Pregnant Kate Middleton Cancels Engagements in Wake of Royal Baby News, Hospitalization

Kate Middleton’s got a
royal baby on board. (And if
that’s news to you,
congratulations on finally
making it out from
underneath that rock.
Must’ve been a rough
morning.) But now she and
Prince William are doing
their best to ensure their
road to baby has as few
bumps as possible.
Alas, the Duchess of
Cambridge has already
been called upon to
prioritize, and the
hospitalized mama-to-be
has canceled her
forthcoming planned royal
appearances while she
remains hospitalized and
works to recover from her
acute morning sickness.
Pregnant Kate
Middleton’s baby news:
Obamas, Kardashians
and the Prime Minister
“The duchess will not be
attending the public
engagements this week, as
she will be in hospital for a
few days and will then need
to rest,”
The expectant 30-year-old
had three upcoming royal
appearances planned, on
Wednesday, Saturday and
Sunday, which incidentally
came on the heels of a
plate of speculation-heavy
engagements that she and
Wills carried out across the
U.K. last week.
As for the duke, William’s
immediate schedule remains
unchanged, as the palace
rep reiterated that he will
“continue the current tour
of duty with the Search and
Rescue Force” through
next summer.
Check out how Will and
Kate and royal baby
make three in our
Road to Baby timeline
One of the more high-
profile upcoming
appearances on the royals’
slate was scheduled to be
the royal premiere of
Hobbit, with Will and Kate
scheduled to join Peter
Jackson, Martin
Freeman, Ian McKellen
and the rest of the Middle-
earth gang at the London
screening Dec. 12.
As so far the duchess has
only canceled this week’s
appearances, it’s unclear if
she’ll be up for attending
that particular showbiz
shindig, but it’s safe to
say, if she does, the world
will be watching.


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