes your
– Anonymous
Many years ago, I heard
about an eager, new
insurance agent who had
just received his license
and was looking for
prospects. He met with a
successful businessman
who had agreed to provide
him with referrals. As the
businessman handed the
insurance agent 10
referrals, he asked him to
contact the prospects
immediately and get back
to him with the results.
Two weeks later, the
enthusiastic salesman
dropped by the
businessman’s office to
give him feedback and ask
for more referrals. The
insurance agent was
pleased to announce that
he had been very
successful! He proudly
stated that he had already
contacted and sold
insurance policies to
seven of the referrals and
was still attempting to
contact the other three.
After thanking the
businessman for giving him
the 10 prospects, he
asked him if he had
thought of any other
The businessman smiled
and said that he was very
busy at the moment and
surprised the insurance
agent by handing him a
phonebook. The
businessman informed him
that the previous 10
prospects were not his
personal contacts, but
rather names that he had
selected at random out of
the phonebook. He
suggested that the
salesman go ahead and
get the next 10 prospects
out of the phonebook
The astute businessman
taught the new salesman
an extremely valuable
lesson in the power of
belief and expectation. The
salesman had made those
sales on the belief that he
had been given 10
preferred prospects.
Therefore, he was
confident and eager to
contact those leads and
expected to make the
sales with little or no
difficulty. What is your
belief about your market
and what expectations do
you have for your
success? Yes, belief is
indeed a very powerful
state of mind!



1- Rats Ate $1 Billion
Of Pablo Escobar’s
Profits Each Year
The first thing you didn’t
know about Pablo Escobar
testifies to an uncommon,
staggering degree of
wealth. According to
Roberto Escobar, one of
Pablo’s closest brothers, at
a time when their estimated
profits were circling $20
billion annually “Pablo was
earning so much that each
year we would write off 10%
of the money because the
rats would eat it in storage
or it would be damaged by
water or lost.”
If that weren’t enough to
drop your jaw, Roberto
adds that the cartel spent
as much as $2,500 every
month on rubber bands to
“hold the money together.”
2- Pablo Escobar’s
Paradise Now Houses
Refugees And Hippos
Near the small
northwestern Colombian
town of Puerto Triunfo,
Pablo Escobar once built
himself a holiday getaway
befitting a man of his
stature. Hacienda Napoles
was just shy of paradise,
spread across almost 5,000
acres (7.7 sq-mi.) and
featuring everything from
pools to a bullring to an
exotic zoo with hippos,
giraffes, elephants, and
more. Stories of enormous
drug-fuelled parties at
Hacienda Napoles with some
of Colombia’s most powerful
and most beautiful in
attendance continue to
circulate, contributing to the
legend of Escobar.
Today, though, that
paradise is in ruins.
Everything that could be
gutted has been gutted by
people looking for
rumoured stashes of coke
or cash. Its only residents
are families of refugees
from the country’s war
against guerrilla fighters
and about 20 hippos which
roam the area with the
same kind of impunity that
Pablo enjoyed decades ago.
How did Escobar manage to
get his millions back to
Columbia from the U.S.?
3- Pablo Escobar Was
Suspected Of Bombing
The World Trade
Another thing you didn’t
know about Pablo Escobar
is that he was named as an
early suspect in the 1993
bombing of the World Trade
Center. Shortly after the
bombing, which killed six
and injured over 1,000, a
New York City prosecutor
publicly suggested that the
bombing could have been
carried out by any “enemy
of the U.S.,” including
Escobar’s Medellin cartel.
Well, Pablo may have
assassinated a presidential
candidate (Luis Carlos
Galán), threatened to kill
the offspring of a sitting
U.S. president (allegedly
one of
Bush Sr.’s sons),
blown a commercial jet out
of the sky (Avianca Flight
203), and orchestrated the
attempted slaughter of the
Colombian Supreme Court
(Palace of Justice siege),
but bomb the World Trade
Center? Escobar was
sufficiently offended,
enough so that he sent a
handwritten note to the U.S.
Ambassador to Colombia
declaring his innocence.
“You can take me off the
list,” he assured
Ambassador Morris Busby,
“because if I had done it I
would be saying why I did it
and what I want.”
4- Pablo Escobar Built
His Own Barrio
Medellin is Colombia’s
second largest city (with
almost 2.5 million residents)
, but it is, and always will
be, linked by name to the
legacy of Pablo Escobar’s
cocaine cartel. To many of
the city’s poorest people,
Escobar — whom they
called Don Pablo — was
nothing short of Robin Hood
in the flesh, a reputation he
enjoys among some to this
In his prime, he was
undeniably a public works
tour de force, establishing
food programs, building
parks and football fields,
but his masterstroke may
have been Barrio Pablo
Escobar, a neighbourhood
of 450 red brick homes
housing a couple thousand
of Medellin’s most indigent.
Did they
pay rent? Nope.
Property taxes? No way.
