Steven Gerarrd will become the sixth player to win 100 caps for England when he plays against Sweden.

England captain Steven
Gerrard is excited by the
chance to win his 100th
international cap against
Sweden on Wednesday.
The Liverpool midfielder
admitted to being a little
more nervous than usual
ahead of the Stockholm
friendly and hopes he has
plenty more caps ahead of
him, although the possibility
of breaking David
Beckham’s outfield record
(115) is not a big driving
Gerrard will become only the
sixth England player to
reach a century of caps,
joining record-holder Peter
Shilton (125), Beckham,
Bobby Moore, Bobby
Charlton and Billy Wright.
“I’m excited,” Gerrard said
at England’s Tuesday press
conference. “I’m slightly
nervous, which I haven’t
been for quite a while in an
England shirt, maybe
because there is a bit more
attention on me getting to
the milestone.
“It’s very exciting and I
can’t wait for the game to
“I try to be the driving
force, try and make things
happen on the pitch, get
assists, get goals and try
to lead by example for the
rest of the team to follow.
“My England journey has
been full of ups and downs,
probably the same as a lot
of other England players,
but I feel like there’s a few
more chapters to write as
“I don’t feel as if I am
coming to the end. I’m really
happy where I am at the
moment and really happy
with my form in an England
shirt. I’m certainly looking
forward to helping this team
qualify for the World Cup.
“David’s a hero of mine and
he was certainly someone
who I looked up to. I
enjoyed a lot of my England
caps playing alongside him
and it’s not really very
important to me whether I
beat David’s record or not.
My main focus is to get this
team to qualify for the next
big tournament.”


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