Unlike men who know from
the beginning that the
woman they are dating is
not the one for them,
woman don’t have this
automatic intuition, as our
comes later on down the
line when we have gotten
to know the man. Just like a
women love being
in love. We love being
honored, cherished,
romanced, and
when we
love, we love hard.
-There is nothing worse
than when a man who
everytime he opens his
mouth slang comes out of it.
For example, “what up
miss, how you!”, “Yo
shorty!”, “Yo Ma!” “Yo son,
what the deal son!”, “Yo B,
What’s good!”, “What up my
nigga!” Every other word
that he knows is either a
curse word or a slang
word. Using proper English
is such a turn on as it
shows Intelligence and it
shows a desire to learn
outside of your
enviornment. Many of us
grow up in the ghetto or
poor, but that doesn’t mean
you have to adopt it into
everything you say and or
-Most woman like to talk, but
we also like to listen. The
ability to hold a
conversation means that
one has the ability to both
talk and listen, and when
one speaks they speak
with intelligence. There is
nothing worse than going
on a date with a man and
he says nothing and lets
you do all the talking. TALK
MAN! Let me know what you
are thinking, what your
thoughts are! Let me know
that you have a voice and
an opinion, because if you
don’t then I will think you
are weak, and strong
women hate weak men.
Contrary to popular belief,
women don’t like to do all
the talking!
-There is nothing worse
than a man who walks with
a bop. Men think that that
stupid jail house bop is cool
but it is stupid and
annoying to look at. The
bop signifies no confidence,
low self-esteem. It signifies
that you don’t have your
life in order, and it signifies
jail, ghetto and everything
wrong,and a true woman
does not want to bother
with a man who can’t walk
right and whose life does
not seem to be in order. A
man that walks straight,
signifies confidence, high
self-esteem, and even if
his life is a complete mess, I
can’t tell because he walks
with his head up high. He
may live in the ghetto, but
he doesn’t walk like he
lives in the ghetto.
-Truthfully, women love a
man that can dress. We
love a man that can dress
down, but have no problem
dressing in a suit. Nothing
turns a womans panties wet
than seeing a man in a suit
one day and dress down in
jeans or a jumpsuit the
next. It shows he’s
versitile, and he is just
sexy. It doesn’t matter if he
is cute, ugly or anything in
between, if a woman sees a
man in a suit one day and
dressed down to the next
she loves it! That crap with
men wearing their pants
hanging off that ass and
that woman find it sexy
a lie! We hate that look,
besides that fact that it’s a
ghetto look, we can’t see
the cut of your butt through
your pants. We don’t want
to see you butt, leave room
for imagination, but we want
to look at a man with his
pants up and the cut of his
butt through his pants and
wonder what his butt looks
like, if his ass is tight,
because all women are butt
woman, we all love a man
with a butt and our
definition of a man with a
butt is always different
from a mans definition of
his ass!
-Most men complain about
how much time women
spend at the beauty parlor,
in the nail salon, etc. We
don’t want to hear you
complain. Just like you don’t
want to hear us complain
about how much time you
spend watching sports, we
don’t want to hear you
complain about how much
time we spend getting
ourselves primped up. Just
as sports is a mainly male
thing, getting primped us is
mainly a female thing. Don’t
complain about our gettting
primped up and we won’t
complain about your sports!
-A King is Confident, Sexy
Mentally, Intellectually,
Spiritually, and we seek
that in man. There is
nothing worse than
listening to a man who
thinks he ugly, old, dumb,
thinks his dick is to small,
thinks he’s either too fat or
too skinny, or whatever.
We want a man who shows
confidence even when he’s
not, who doesn’t spend all
his time complaining, who is
intelligent, and has a belief
in God know matter what his
religion. A King is
responsible, takes
responsibility for his
actions, doesn’t blame
others for his mistakes,
honors his promises,
doesn’t make promises that
he can’t keep. A King takes
care of his home, he
doesn’t allow anybody else
to do it for him. He doesn’t
have the attitude, well if
the next man wants to do it
then let him do it. He knows
how to be the king of his
castle which means taking
care of his family: his direct
family first and his
extended family next. He is
not physical with his woman.
He respects her, loves her,
respects himself, loves
himself. He knows that his
Queen is the replica of the


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