The only problem? Writing
for the Washington Post in
1989, Michael Isikoff noted
a growing frustration
among the barrio’s
residents with kids from
other areas coming to
Barrio Pablo Escobar to
peddle drugs.
5- Pablo Escobar
Bought A Learjet To
Fly His Cash
The last thing you didn’t
know about Pablo Escobar
is that he had an
interesting solution to a
very rare kind of
flow problem. Escobar and
his cartel began to see
soaring profits rather
quickly. His being a cash
business, Escobar needed
to get that U.S. cash back to
Colombia. For a while, the
small plane he used to
transport that cash was
sufficient, as it could hold
about $10 million. Keeping
in mind Escobar’s estimated
ROI of 20,000%, and that he
was getting cocaine to the
U.S. by a wide variety of
methods (including a pair of
submarines which would
each carry about 1,000
kilos), it’s no surprise that
he needed an upgrade.
Escobar thus bought a
Learjet, a substantially
faster plane and one that
could carry as much as 10
times the amount of cash.
Problem solved.
Taking down a gangster of
such legendary stature was
no easy feat. It
necessitated the physical
might of a special task
force consisting of U.S.
The death sentence
Delta Force operators, SEAL
Team 6, and the Colombian
police that was formed with
the explicit purpose of
dethroning Pablo. This
alliance was known as the
Search Bloc, and alongside
a group of vigilantes known
as Les Pepes, they
engaged with Escobar and
his gang, unleashing
thousands of rounds of
munitions during the barrio
standoff.n Pablo Escobar), was
16 when his billionaire drug
lord father was gunned
down in Medellín, Colombia.
Marroquín has become
quite well known for his
anti-drug trafficking
stances, starring in a 2009
documentary, Pecados de
Mi Padre (Sins of My
Father), which featured him
meeting with the children of
men his father had killed.



-When she feels
the need to call you so
many times that you
begin to worry, it can be
a sign of your girlfriend
being overly possessive.
There is a big difference
between calling to talk
and calling to know
where you are at all
times. This can even
become a bigger problem
-if your girlfriend begins
to call your place of
Constant calling can
be one of the first
clues that your
girlfriend is a
-If your girlfriend
tries to pick and
choose who your
friends are, it is a
definite sign leading
to problems with
your girlfriend.
Whether your friends
are male or female, if she
tries to cut you off from
friendships, there are
definite problems. Just
like you have no right to
tell her who she can and
cannot be friends with,
you don’t need to deal
with that either. This
problem can later extend
to issues with coworkers.
-Cyber stalking is an
issue that has
become more
prevalent with the
usage of social
networking sites like
Facebook and
If you
suddenly have a spike in
page views after you
started dating your
girlfriend or tons of
comments from your
girlfriend, this can
definitely be a sign that
she’s a psycho. She
could be trying to see
whom you’re talking to,
who you are friends with,
or whom you are with
when you’re not with her.
It can lead to more
unhealthy behavior.
If she drops the “L”
word early into your
relationship, it can
definitely prove to
be worrisome.
It is
always important to
express feelings in a
relationship, but a sign
of your girlfriend being a
psycho can come when
she says that she loves
you too early into the
game. If you place
boundaries early into the
relationship, your
girlfriend might be able to
change, but some
psychos never change.
-If your girlfriend is
constantly talking
about men she
previously dated, it
is a serious red flag.
If you’re like any other
man, you don’t need to
know in-depth about all
of her exes This can
show that she is the type
to hold on too tight, and
you don’t want to become
one of many on her list.
A girlfriend that
shares interests with
you is always a plus,
but having the exact
same interests isn’t
always the best.
your girlfriend seems to
suddenly have an
uncanny like for
everything you mention,
it’s hard not to wonder if
she’s telling you the
truth. It is not good to
have a chameleon
girlfriend; it can lead to
bigger lies.
When a girl has
alligator arms, it can
be a big problem,
especially in an
economy like the one
we’re having right
now. If your girlfriend is
unwilling to reach into
her purse to pay half of
a date, it can show that
she’s selfish and will
expect you to pick up the
tab for everything.
That’s psycho behavior
at the height of its
-If your girlfriend is
trying to move
herself into your
place, this is a
definite sign that
your girlfriend is
psycho. This shows
that she’s trying to
encroach on every
aspect of your life, and
that it absolutely
unhealthy. If you’re not
at that step up, but
you’re slowly trying
finding more and more of
her stuff in your house,
you need to cut ties.
-When you realizing
that your girlfriend
is treating you more
like her child than
her significant other,
it is a definite
problem. When you
suddenly realize your
girlfriend talking down to
you very publicly in front
of people or even
scolding you as if you
were her own, it is best
to address the subject
head on.
Lying is one of the
biggest downfall to
because of it is
breaking trust.
if she is telling a white
lie, it is still a lie. If you
catch your girlfriend in a
lie, and she still denies
it, it is better to take
your losses and end the