Its her birthday,so many gifts but less idea.DON’T PANIC;
1.The first thing to do
is figure out when
your girlfriend’s
birthday is.
-Just ask
her! You wouldn’t want to
get that wrong, that
would be embarrassing!
2.Now you have to
figure out what she
Ask her. Most
likely, she will say,
“Nothing!”. She DOES
NOT mean nothing. You
don’t actually have to get
her anything, but take
her out or spend time
with her and make it
clear that it is for her
3.If she says she wants
something specific,
get it for her
. If its too
expensive, get her
something totally
different. For example, if
she asks for expensive
perfume, and you can’t
afford it, don’t get her a
different kind of perfume.
Buy her a necklace or
4.On the other hand, if
she says she wants
nothing, you still
need to get her
. Here are
some ideas:
jewelry (necklace,
bracelet, earrings)
Just make sure they
aren’t too colorful
(that just screams
middle school!). And
whatever you do,
don’t get her a ring
(that’s just weird!)
a picture of you two in
a frame… for bonus
points, make the
scrapbook…if you are
feeling creative and
romantic, make her a
scrapbook of all the
stuff you’ve done
together (note that
this takes time!)
something on the
inside front cover
stuffed animal… if you
have an inside joke
with her about
monkeys, get her a
stuffed monkey! Or if
she’s always said she
wants a cat, get her a
stuffed kitten!
candy… get her the
kind she likes, and
wrap it nicely!
flowers… every girl
loves flowers, get her
favorite flowers. Or if
she is an outdoorsy
girl get her a potted
list of the reasons
you love/like her…
she will just DIE of
happiness if you give
her this. This is
something she will
keep forever, even if
you break up. Be sure
to personalize the
list, don’t just say
random things. And
hand write it (even if
you have the worst
handwriting ever)
5.If you decide not to
give her anything
and take her out
instead, do
something different
than when you
usually hang out. Go
to a sit down restaurant.
If that’s too expensive,
pack her a romantic
picnic, with candles and
flowers (you can pick
them from your garden).
6.Get her a card. The
most important part of
the gift is the card. Even
if you are the least
original person in the
world, MAKE the card,
don’t buy it. She will think
your stick figures are
cute! And write something
sweet in the card, too! If you have to buy a card,
that’s okay. Just add a
personal note inside it!
7.You must make sure
to wrap this present
!If you can’t wrap things,
get somebody who can to do it for you!
8.Write her a song!
9.Now it’s time to
present her with the
. Wish her a happy
birthday, and hand it to
her. If you are taking her
somewhere, don’t tell her
where you are taking her
(but call her parents
beforehand, or tell her
siblings to tell her
parents where you will
be, so they don’t get
10.Also, try writing her
a poem, because
many girls like the
corny approach
. No
matter how bad your
poetry is, they’ll be
flattered that you
attempted it.


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