My love,
I thought about you a
lot today. But not in
the same way I
normally do everyday
though, when I think
how good it feels to
have you next to me,
what a friend are
partner you are.
Today I thought of you
under the sheets, the
scent of one of your
good perfumes mixed
with your own woman
I thought about your
long, straight hair
covering your breasts
and how I gently put
them aside, slowly,
until those little rosy
spots are revealed,
those sacred fountains
of life and pleasure.
It feels great to kiss
any part of your body,
to softly taste the salt
in your swear with my
lips, that excites and
feeds me. It feels
great to sense your
pubic hair shrive while
your almost mute
voice asks me again
and again: “kiss… kiss…
I miss your lips when
they touch my skin, or
when they dare to say
little obscene, almost
naïve things, in that
bashful tone of yours,
that almost makes
them sound like
prayers. I miss your
hands, so tinny, so
gentle, so beautiful
and so knowledgeable,
using gestures to
discover the right way
to make me desire you
even more.
Today, my darling,
hours seem to be
taking longer than
usual to go by. I can’t
wait for the moment to
see you opening the
door for me, with your
broad and usual smile,
and I can swiftly take
you to the comfort of
our soft bed, the only
place in the world
where all the problems
of the world stay
outside and where we
actually give ourselves
to each other and to
the deepest of our
A passionate kiss from,


19 thoughts on “YOUR WOMAN SCENT….

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