Women aren’t a just by the way tool,so men you have to know how to treat them. Here’s how to do it;
1.Whatever you do,
don’t just show up at
their house…they run
around in their
underwear just like we
2.Don’t cheat on them. It may seem foolproof,
but girls tell each
everything about
everything. Trust me,
they WILL find out.
3.Beware of every single
male relative and all
guy friends. Any of
would kick your ass at
the drop of a hat, and
a lot of them wouldn’t
even wait for the damn
4. Never miss an
opportunity to tell
them they’re beautiful.
5. Don’t refuse to kiss
in front of your
friends. If they laugh
at you, it’s because
they’re jealous.
6. If they slap you
hard, you deserved it.
7.Don’t be afraid to
touch them if you want
to. If they’re going out
you in the first place,
it’s because they like
being in your arms.
8. If you don’t sleep
with them, do not tell
your friends that you
8.5 If you DO sleep
with them, don’t tell
your friends that you
9. You can be dirty minded
in private, really…most of
them are not offended by
10. Not all of them eat
like birds, allot of them
can eat like whales.
11.Most of them don’t
mind paying half of
everything, but they
do discuss
these things with their
friends. Realize that if
you make your
girlfriend pay half all
the time, everyone will
know about it and your
friends will know
you’re a wimp.
11.5. Do you honestly
need all your money
that much? Be a man,
pay all the time!
12.Every girl should
eventually get three
things from her
boyfriend- a
stuffed animal, one of
his sweatshirts, and a
really pretty ring.
if it’s not a serious
13. Make sure she gets
safely as often as you
can. If you’re dropping
her off, walk her to the
door. If you aren’t
dropping her off, call
to be sure she’s home
14. If a guy is
bothering her, it is
your right to kick the
crap out of him.
15. If you’re talking to a
female friend of yours, pull
your girlfriend closer.
16.Never, ever slap her,
even if it’s just in a
joking way. Even if she
swats you first, and
says, “Oh, you’re so
dumb” or something,
never make
any gestures back.
17. Go to a chick flick
once in a while. She
doesn’t care whether
you enjoy it or not, it
just matters that you
18.You’re dead meat if you
can’t get along with their
pets, parents and
best friends. Be prince
charming to their friends,
Mr. Polite to their
parents, and make sure to
be nice to their animals.
19. Don’t flirt with
their moms…that’s just
20. Don’t be freaked
out by PMS. It’s not
gross, and it really
does make them feel
like s**t, so be
21. If you don’t like the
way they drive, you do
22.If you’re officially
dating, and you’re
introducing her to your
friends, you’d better
damn well introduce
her as your girlfriend.
23. Don’t stress where
you go for every date.
They really only want
to be with you.
24. If they complain
that something hurts,
rub it for them without
being asked.
25. Girls are fragile.
Even if you’re play
fighting/wrestling, be
very gentle.
26. Memorize their
god damned birthdays.
You forget her
birthday and you’re
basically screwed for
27. Don’t marinade the
cologne, but smell
28.Don’t give her
something stupid for
her birthday or
Christmas or
Valentine’s day. It
doesn’t have to be
expensive, but it has to
29. If you think the
relationship isn’t going
to last, don’t wait to
find out. It will only
hurt you more if you
draw it out.
30.After you’ve been
dating for a while,
realize that they really
started to trust you.
When you have a
girlfriend who truly
trusts you,
you have a lot more
privilege and control
than you
would think. Be careful
with it, most guys
would kill for that kind
power, and it can be
lost in a nanosecond.



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