iPhone 6, iPad 5 May Use Thinner, Higher Resolution Screens

The iPhone 6 and iPad 5
could feature a thinner,
lower power, higher
resolution IGZO display from
Sharp according to new
IGZO displays from Sharp
were first rumored to
appear in the iPad mini in
October, but that did not
come to life. Now,
reports that Apple is in
talks with Sharp to use
IGZO displays in the next
generation of mobile Apple
This could be in the iPad 5,
the next generation iPad
which rumors say could
arrive as early as March
2013. The new screen tech
could also make an
appearance in the iPhone 6
or iPhone 5S, which some
rumors suggest will arrive
in the summer of 2013.
The iPhone 5S or iPhone 6
might feature a thinner,
IGZO display.
DigiTimes isn’t the most
reliable source of rumors,
but it is known for passing
along details from the
supply chain in Asia, so this
latest rumor could hold
some truth. DigiTimes
The sources said Apple
is in further
discussions with Sharp
over IGZO panel
production capacity
estimates for 2013 and
is also inquiring about
whether AU
Optronics’ (AUO) L5C
line could be used to
produce the technology
The IGZO name comes from
the material used in the
display, indium gallium zinc
oxide. The new type of
display uses smaller
transistors according to
World. This allows for more
pixel dense displays,
boosting 50% higher than
on the current iPad 4. At IFA
2012 Sharp demoed a 6.1-
inch screen with a 498
pixels per inch rating. The
iPad 4 features a 9.7-inch
display with a 326 pixels
per inch rating.
The video below shows off
an IGZO display at IFA 2012.
An IGZO display could also
mean vastly better iPhone
battery life. In the demo at
IFA 2012, the IGZO display
drew 2/3rds less power
than a traditional display
and the backlight also uses
less power according to PC
The benefits of IGZO don’t
stop there. Reports claim
the new screen tech offers
a more accurate touch
experience. Sharp IGZO
displays use a thinner
glass edge, which would
allow Apple to produce a
thinner iPad 5 and iPhone 6.
The iPhone 5 is already a
thin 7.6mm, but with better
power management and a
thinner display the next
generation could be even
iPad 5, iPhone 6 and
iPad mini 2
The iPad 5, or iPad 5th
generation as it would
officially be known, may
arrive in early 2013 with a
thinner form factor and
design cues from the iPad
. If this arrives in March it
may be the first Apple
product with the new
display tech and could push
the Retina resolution and
pixel density higher.
The next generation iPhone
is likely to be the
iPhone 6
or iPhone 5S. Apple
traditionally adds an S to
the model name, but if Apple
plans to move the
up to June as some rumors
indicate, we may see a full
jump to compete with the
Samsung Galaxy S4 and the
Google X Phone.
The iPad mini 2 is rumored
to be the first iPad mini with
a higher resolution Retina
. The IGZO technology could
make this a possibility
thanks to the thinner
design and lower power


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