Saw this rat,it was as big as a Timberland boot,walking in our vicinity,very sad indeed how it looked down upon us like we didn’t exist. I gave it that smile as my fierce cat made a “rambo” like appearance,i was engulfed with courage and anticipated the action where my cat would unleash its “american grenade” paws and give this rude rat a good panel beatin. O.M.G i was ‘shocked’ beyond an electrifying word like sparks of disbelief wen “alpacino” lookd at the opposite side from where the rat was and my alpacino assumed it didn’t see the rat!! I went an xtra mile of pin pointin the culprit to alpacino but alpacino didn’t give a wink towards the direction! I walkd towards alpacino and held its head and forcd it to the rat and do something about it but alpacino illustrated the assumption look that it hadn’t seen the Rat and took off like Usain Bolt to the opposite direction! Am still mourning at the embarrassment my hero “alpacino” gave me!



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