1.) Choosing A Strong
Password Is The First
Basic Step To Be
I always stress on this
point. Always choose a
secure password. Never
use dictionary words as
your passwords as brute
force password crackers
can crack them easily.
Choose a password which
is a combination of
alphabets, numbers and
special signs ($, %, ^ etc)
This will reduce chances of
your password getting
2.) Keeping Login /
Admin Panel URL’s A
Secret From People
While most of the blog
admin panel URL’s are
known to all the people as
your blog platform might be
a common platform used by
many people, try changing
the admin panel URL’s (Only
if you have knowledge of
what you’re doing) Search
for any plugins available
which can do this task. Or
else you can ask the
support team of your blog
platform maker to change
the blog admin panel link
for you. They might charge
a fee for it, but it will help
you a lot!
3.) Using Proper
Encoding In Data
Transfer From Site To
In most blogs / websites
data from website goes to
the server in an encoded
form. If in your website it
doesn’t go that way, i.e.
your password “heyo123”
goes as “heyo123” and not
in an encoded form like
*” you need to take
actions. Buying an SSL
certificate or using a free
one available might help in
you knowing if your data is
transferred in an encoded
4.) Ban Untrusted IP’s
From Accessing The
Site Or Only The Admin
If ever you see a lot of
accesses from the same IP
to your blog or your admin
panel in particular, don’t
think twice before banning
that IP or the IP range as a
whole. I will suggest
banning the IP and not the
entire IP range as it may
result in traffic loss. Also
ban the IP from accessing
the blog admin panel and
not the whole site.
5.) Keeping Your Blog
Design / Theme
Updated With The Blog
Platform You Use
Many a times the coding of
the theme / design you use
in your blog gets old with
the blog platform you use.
So always keep your
design or theme updated
with the latest blog
6.) Don’t Use Public
Computers To Access
Admin Panel
Almost all public computers
have a lot of viruses and
harmful Trojans. These
may help hackers in getting
your password. So always
use your personal
computer to access your
blog administrator panel.
7.) Store Your
Passwords In An
Encrypted File
Many people have the habit
of storing their passwords
so that if ever they forget
it, they can get it back
easily. I appreciate this
habit! But I will recommend a
few things. Do not store
your passwords in .txt files
or in .doc files or any files
that aren’t encrypted and
can be opened without a
password. I suggest you to
use a proper password
manager for storing your
passwords as it will keep
your password secure and
will also offer many more
features and easily
manageability. I use
KeePass for managing my
passwords and I really like
it. It’s very simple and easy
to use.
8.) Check Files For
Viruses Before
Uploading Them To
Your Blog
From my personal
experience I can say that
before uploading any files
to your server, always
check them for viruses.
Once I did the mistake of
not checking the files for
viruses and I suffered
badly. Never do this
mistake! Scan files with a
reputed anti-virus before
uploading them to your
server / website. I
Nod32, Avira or
AVG Anti-virus.
9.) Don’t Edit Any Blog
Files Without Having A
Proper Knowledge Of
What You’re Doing
Many times we go about
editing our blog files
(Theme, template, design
coding) to add a feature we
want or to remove
something. It’s possible that
we edit some code that we
aren’t supposed to and this
can harm your blog
security. Edit files wisely.
10.) Consider Hiring
Security Professionals
To Review Your Blog
This may cost you some
dollars, but will result in
greater blog security and
thus peace of mind!
Did this post give you
enough information to
protect your blog? I hope it
did! If you have any
questions, do not hesitate
in telling us. Our comment
form and contact form will
always welcome your
questions and suggestions!



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