My love,
Since I left to work this
morning, I started
thinking about you and
how much I miss you. I
felt this urge to meet
you and to be able to
kiss you again,
The problem is I can’t
get rid of this feeling. I
can’t concentrate on
anything, all I can
think of is my lips
touching your eyelids,
ears, neck and every
inch of your face. The
only image that comes
to my mind is your
naked body being
touched by my lips…
I need to see you soon.
I need to feel the taste
of your skin and your
sweat. I need to see
your expressions of
pleasure when my
tongue touches your
pubic hair, and to hear
every single moan that
follows the wet sounds
of my lips on your
I swear, I can’t think of
anything else, I don’t
want anything else…
You don’t have to
make a single move; I
will kiss you from head
to toe, every inch of
your skin, as if you
were the last thing in
the world that I could
touch. As you may
have realized by now,
I miss you in a very
special way; I need to
have you all for my
self. I will only stop
kissing you when you
ask me to. But don’t be
in a hurry to make ask
me to stop, because
you don’t know the
extension of my
Here’s the first of the
many kisses I want to
give you! With all my


11 thoughts on “I JUST WANT YOUR KISS

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